शास्त्रज्ञ निकोल टेसला ( Scientist Nikola Tesla ) यांच्या यांच्याबद्दल सद्‌गुरू अनिरुध्द बापूंनी प्रवचनादरम्यान सांगितलेली माहिती

रम पूज्य सद्‌गुरु श्री अनिरुद्ध बापुंनी गुरूवार दिनांक २७ मार्च २०१४ रोजी च्या मराठी प्रवचनात श्री हरिगुरुग्राम येथे विख्यात शास्त्रज्ञ निकोल टेसला           (Scientist Nikola Tesla ) यांच्या बहुमुल्य संशोधन कार्याबद्दल सांगितले. 


असंख्य अडचणींचा सामना करावा लागत असून ही भगवंतावरील श्रध्दा जरा ही डळमळून देता विख्यात शास्त्रज्ञ निकोल टेसला यांनी अथक परिश्रमांनी बहुमुल्य संशोधन करुन लोकोपयोगी अनेक शोध लावले. बापूंनी त्यांच्या महान कार्याचा परिचय करुन दिला. जे आपण ह्या व्हिडिओमध्ये पाहू शकतो.

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  1. Hari Om,

    (This is a feedback information comment for Samir Dada, not sure if we should make this
    available for all readers).

    I personally have been trying to understand the Philadelphia experiment and its connections
    with Quantum Mechanics and Yoga for over 20 years now. I was not aware of Tesla’s involvement
    with Philadelphia experiment. However, there are numerous reports that link Einstein with
    Philadelphia experiment. For a long time suspected that Philadelphia experiment was derived
    from the EPR paradox related phenomenon. EPR stands for Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen. This is
    same as the Quantum entanglement phenomenon that Sanjaysinh Narsikar has mentioned in his comment.
    However I am almost convinced that there is nothing in Quantum entanglement that can produce
    anything like Philadelphia experiment. Further, I am almost certain that Philadelphia experiment
    is not connected with bending of space in higher dimensions.

    Very likely explanation of Philadelphia experiment is “temporary and artificial simulation of
    yoga siddhis by influencing human mind via electromagnetic fields”. Tesla’s link with the
    Philadelphia experiment almost confirms this. Human mind operation apparently can be altered
    by very low frequency electromagnetic fields thereby creating a “samadhi-like” state that can
    then be harnessed for yoga siddhi.

    Quantum mechanics is indirectly related with this phenomenon. The central place of
    a conscious observer in the collapse of a wave function – which again is highlighted
    in quantum entanglement experiments – is clearly suggests that external reality
    can be directly influenced by perceptions of consciousness. Since consciousness (mostly)
    operates via the medium of human mind, altering the operation of human mind can provide
    a mechanism to tap into operation of consciousness. Patanjali yoga sutras approach
    this by training the human mind into samadhi. The Philadelphia experiment was in attempted to
    explore the possibility of influencing human consciousness via electromagnetic fields
    and then alter the external reality. This was the reason that some/ many people on
    the ship became insane after the experiment.

    Best regards,
    Shrinivas Gadkari
    ([email protected])

  2. Ambadnya Bapu Raya….

    Had come across Tesla as unit for magnetic flux density and never paid attention to the personality behind this unit. Indeed Parampujya Bapu in His remarkable style made us aware about the personality as well as individuality of this great scientist.

    On the spirituality front there is no dearth of people who will enlighten us with spiritual characters from the past but its only Bapu who connects normal, professional people with the spirituality they possessed or practiced. This unique focus gives us a confidence that yes, spirituality goes hand in hand with a normal, modern day-to-day life and does not mean something which we do after retirement when the gate seems nearer than before.


    Sandeepsinh Mahajan

  3. बापुन्नी आम्हाला एका थोर शास्त्रज्ञाची सखोल
    ओळख करून दिली. हा थोर शास्त्रज्ञ म्हणजे निकोल
    टेसला! हा महान शास्त्रज्ञ
    आम्हाला ठाउकही नव्हता,
    ज्याची महानता खरोखर बापू म्हटल्याप्रमाणे
    आमच्या दुर्दैवाने आम्हाला ठाउक नव्हती ते
    आपल्या बापुन्नी सहजतेने आम्हाला सांगितली.
    बापुंचा प्रत्येक क्षेत्रातील अभ्यास मग ते
    वैद्यकशास्त्र असो, कला असो, विज्ञान असो,
    अभियांत्रिकी असो की कायदा असो हा किती
    अफाट आणि सखोल आहे
    याची प्रचिती या व्हिडीओमधून आली.
    बापुंची कुठल्याही विषयावरची पकड़ जबरदस्तच असते
    आणि याचं कारण म्हणजे बापुंचे त्या प्रत्येक
    विषयावरील प्रेम, अफाट परिश्रम आणि शास्त्रशुद्ध
    अभ्यास हेच ! बापुंची ज्ञान मिळविण्याची जिद्द,
    चिकाटी आणि यश मिळेस्तोवर केले जाणारे अथक
    परिश्रम आम्हा तरुणान्ना मार्गदर्शक आणि आदर्श
    आहेत. अध्यात्म आणि विज्ञान याची इतकी सुंदर
    सांगड़ फ़क्त बापुचं घालू शकतात. बापुंच्या या अफाट
    परिश्रमान्ना आणि विज्ञानयुक्त
    विचारसरणीला खरोखर सलाम.

  4. Few thoughts came to my mind after P.P.Bapu talked about the teleportation of the boat.

    We are all taught that efficiency cannot be more than 100%, but few thoughts about the efficiency of the Trivikram :

    1) We know how much power is required to pump water from a tank on the ground floor to tank on top of building. Now every year billions of liters of water is taken form oceans at thousands of feet(in clouds) and transported over thousands of miles and distributed over the country. If we calculate the HP of motor required for this it will be mind boggling. Efficiency may be millions of times.
    2) Data Storage: we all know that a 3 hour movie comes in a DVD of approx. 1 GB. Now we are awake for let us say 18 hours. Everything we see is recorded.so approx. 6 movies of 3 hours. So at least six movies every day. Just calculate the GB requirement of a lifetime and the number of CDs required, which may fill the house. But all this info is in our brain.This is at our level. Now the Trivikram knows everything of all our lives. At least 372 per person, just calculating the data of all living beings for all the lives it will be tremendous. We still do not know where and how this info is stored. Again efficiency .
    3) In the Philadelphia experiment the crew became insane after they went into different dimension for only few hours. Imagine the Trivikram who is with us at the same time seeing past and future of all the beings at all time. It is beyond our comprehension how it is all possible. Again efficiency.
    4) Quantum entanglement.This is bit technical. Measurement of physical properties such as position, momentum, spin, polarization, etc. performed on entangled particles are found to be appropriately correlated. For example, if a pair of particles is generated in such a way that their total spin is known to be zero, and one particle is found to have clockwise spin on a certain axis, then the spin of the other particle, measured on the same axis, will be found to be counterclockwise. Because of the nature of quantum measurement, however, this behavior gives rise to effects that can appear paradoxical: any measurement of a property of a particle can be seen as acting on that particle (e.g. by collapsing a number of superimposed states); and in the case of entangled particles, such action must be on the entangled system as a whole. It thus appears that one particle of an entangled pair “knows” what measurement has been performed on the other, and with what outcome, even though there is no known means for such information to be communicated between the particles, which at the time of measurement may be separated by arbitrarily large distances,even billions of kms.
    For the Trivikram all the information of the universe is available instantly irrespective of distance. Again efficiency of information retrieval.
    We can go on with many examples, The heart as a pump, the nerves as data transmitters etc.

  5. I agree with Leeladharsinh We dont even find a mention of this great scientist in our text books. I am in service field of machinery and most of the time I am handling Induction motors. Till date I don’t know that who was patented this. But when Bapu told about this great scientist and I searched information of this great scientist that time I came to know that Dr. Nikola Tesla patented AC induction Motor.
    Ambadnya Bapu for enlightening me

  6. Tesla is remembered only as a unit of magnetic flux measurement. We are not taught about his various other inventions. Few more facts I would like to present :
    1) We are all taught that Marconi invented wireless transmission , the fact is US Supreme court overturned Marconi’s claim to the invention in favor of Tesla’s original 1897 patent. One more example of how we are misled.
    2) Tesla had technology to provide free power to all. a Mr.Morgan financed the project but when Mr.Morgan came to know that he cannot make any profit he stopped financing, otherwise we would have now zero electricity bills. See the level of cold blooded corporate greed.
    3) The experiment Bapu referred is the so called Philadelphia experiment . It is thought that Tesla and Einstein were involved. The objective was to bend light and make the boat invisible. But in the process space-time got warped and the ship was found after 24 hrs on other shore. There were 173 crew , some died and some became insane. Tesla had devised an experiment of time travel, when he himself sat in the machine , it is state that he could see past,present and future at the same time but he was very uncomfortable. Luckily for the world, his assistant switched off the power other wise Tesla would have faced the same fate as the crew of the boat.
    4) A tower he built for wire less transmission was destroyed, probably by agents.
    5) He was altruist. Hence he refused to divulge his invention for greed or military used. He had devised a death ray which could destroy objects at thousands of miles. The US govt. wanted it but he refused.
    6) Initially Thomas Edison and Tesla worked together, but Edition was proponent of direct current and did not like the idea of AC. He thought it is too dangerous. Hence they became rivals.
    7) Nearing the end of his life, alone, almost forgotten, he has no one to talk to but the pigeons at his window sill, whom he has fed and befriended.Alone in his hotel room, Tesla dies, reaching for the light which only he can see

  7. Teleportation of an entire ship!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never imagined that this could happen in real life. We dont even find a mention of this great scientist in our text books. Dr Nikola Tesla – A name to reckon with . Ambadnya Bapu for enlightening us of this incredible fact.

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