Mysterious attacks against Natanz nuclear complex & critical Iranian facilities

Iran admits to severe damage to Natanz nuclear facility due to mysterious fire

natanz-nuclear-plantTehran: Suspicious fire at the Natanz nuclear facility last week has caused severe damage to the Iranian plant. The fire has slowed the production of the advanced centrifuges, admitted Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi. 

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New blasts in Iranian cities heightens mystery surrounding the recent incidents

iran-blastTehran: Massive fire erupted due to the explosion on Saturday in Iran’s Ahvaz city. The cause is yet to be determined for the blast. In the next few hours, a gas leak occurred at a petrochemical centre in Mahshahr, not far from Ahvaz, and sickened 70 people. 

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Iran warns Israel of severe consequences after explosions at Natanz nuclear facility sparks mysterious fire

iran-israelTehran: Israel is being accused of the suspicious fire on the Natanz nuclear facility. The fire has caused Iran’s nuclear program to fall back by at least two months. Also, a Middle Eastern daily reported Israel of being behind another dangerous explosion that took place last week on Iran’s nuclear plant. 

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Israel will launch fresh attacks on Iranian base in Syria, claims Middle East media

israel-syria-iran-baseDamascus: Major General Esmail Ghaani, a senior official in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), recently visited Syria. Major General Esmail Ghaani claimed that Iran and its affiliated organisations would destroy Israel. Therefore, the possibility of Israeli attacks on Iranian military bases in Syria has increased.

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Powerful explosion takes place at Iranian military base

iran-blastTehran: On Thursday, there was a powerful explosion near the Iranian capital of Tehran. Iranian media have reported that there was a gas tank blast near the Parchin military base. The Iranian government and the military have not revealed the cause of the blast. Therefore, it is raising suspicions regarding the incident. 

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US takes serious cognisance of Iran’s underground missile cities

Iran-Underground-missile-citiesWashington: A few days ago, Iran had warned that it has developed underground missile cities to teach a lesson to its adversaries in the Persian Gulf. The United States and Saudi have severely criticised this Iranian warning.

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Withdrawing sanctions on Iranian weapons will destabilise Middle East, warns US Special Envoy

Gulf-Iran-USRiyadh: Brian Hook, the special envoy appointed by the United States for Iran, warned ‘We see stability in the Middle East because of the weapons ban imposed by the UN on Iran. But if this ban was withdrawn, Iran will become the largest supplier of weapons to the terrorists. 

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Iran sheltering Al Qaeda terrorists, alleges the US

iran-al-qaeeda-usWashington: Iran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism. Iran is harbouring even Al Qaeda terrorists, along with Hezbollah and Hamas. The US state department, in its latest report, has accused Iran of training and funding these Al Qaeda terrorists to fight in the Afghanistan and Syrian conflicts. 

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Iranian Rial crashes due to the US sanctions and Coronavirus pandemic

US-sanctions-corona-IranTehran: There was a major crash reported in the value of Iranian Rial in view of the sanctions imposed by the United States in the last month, the Coronavirus crisis and the slump in the international oil markets. Local sources informed on Saturday that the Iranian Rial was exchanged at the rate of 193,400 Rials to a US dollar. 

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