Live Streaming of English Translations of Parampoojya Bapu’s pravachans

There are many Shraddhavaans who find it difficult to follow their beloved Parampoojya Bapu’s pravachans in Marathi and/or Hindi. Consequently, they are unable to derive as much delight and satisfaction as they would have derived, had they fully understood them. For such Shraddhavans there is good news!

Live Streaming of English Translations of Parampoojya Bapu's pravachans
Live Streaming of English Translations of Parampoojya Bapu’s pravachans

On every Sunday morning, the English Upasana is conducted. Now there will be live streaming of the English Upasana, followed by the narration and explanation of Parampoojya Bapu’s pravachans in English. This Sunday Poorvaveera Kulkarni will be narrating and explaining pravachan of Bapu on Ramraksha. This will help all the Shraddhavaans, including those present at the Upasana and those across the globe to have an opportunity to understand the pravachans in English. Sunday being a holiday in most parts of the world, a maximum number of Shraddhavaans will be able to view the live streaming.

The live streaming will take place from around 10.30 am to 12.30 pm; the first session of which will commence from Sunday, June 7, 2015.I am sure all Shraddhavaan friends will certainly take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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  1. Hari om Pujya Dada,

    Ambadnya for this golden opportunity. However, just want know if there is any facility available to those Shraddhavans who missed this live streaming and wish to watch recording of this program/narration?

    Rajeevsinh Kadam.

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