Launch of Books authored by Nandai to Improve English

English   मराठी   ગુજરાતી  తెలుగు ಕನ್ನಡ தமிழ்

I am sure that, by now, most of you would have been aware that yesterday a grand inauguration function was held in the presence of Param Poojya Bapu, Nandai and Suchitdada to mark the release of  the first set of books titled ‘Sai for Me’ from the series, ‘Happy English Stories’. The books were released at the hands of senior teacher and Karyakarta Sevak at Aatmabal, octogenarian Smt. Durgaveera Wagh. These books basically aimed to improve the spoken and written English not only for beginners but even for those who are fairly good at it.

With the launch of the books, Booktionary Publishing House hasmade an impressive entry into the world of publication. Booktionary aims at providing quality literature spanning different genres and subjects to readers, not only in the form of books but also in other forms viz., of CDs, DVDs, e-books and all the other available modern publishing facilities.

Bapu, while unveiling his vision of Ram Rajya, in his discourse on 6th May, 2010,  had listed many meta-physical (spiritual) and practical aspects that have to be implemented at the personal, family, social, national and global levels. He particularly emphasized on an extremely important aspect of usage of English, as a means of communication.

Today, English has come to stay as the most used language for communication, both in the written as well as spoken word. In today’s times, when communication forms a very important tool for doing business, it has become imperative for people to take to English sooner than later. Today, most of the big brands from the non-English speaking parts of the world already have or are in process of adapting to it. Fluency in English is a must for us, else we would become redundant, inspite of all other qualifications that we might have. If today, India has managed to stay ahead of China in the software programming space, inspite of its manpower resources being costlier than that of China, it is because the Indian programmers are very proficient in English, while the Chinese are not.

At the time of launch of PRATYAKSHA in early 2005, Bapu had clearly stated that not knowing the realities and facts of the prevalent times is darkness and this darkness is treacherous. It can scourge and ruin our lives. Hence for the well-being of all Shraddhavans, Dr. (Mrs.) Nanda Aniruddha Joshi (our beloved Nandai) has launched this series of books for gaining, improving and enhancing our knowledge of English. The books have been designed in such a way that a rank beginner will find it easy not only to understand but also to implement it. These books also have a lot to offer even for those who are proficient at English.

These books are available at Shree Gurukshetram. Orders can also be placed at

Published at Mumbai, Maharashtra – India

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  1. Hari Om DADA ! Ambadnya from Deep core of Heart. Frankly speaking mind was so eager to listen and to know about the function.In morning when heard from friends mind was 50% satisfied and when read and heard on U-Tube the sky was the only limit..Hats off to our IT Group. The GOLDEN words of our P.P.BAPU the sweet, smooth ,Fluent English By Our P.P.Bapu in the beginning,sharing the efforts and quickness of our P.P.AAI to make us PERFECT WITH RUNNING TIME.Really beyond words to express.such sprinkling drops of love is making us wet.(Nahu Tujiya Preme ).And above all The Sweet sweet and quite smile of our P.P.NANDAI and softly accepting the AMBADNYA from P.P.BAPU on behalf of all of us tells a lot .AMBADNYA.

  2. Nandai u r too great really great ………. very well managed syllabus for English in Atmabal …..Ambadya….Love u alot bapu nandai,suchitdada

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