Launch of a New “Downloads” Section on Blog

Hari Om Dear Friends,Over the years there have been occasions where many Shraddhavaans have enquired about the stotras / japs that are being chanted in our Bapu parivar. Besides, there is this problem of pronunciation and tune faced by people who are not familiar with Sanskrit, Marathi and Hindi languages and are thus unable to chant it in the ‘proper’ manner. This invariably leads to a feeling of anxiety and dissatisfaction of not chanting it correctly and the consequences thereof.  The challenge is even greater in the case of Shraddhavans who are born and brought up outside India and are therefore completely alien to Indian languages.
Against this backdrop, it was felt that something should be done so that:(a) All Shraddhavaans have a comprehensive list of the stotras / japs that have been given / approved by Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) for chanting.

(b) Those who are not familiar with chanting would get to actually hear the stotras / japs while reading and chanting.

I am very happy to inform you that our IT Team has managed to put this all together and would provide you in a phased manner the text and audio, video files for the stotras and japs that we normally chant in a new section on this blog named Downloads.

Stotras which are uploaded today are as under
1) Shree Aniruddha Upasana (English)01. Vakratunda Mahakaya02. Anasuyo Atrisambhuto

03. Shree Aadimata Shubhankara Stavanam

04. Dhyan Mantra

05. Shree Aniruddha Shloki

06. Shree Aniruddha Mahima

07. Shree Aniruddha Kavach

08. Sadguru Tarak Mantra

09. Shree Gurukshetra Mantra

10. Vijay Mantra

2) Shree Gurukshetra Mantra

3) Shree Hanuman Chalisa
I) A step by step instruction guide given below will help you to access the stotra / jap pdf’s with audio of your choice, be it for reading or listening.  

For accessing and downloading the same kindly follow the below given instructions.

1) Kindly click on any stotras / japs that you want to read or download.

2) With the file still open in browser click the Home Page / Settings Page  of your browser and select the ‘Save Page As’ or simply right click on document and select “Save Page As”

3) Now save this document in your computer’s desired location.

4) Now you can open this downloaded file and click on image at the start of the document for listening to the audio.

5) When you click on the image in the file you need to select 2nd option “play the multimedia content and add this document to my list of trusted document” and click on play. (When opening the document for the first time)

6) This file only supports to Adobe reader 6, 7, 9. Does not support to Adobe X.
(Note: Audio version does not have mobile support). 

7) With Audio embedded PDF format I am also providing audio and video format of stotra / jap

IIA step by step instruction guide given below will help you to access the stotra / jap Audio of your choice, be it for reading or listening. 

For accessing and downloading the same kindly follow the below given instructions.
1) Kindly click on any stotras / japs that you want to read or download
2) With the file still open in browser click the Home Page / Settings Page  of your browser and select the ‘Save Page As’ or simply right click on document and select “Save Page As”
Right click on the link of stotra / jap that you want to download and select the option of “Save Link As”.
3) Now save this audio in your computer’s desired location in MP3 format.

4) Now you can open this downloaded file in any media player. 
I would be glad to get suggestions / inputs from you so that we can make it even better.

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  1. Shreeram Dada for DOWNLOAD SECTION….

    This is indeed a precious gift t o all of us from you and PP Bapu indeed..

    We have no words to express the joy..

    Madhuriveera Parkar

  2. Hari Om Dada.
    You know the minds of all Bapubhaktas.With this download section a long-felt need of all Bapubhaktas will be met. Paduka Poojan Vidhi in Hindi/English may please be included in the list of future ownloads.
    Hari Om

  3. Hari Om Dada

    Really a great initiative, Shree Ram for the IT team. PDF format with audio is really a superb concept, we can even play MP3 formats in our mobile phones.

    Dr Umesh Shirodkar

  4. खूपच सुंदर! संपूर्ण उपासना ऑडियो स्वरूपात उपलब्ध केल्याबद्दल धन्यवाद समीरदादा! आता आद्यापिपांच्या अभंगांची म्हणजेच पिपासाची वाट पहात आहोत.

  5. समीरदादा,
    बऱ्याच दिवसांपासून किंवा खरं तर वर्षांपासून आम्ही याची वाट पाहत होतो. मी या सेक्शन मधली सर्व स्तोत्र डाऊनलोड केली. सर्व स्तोत्र यांच्या रेकोर्डिंगचा दर्जा हा अतिशय चांगला असून त्यातील हनुमान चलीसा मला विशेष आवडली. मला सांगायला अतिशय आनंद होतो कि जे लोकं बापू भक्त नाहीत परंतु देवावरती ज्यांचा विश्वास आहे अश्या काही मित्र मंडळींना मी हि हनुमान चालीसा ऐकविली. त्यांना ती खूप आवडली, त्यांच्या मते ते खूप दिवसांपासून या चालीतली हनुमान चलीसा शोधत होते. त्यांनी मला विचारले किती पैसे घेतले हि हनुमान चलीसा तुला द्यायला तुमच्या संस्थेने? मी त्यांना अतिशय अभिमानाने उत्तर दिले कि माझ्यासारख्या अनेकांसाठी आणि प्रत्येकासाठी आमच्या संस्थेने स्वताचे पैसे खर्च करून इतकी श्रवणीय स्वरूपातील हनुमान चलीसा मोफत उपलब्ध करून दिली आहे, आमच्याकडून एकही नवा पैसा न घेता!!! माझ्या या उत्तराने हि मंडळी अवाक झाली. त्यांना म्हटले आमच्या संस्थेने हा खजिना सर्वांसाठी लुटून न्यायला खुला ठेवला आहे, कोणीही यावं आणि लुटून न्यावं. अतिशय मनापासून मला आपल्या संस्थेचे, आपले ,बापूंचे मनापासून आभार मानावेसे वाटतात कारण इतका अमूल्य खजिना आपण आमच्यासाठी खुला केला आहे. माझी आपणास अजून एक विनंती किंवा प्रेमाचा आग्रह आहे कि किमान बापूंची जी विशेष प्रवचनं जसे कि रामराज्य २०२५, तेरा कलमी योजना, अशी महत्वाची प्रवचनं येथे डाऊनलोड करण्यास उपलब्ध करून द्यावीत. संस्थेच्या आणि आपल्या या स्तुत्य उपक्रमास शुभेच्छा आणि धन्यवाद.

  6. Hari Om Dada

    Thank you to our Lovely BAPU, to you & our IT Team for Uploading “STORAS” & “JAPs” for all Sharddhavans,
    we have only one Line to Our Lovely Bapu


    Thanks Again
    Hari Om
    Sandeep Sonkar

  7. HariOm SameerDada,

    Thanks for uploading all the japs in audio and pds.
    Will it be possible to play the mp3 from the blog itself by clicking on a play button,also if ShriAadimata Shubhankara & Ashubhnashani Stavan could be uploaded one in Bapuraya's voice.

    Omkarsinha Phadke

  8. Hari om Dada. Kudos & Shri Ram to the I.T. team for this grand endeavour. “Manasamarthyadata counter” launched few months back was a splendid initiative & now the Stotra/Jap in audio/ pdf format is simply icing on the cake. Dada your blog – a boon to us Shraddhavans, shows us many facets about P.p.Bapu, our “santha's karya”,etc – strenghthing manifold our bond with P.p.Bapu.

  9. Hari Om Dada, Thanks a lot for sharing this divine treasure with us. I am sure lot of my shraddhavan friends have been searching for these for quite some time and as if you read our minds and made this available to us so easily. As one of our other friends said it would be great if some if not all Guruvaar Abhangas recited at Shree Hariguru gram are also made available.

  10. HARI OM Dada
    This is golden opportunity for all Our Shraddhavan bhaktas .
    Hats off to the IT team who has taken these efforts and grand salute to master mind behind this no one else but the only one i.e. off-course our Dearest BAPU and you too as without your guidance and supervision BAPU's ideas can't be put in to reality.
    Lots of Shreeram.

  11. Shree ram Dada..This is amazing…we were always waiting for we can have mp3 played in our mobiles and listen to the stotras whenever we want.
    Lots of Shree ram!!!!

  12. Hari Om Dada,
    As aptly said by Aadya Pipadada, ” Bapu karato aamuchi seva”. Loukik drushtya Shree Ganeshyaga pasun suru zalele (Dada, pse correct me, if I am wrong) Bapunche athak prayas to keep all of us on his divine Maryadamarg are being seen and experienced by all of us. Tyanche he amaryad prem aamchya pratyek chhotya chhotya aani mothyat mothya pratyek goshtinchi kalaji ghet asate. Tumach mi bhar wahin sarwatha, navhe he annyata vachan maze… tyachya premala sima nahi, in fact ashi kuthalich sima nahi ji Bapunchya premala simit karu shakate. Dada, your blog is so informative and it is adding newer dimenssions every day that it is going to be of gratest help to all of us in future. Shree Ram Dada.

  13. Shree Ram Dada,
    For this wonderful feature added to this site. What you have mentioned is exactly my problem. Even though I have been brought up in Mumbai & Pune I do have a big problem in reading and pronouncing Hind and Marathi words. Sanskrit is out of question. All the Stotras and Japas I uesd to either record when others saying them or purchase CD and then I keep hearing them again and again to learn them. Certain words I could not understand. I have just gone through the “downloads” and things have been made so simple for us. I place my head at the Lotus Feet of PP Bapu and thank Him from deep within for this precious gift he has given us. Shree Ram to all the Shraddhavans (IT Team) for their assistance in putting together this brilliant site. I will be eagerly waiting for the uploading of many more stotra/Japas. A Thousand Shree Ram to you Dada.

  14. Hari om Dada , thats a great news and lots n lots of shri ram.
    Dada your blog is extremely informative and unique ,one of its kind.
    everyone of us are eagerly waitng for a new post from you.
    Now addition of Downloads Section has added a new dimension to your blog.

    Its like cherry on the top .Shree Ram
    Hari om

  15. Dada Hari Om. A really helpful step for all shraddhavans who sometimes confuse and then doubtful if they are not sure what they are chanting is right or wrong, although our Bapu has always taken responsibility for our unknowing mistakes in chanting. A full of heartful shreeram to our IT team and to whom who has inspired them. Hari Om

  16. Hari om Dada,

    New Downloads section on blog is really awesome .

    This will definetly benefit all of Our Shraddhavan friends..
    Hatss off to our IT team .New Pdf with audio concept is simply superb !!

    Lots of Shree ram and eagerly waiting for more stotras .

    Thanks a lot for giving all of us this most precious ” khajana “!!!

    Shree ram once again.

  17. हरी ओम दादा,
    बापू करितो अमुची सेवा ….. याचा प्रत्यय क्षणा क्षणाला जाणवतो आणि त्याच्या प्रेमाने मन भरून येतं. जगाच्या प्रत्येक कानाकोपऱ्यातील श्रद्धावानांना भक्तीची प्रत्येक पायरी सहज चढता यावी यासाठी किती ती अटाटी. श्री राम दादा. या अत्यंत सुंदर प्रयत्नांसाठी आणि संपूर्ण टीम ज्यांनी हे प्रयास केलेत त्या सर्वांसाठी अनिरुद्ध श्री राम. दादा तुमचा हा ब्लॉग आमच्यासाठी खूप मोठा आधार आहे खरतर बापूंनी आमचं बोट धरलंय. प्रत्येक पोस्ट आमच्यासाठी नित्य नूतन खजाना उघडत असते आणि आम्ही प्रत्येक वेळी open करताना लहान मुलांसारखे अधीर असतो आज काय खाऊ आहे आमच्यासाठी. हरी ओम कल्पनावीरा

  18. Shreeram Dada. A new dimension has been added to your blog. The “Download” section will go a long way in satiating the apetite of Shraddhavans who always wanted to read/ listen to such sacred stotras/ japs.

  19. Hari om Dada,
    This is one of the best, best, best ever. Every mantra, jap which is required by shraddhavan can now be downloaded directly..even on mobile!!! I can now have my own collection of all the stotras on my mobile and can hear and chant on my way from home to office and back.
    Ganesh Utsav is just roind the corner so it will be helpful if some stotras relating to the festival are ulploaded like Atharvashirsha…
    Also one small request or a suggestion. Every thursday we all get to hear beautiful gajars by our bhajan mandal. If those gajars are uploaded with the exact words, then it will be a superb collection and will also help bhajan mandals at the upasana kendras to learn these new gajars and spread joy among our shraddhavan friends.

  20. ShreerM Dada
    this will definetly benefit all Our Shraddhavan friends
    A job well deserved by theIT team……Hatss off to the teamMates and our Dearesst Bapu
    its the “teamwork” that alwYs counts
    Shreeram and Hari om

  21. Hari Om Samir Dada,

    It is simply great to have all these information at place including audio files.

    The IT team has really taken immense efforts to ease our lives.

    Lots of Shree Ram

  22. Hari Om Dada,

    This is very eagerly awaited by all SHRADDHAVANs. You have been giving us pleasant surprises every day. These prayers will be very helpful for all of us especially all those who are not very sure about the pronunciation of certain sanskrit words.

    Shree Ram and Hari Om

  23. Hari Om Dada
    Shri Ram for the initiative and making available every possible every to follow the devine path of BHAKTI with out fear.
    Bapu always takes care of all his friends and try to get as close as possible to them.
    Can also the Guruvar abhangs be made available in same style so that we can enjoy them again and again.

    Shree Ram

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