Launch of Aniruddha TV

I am extremely happy to announce that with blessings of Parampoojya Sadguru Shri Aniruddha Bapu we are launching our internet television by the name of ‘Aniruddha TV’ ( It would start its operations from today i.e. Thursday followed by the day of Ganesh Chaturthi and would broadcast the Ganeshotsav to be celebrated at residence of Sadguru Bapu (Aniruddhasinh).

We would be live covering and broadcasting major events of celebrations in addition to the ‘Welcoming of Lord Ganesha’!We are also planning to livestream the morning poojan at about 9:00 to 9:30 am IST for 45 to 50 minutes and evening Mahaaarti at around 9:00 to 9:30 pm IST on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi and the initial procession of Punarmilap on the third day. Moreover differed live videos of the Punarmilap procession would be made available from my own YouTube Channel


Later we may live multicast various events like poojan, havan, aarti that are regularly held at Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram, arrival of Bapu and his darshan at Shri Harigurugram for pravachan or other utsavs as well, and many more events on regular basis.

To start with, the content of Aniruddha TV would be available free of cost but there after it would be available on subscription basis, the charges of which definitely be reasonable and will be informed at a later stage.

ll Hari Om ll   ll  Shriram ll   ll Ambadnya ll

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  1. HariOm

    Dear Dada,

    First of all Ambadnya to Mothi Aai, Bapu, Aai and Suchit Dada for giving us – their Shraddhavaan children a Bestest Best gift in the form of the Aniruddha-TV.

    Also Dada Ambadnya to You and Your entire team for the tremendous efforts put in to make this possible. Now it shall be possible for all the children of Bapu who are located far away and cannot make to a particular event / festival celebrated by the Sanstha, then for all of them – they can see Bapu, Aai, Mama and the Sanstha celebrated events from the place itself they are present in India as well as other parts of this world.

    Dada it was a great joy to see the Shri Aniruddha Gurukshetram’s Ganeshotsav’s MahaAarti from our home. It gave great happiness to the heart to see Dad, Mom and Mama performing the various Aartis.

    I am Ambadnya.

  2. Hari om Pujya Samir Dada,
    It was the super amazing and life’s bestest experience to watch Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram Ganeshutsav Mahaaarti Live direct telecast on
    Ambadnya forever..for your great efforts towards all of us, or otherwise it was difficult to attend for Mahaarti with accompaining of kids and old age parents. This has made possible, all our shraddhavan families came together to take the benefit of Mahaarti,and we could see our Beloved Dad..Parampujya Bapu, Parampujya Aai, and Parampujya Dada chanting Aarti.
    Ambadnya again and again at lotus feet of my DAD. I love you my Dad forever forever forever. You are always present with your mother for me always all the time and Live telecast of MAHAARTI on Aniruddha TV was the witness of your presence with your mother. Ambadnya Mothi AAi for our DAD.

  3. पू.समिरदादा
    आज महाआरतीचा आनंद घेतला.फार फार अंबज्ञ आहोंत
    नेटची speed थोडी कमी असल्याने प्रक्षेपण तुटक तुटक येत होते त्यामुळे स्थीर चित्रच समोर असायचे.laptop वर परिस्थिती जरा बरी होती पण anroid वर त्याहून खराब शिवाय धगाळ वातावरण व अतोनात पाउस त्यामुळे दोष असा नक्की सांगता येणार नाही.अंबज्ञ

  4. Aniruddha TV is fantastic idea and very good opportunity for BapuBhakta’s to watch Bapu, Nandai, Dada so closely. Even though I am sitting thousands miles away from Gurukheshtram in abroad, I got a golden chance to see my dad’s home like every year On Ganesh Chaturthi. I am not feeling that I missed the only one moment in a year when we can visit our Sadguru’s Home. I am very happy that I will not miss the important moments of with my Bapu ahead while I am away from my country. Thanks a lot Bapu. Ambadnya!!!! Hopefully we can see Thursday Pravachan as well if our Dad permits :-).

  5. Hari Om DADA ! O ! God really speaking reading to the above BRAVO news, SKY is the only limit to our joy.

    The Thought, The Name ,The Concept is only so wonderful and making very very Happy.Just if tried to express

    in words, the whole life,the complete mind, which always things and wish to be with and only with P.P.

    BAPU AAI & DADA .The above news could now slowly slowly bringing the thought To reality. Due to all ( IT) team efforts we all shradhavans are getting so much that even its difficult, but if tried I would say viewers like the FROG of the well who knew and thought his well was everything and whole world for him.‘Aniruddha TV’ is the one and only one Tv On these whole earth which would certainly No remote control. which in case of other TV’s is just and just only used to give an excersie to finger tips and mind just walking in all channels searching for some good stuff. And above these all The knowledge which we try to gather cant be stored too. but these ‘Aniruddha TV’ is the only which takes crae of his real loving caring child rather here I would use the word TRUE ANIRUUDHA TV watcher . With these TV we could Recall Recollect and Resiprocet to the proper thought and facts of life which our P.P BAPU AAI DADA take lots lots of efforts to make us understand..These is the only TV which could be enjoyed by whole family now with popcorn’s in hand.

    Ambadnya Ambadnya Ambadnya.

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