Kolhapur Medical and Healthcare Camp – 2013

Kolhapur Medical and Healthcare Camp 2013

 Kolhapur Medical and Healthcare Camp – 2013


1. Check Up:
a. General OPD.: General Check up of Patients

b. Student OPD: A separate team of doctors for the check up of School Students (Std. 1 to 9)

c. Specialist OPD : Specialists in the fields of
i. General Medicine ii. Cardiology iii. Paediatrics iv. Skin Diseases v. General Surgery vi. Gynaecology vii. Orthopaedics viii. ENT  ix. Ophthalmology x. Pharmacy

d. Dental OPD: Dental Check up and Tooth Extractions

2. Dressings

3. Investigations:
a. X-Ray  b. ECG  c. Pathology (• Haemoglobin testing • ESR testing • Blood Sugar testing)

Kolhapur Medical and Healthcare Camp Medical Statistics
Kolhapur Medical Camp Medical Statistics

 (* The above given are estimated figures)


1. Afternoon meals to school children attending the camp under Annapurna Prasadam Yojna.
2. Two pairs of uniforms for girls and boys of various school from Std 1st to 9th under Charkha Yojna.
3. Slippers, caps and energy biscuits to school children.
4. Sports material and toys to every school attending the camp.
5. Sweaters and godhadi (blanket) for children under Mayechi Ubb & Vatsalyachi Ubb Yojna.
6. Candles and matchboxes for school children under Vidyaprakash Yojna.

Kolhapur Medical and Healthcare Camp healthcare Stats
Kolhapur Medical Camp healthcare Stats

1. Shirts, trousers, sarees, Punjabi dresses and utensils to the needy villagers under June  te Sone Yojna
2. Afternoon meals to all villagers attending the camp under Annapurna Prasadam Yojna.
3. Hygiene material such as lice combs, bath soaps, tooth powder, washing powder, anti scabies lotion, water purification liquid, nail cutters to families of various villages.

(* The above given are estimated figures)  

Photos from last year's Medical and Healthcare Camp
Photos from last year’s Camp
Medical and Healthcare Camp Site Map
Kolhapur Medical camp Site Map

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  1. HARI OM DADA. Thanks for giving detailed information about upcoming Kolhapur Medical Camp of 2013. Really speaking it is not a mere one day Medical camp. It is best example of Disaster Mitigation which involves Structural and Non-structural measures taken to limit the impact of disasters. It seems ” Prevention is better than cure ” – is the main motto of our Kolhapur Medical Camp. Year by year increasing figures obtained through statistical data reveals that medical camp is not just held to look into present needs of villagers and provide medical assistance but we are also providing them materials for their educational, health needs in day today life. “AVAGHACHI SANASAR SUKHACHA KARIN , AANANDE BHARIN TINHI LOK” this breed is really followed in each and every activity of KMC. Lots of Shreeram and hats off to P.P. BAPU , AAI and DADA for taking so much care of each and every Shraddhavan for their upbringing and every vanarsainik who is sharing in KMC’s karya.

  2. Hari Om Dada,

    Thank you for this information of upcoming camp. It really gives immense pleasure that we are also part of such huge activity which our organisation running since last 10 years. Its amazing that such large activity which we do with only and only with our volunteers and nobody else and in very low cost. KMC is really a great job which all Shraddhavaans are doing with blessing of P. P. Bapu, Aaii, Dada. Shree Ram to all who have their share in this activity. Hari Om.

  3. Hari Om Dada !

    To read the chart and find the yearly increasing count deserves a shree Ram. Right from the morning of camp till back in bus to come to mumbai is beyond to express in words. The smile that we see on each child and adults face when they see our P.P. Nandai ,the joy they celebrate in there dance,the happiness they express in there satsang,the way they wave there hands with VISHWAS yes BAPU AAI DADA are always with all.Its really touching to the heart. Shree Ram.

  4. Hari om Dada,

    The information is very comprehensive and gives insight into the real efforts taken by our institution for overall betterment of people of that region. The scintillating figures and my experience at the camp demonstrate that it is not just a ‘Medical Camp’ of one day but it is the process to upscale their living ideology through awareness of Bhakti, health, cleanliness, education etc. The support extended to the locals by way of free distribution of various materials has made their life habitable in that remote area. Bapu’s vision and compassion has transformed their life which is evident from the progress of the local people insofar as they have started upasana, students are doing well in studies, the health related issues are minimized. It is a real great pleasure to see nearly 100 strong and physically fit DMVs participate in the march pass of Aniruddha Pournima each year which was not happening earlier. Nothing more required to be said.

    It also reminds me the Bapu’s such vision and concern for Kharohi village in Bhuj after Bhuj earthquake. I personally experienced how the efforts taken by our institution and our presence made difference not only in Kharohi village but in the entire vicinity. Even without having seen or met Sadguru Bapu personally, local people used to say looking at the Bapu’s photo:
    तुम्ही हो माता, पिता तुम्ही हो / तुम्ही हो बंधू , सखा तुम्ही /

    ll श्रीराम ll

  5. HariOm
    Dada the Kolhapur Medical and Healthcare Camp is my Bapuraya’s Unconditional Love for His Children. How much He cares for the upbringing of everybody – for all of us.

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