It Happened Only Due to Bapu’s Grace

– Lata Kharpe, Aurangabad

It Happened Only Due to Bapu’s Grace

On the third Thursday after I began attending Bapu’s discourses, my son gets a permanent job after a long time. After a robbery at home in which I lose 200 gms gold and a mobile worth Rs. 16000, the police find the robber in Mumbai, that too with all the valuables intact. After my husband’s company shuts down, a period of three years pass by and by sheer accident, I called his union office and the next day all employees get their Provident Fund money…. Each experience more robust than the previous one.

My name is Lata Jalinder Kharpe. I was a resident of Mumbai. I have been attending Bapu’s upasana since the year 2005. My sister, Meena Vishwanath Jadhav informed me about Bapu’s discourses. I have had several experiences of Bapu’s interventions in my life. I will share a few of them with you here.

1. My son, Hemant Kharpe has a MBA degree. He was not able to hold on to his job. I was totally upset and dejected. In the midst of that, my sister, Meena met me and requested me to attend Bapu’s discourse on a Thursday. I started attending those and voila! Just on the third Thursday, he got a job as an Assistant Manager in Aurangabad’s Spencer mall. He continues to do that job. I have firm belief that this happened only due to Bapu’s grace.

2. In the year 2007, I visited Aurangabad. In the year 2008, my son bought a house with the blessings of Bapu. On December 31, 2008, I relocated to Aurangabad permanently. After that, on the day I left for my native town, Sangli, there was a robbery at my home. My son was sleeping inside. Fortunately, no harm was caused to my son. However, around 200 gms of gold and a cell-phone worth Rs. 16,000 was stolen. On hearing this, I was totally shocked. My husband almost became hysterical. However, I was quite calm as I had complete faith in my Bapu. I reassured everyone. I was not aware of the Upasana Center in this city. I kept calling out to Bapu and managed to reach the CIDCO upasana center in the city of Aurangabad. After that I continued to go the center every Saturday. Bapu had asked everyone to chant Dattamala Mantra in the month of August. I used to chant Dattamala Mantra 108 times every day all by myself sitting at home. I performed this chanting for the entire month. On the last day, just as I had sat down at home to chant the Mantra, the phone rang. I could not believe the words of the person who was speaking to me on the other side. It was a call from Mumbai crime branch. The person informed me that the thief who had stolen things from my home was arrested. Later they came home along with the thief. They brought along the entire quantity of gold and the mobile phone as well. It was only due to Bapu’s grace that we could get back all our jewellery and the phone. Otherwise, it was absolutely impossible to get back those things which were stolen at Aurangabad and get them back at Mumbai. It just does not happen that way. It was possible only due to my Bapu’s intervention.

I was delighted by this news. I could not contain my joy. I talked to quite a lot of people around me. I kept repeating that it was only because of Bapu that I had got back all my jewellery and the mobile phone. I bowed in front of Bapu’s lotus feet. I suddenly remembered that at the time of moving into this house, I had performed Bapu’s Paduka Poojan.

3. My husband worked at Hindustan Lever at Sewri. One day, all of a sudden the company was shut down. I was quite upset at that time. Our financial condition was not that good. My husband had to sit at home. The Company was not distributing the money which ought to have been paid to all the employees. Three such years passed by. It was because of Bapu’s blessings that we did not feel the heat of this situation.

After three years, just out of curiosity I dialled the Union office number and expressed our plea. I said to them that my child was a grown up person but what about those whose children were young? The Company ought to pay every employee the provident fund money.” That is all that I said but Bapu did the rest. You would be surprised but the day after this day, everyone got their Provident Fund money. The money which was to be given three years back, was released for everyone all at once after the call. I am quite happy and satisfied now. I do not need anything else. Having said that I am sad about the fact that my son and my husband both still do not follow Bapu. Well, I am never going to leave Bapu’s lotus feet for sure and some day they will also start believing in him.

I remember Aadya Pipadada’s sentence.

“Maajhe Tari Kaay Ase I Sarva Tujhechi Re Deva I
Tujhe Aso Tujhyapashi I Meech Hoy Tujha II

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