Iran-China 25-year Contract: A Chinese Debt Trap

Iran to sign a twenty-year cooperation agreement with Russia

iran-russiaMoscow: The cooperation between Russia and Iran is age-old and it will continue, in the same manner, in the future. Iranian Foreign Minister, Jawad Zarif, announced that cooperation agreement for at least 20 years would be signed with Russia. 

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China-Iran cooperation is a threat for the Middle East, warns US think tank

Washington: The US think tank, Gatestone Institute, has warned ‘The Chinese investment of $400 billion and the military cooperation with Iran, will pose a threat to the security of the Gulf region. This cooperation also poses a threat to the US interests in the region from the Persian Gulf to the Indian Ocean.

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Iran denies signing deal with India on Chabahar railway project

Chabhar-Rail-ProjectTehran: China has made preparations to invest $400 billion in Iran. Reports had been published that India has been banished from the Chabahar railway project, as a result of this Chinese cooperation. Claims were also rife that this Iranian decision is a major blow to the India-Iran relations. 

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China to invest $400 billion in Iran under a  of 25 years

china-iranNew York: China has prepared to make an investment of approximately $400 billion in Iran for the next 25 years. As per the deal, China and Iran will be engaging in a partnership deal, which will include oil and military cooperation as well. Western media had reported that both countries had arrived at a consensus on the deal. 

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Trump and Putin discuss Iran and arms ban

Trump-Putin-IranWashington: US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a telephonic discussion. As per the information released by both the countries, military stability, arms ban, Iran, Coronavirus and some other important issues were discussed during the telephonic conversation. 

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US blacklists 11 Chinese companies over abuse of Uyghurs

China-Uighur-blindfold-war-on-fearWashington: The US has blacklisted 11 Chinese companies over the use of Uyghurs for forced labour. These include companies that provide raw materials and manufactured goods to some of the US’ big firms such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Tommy Hilfiger. 

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Uyghur rights group asks for probe into Uyghur genocide, demands to strip China’s status at UNHRC

Uighur_ProtestNew York: ‘Under orders from Chinese President Xi Jinping, acts of genocide are being committed against the Uyghur and other Islamic communities. The UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) must investigate the acts and strip China’s participatory status at the council,’ the international Uyghurs rights group demanded. 

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