Independence Day celebrations at Aniruddha Gurukshetram

Independence Day celebrations were held in a very pompous manner at Aniruddha Gurukshetram just a few minutes back. A wonderful parade was organized by DMVs of Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management. I am attaching the photos of the same herewith.

A total of 163 DMVs participated in the parade that was held during the celebrations. Following are the details of the parade.

– National Flag bearer > Sushantsinh Raut
– Gurukshetram Flag bearer > Premaveera Kadam
– Skanda Dhwaj Bearer > Pritiveera Raskar
– Chief Parade Commander – Deepaliveera Raut
– Platoon No. 1 – Anjaliveera Singh
– Platoon No. 2 – Rupeshsinh Madge
– Platoon No. 3 – Ravinaveera Khavle
– Platoon No. 4 – Pravinsinh Naik
– Rescue Platoon – Sagarsinh Patil
– Ghosh Pathak – Shalakaveera Govalkar

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  1. Ambadnya.
    It was nice to salute the flag at Gurukshetra. The prayer to mother India reminded us that only 11 years left for Trpurari Purnima 2025.
    Shreeram Ambadnya

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