In His Love We Bathe (Nahu Tujhiya Preme)

“Nhau Tuzhiya Preme, the function, may be over, but what it has managed to achieve is quite beyond one’s imagination and comprehension. It has indeed sown the seeds of everlasting and ever-increasing bhakti of Shraddhavaans towards Bapu. It has guided Shraddhavaans into introspecting as to where their bhakti stands today… in fact, there is no end to what it has done.

I have received numerous feedbacks from Shraddhavaans who were either present in person or who watched it through the web, many of which I have posted on my blog and on Facebook. I have just received a beautiful, heart rending poem on Nhau Tuzhiya Preme written by a young doctor in the making Shraddhavaan, Arnavsinh Tongaonkar. The poem effectively captures the spectrum of feelings that every Shraddhavaan might have experienced while watching Nhau Tuzhiya Preme”.

|| Hari Om||

In His Love We Bathe (Nahu Tujhiya Preme)

– Arnav H. Tongaonkar

From all the lands of the world,
All His people came.
For they were drawn to His light,
To His eternal flame.

 And gathered we to rejoice,
To revel in His love,
While He stood amongst us there,
With clear blue skies above.

We listened to the simple words,
To sing along we tried,
And the words, they touched our hearts,
And silently we cried.

And all the while He stood with us,
While we sang and we forgot,
All our pain and all our sorrow,
Every sinful thought.

 We, who knew not how to pray,
Nor the name of God,
Spoke as one, and sang as one,
The praises of our Lord.

 All the while, He smiled his smile,
For He knew that each one,
Though in the crowd, was alone with Him,
Each His daughter and son.

And as we sang, each wondered more,
Is it I who sings,
Or does He from deep within,
These words to my lips bring?

 And so we sang and forgot ourselves,
The crowd then was as one,
And gentle wisps of vapour then,
Formed clouds beneath the Sun.

We sang of hope, of joy, of truth,
Sang of life and love,
And all the while He prayed for us,
To His Mother above.

And each moment, upon His face,
A different emotion rose,
For the heart of each child,
Only the Mother knows.

 And we sang, and we sang,
Our troubles far behind,
Deaf to the world, mute in our thoughts,
And to the surroundings blind.

 And upon the final song,
We offered our lives to Him,
Keep us close, O loving friend,
Stay always within.

We rose as one, sang as one,
That glory or defeat,
All cease to matter now,
When we are at His feet.

On we sand and on we sang,
And tears filled our eyes,
We stood as one, spoke as one,
And looked up to the skies.

And lo behold, the wonder now,
Drops of rain did fall,
The blessings of His Mother showered,
For She had answered His call.

 And for each, a single drop,
Of pure, clean rain,
Signalled the end of sorrow and strife,
An end to sin and pain.

And at the end, a simple smile,
Lit up His loving face,
As Bapu watched His children receive,
His Mother’s eternal grace.

 || Hari Om||

|| Shri Ram ||

|| I am Ambadnya ||

Published at Mumbai, Maharashtra – India

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  1. No words to describe the poem. It catches all the emotions shraddhavan went through. Ambadnya

  2. Hari Om. Samirdada ,I am Ambadnya for sharing such a nice poem by a yound doctor Arnavsinh Tongaonkar. Really he has expressed each shraddhavans feelings in very apt manner. We have experienced exactly our SamirDada’s words that though we were in crowd , we were alone with HIm and only HIm at that moment. Our BAPURAYA has given us tremendous treasure which is just beyond imagination. This PREMYATRA has given introspection to each and every shraddhavan who have attended. almost every shraddhavan is having same feeling that though the Mahastasang is over , but PREMYATRA is never ending ,actually it has started now in every one’s life, in his mind, in his Pradnyai.e. Buddhi. We are AMBADNYA at the Lotus feet of AADIMATA and Samasta CHANDIKAKUL who gave us our PRAMATMATRAYI – BAPU , AAI and DAU and we wish to be AMBADNYA throughout our lives at their feet.

  3. Hari Om Dada ! I read this poem, and believe me…tears rolled out of my eyes…Arnavsinh has once again brought all my emotions and memories of Nhau Tujhiya Preme alive ! The poem not only talks about Arnavsinh’s love for his Lord; our beloved Bapu, but is a perfect mixture of the feelings of all we Shradhavans, which have been complied so nicely in simple words. Shreeram to you for publishing this poem and Shreeram to Arnavsinh for taking efforts in writing such a beautiful poem.

  4. AMBADNYA ! Dada for sharing such a lovely word touching poem,while reading unknowingly tears ran down the eyes,Few lines like”And gathered we to ……. to revel his love.” “, All the while, He smiled his smile,
    For He knew that each one,
    Though in the crowd, was alone with Him,
    Each His daughter and son.

    And as we sang, each wondered more,….” AMBADNYA !
    NAHU (Nhau Tujhiya Preme) is so special because everything at same time same feeling same emotions towards our (My P,P BAPU) each and every person every crowd of all age group sharing in there own way own language own feeling ,With lots of efforts of IT Group around the world all amazing , The day was to be written in GOLDEN WORDS.
    AS P.P.AAI says AMBADNYA is the only word to say to express.

  5. Hariom,
    Beautiful Poem
    Inspired by this, I just tried one,
    please correct if there is any mistake…

    In his love we bathe
    In his love we bathe

    Each word of saints
    is drop of rain,
    The music I Wonder
    was clouds’ thunder,

    With Bapu’s grace,
    our lives are glowing
    drenched completely,
    with showers loving

    Bapu is sun,
    his blessings sunlight,
    His leelas are colourful rainbow
    with shades of Truth, Love & Joy

    He is Ocean of Love,
    So huge, so vast…
    Still we can find him,
    residing in our little hearts

    He is always with me,
    my friend, my father
    In His Love We Bathe,

    Shri Ram,
    Roopaliveera Kadam

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