Homoeopathy Seminar Attended by P.P. Bapu

Hari Om Dear Friends,

Today P.P. Bapu attended the National Seminar – 2012 organized by HAHNEMANNIAN HOMOEO FORUM – ASHA at Ramada Inn, Powai, Mumbai.

Aniruddha_Bapu, Homoeopathy Seminar
P.P. Bapu attended the National Homeopathy Seminar – 2012
Aniruddha_bapu,Homoeopathy Seminar
P.P. Bapu attended the National Seminar – 2012
Aniruddha_Bapu, Homoeopathy Seminar
P.P. Bapu attended the National Seminar – 2012


Homoeopathy Seminar
P.P. Bapu attended the National Seminar – 2012

Published at Mumbai, Maharashtra – India

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  1. Hari om Dada, Shreeram for sharing this event. Whatever Bapu decides to do, he does with full commitment, this is what it indicates. A learning for all of us. Lucky participants… got chance to meet Bapu. Shrreram Once again.

  2. See the most sucessful Medical Practioner giving honour to the founder
    of another medical branch. The most sucessful medical practiöner has
    shown this to the entire world that AAP JITNE BADE HOTE HO,UTNE
    JYADA VINAMRA HOTE HO. I salute Dr. Joshi for setting such a
    excellant unique example of professional ethics,gratitudeness and
    respect towards the founder of Homeopathy. We have seen our beloved
    bapu in various roles like he is a great father,great teacher,great actor
    and most important, a great human being. I was not at all surprised to
    see Dr. Joshi in this role. Because i know some people who have seen
    bapu in medical seminars,conferences and many more. Bapu is known
    for his most friendly nature and deep knowledge in any field. He is just
    more than an INDIAN IDOL.. I am highly impressed with the way BAPU
    participated in this conference. Great respect for you Dr. Aniruddha Joshi .

  3. Shreeram Dada for sharing the photographs of the National Seminar attended by Param Pujya Bapu at Ramada Inn, Powai on 12/10/2012. As always, Param Pujya Bapu's photographs is a visual treat to the eyes. Shreeram

  4. HARI OM DADA. Shreeram for giving us updates of Bapu's visit. It gave immense pleasure to see BAPU visiting conference and unveiling a book, Applied Mind, at the conference today.

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