Heartiest Congratulations on Success of Mangalyaan

On behalf of all the Shraddhavan friends of Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu,I heartily congratulate Indian Space Research Organisation and all its personnel for achieving epochal success in Mission Mangalyaan.

Mangalyaan also known as Mars Orbiter Mission is India’s maiden mission to Mars.

_70786038_indian_mars_mission_624It is incredible that a day before the launch of the mission i.e. on 5th November 2013, ISRO Chairman K. Radhakrishnan had himself placed a scale model of the launch vehicle, the PSLV-C25, at feet of Lord Balaji in Tirumala temple. Such a graceful and pious gesture of belief and devotion at the feet of the Lord was indeed awarded accordingly.

The success of India’s Mars Orbiter Mission affectionately also called MOM brings India into an elite club of Mar explorer nations, others being only the United States, Russia and the European Union.

Getting a spaceship successfully into Martian orbit is no easy task. More than half the world’s previous attempts, 30 out of 51, have been a failure.

Since the launch of mission on 5th November 2013, polar rocket from spaceport Sriharikota off Bay of Bengal, about 80 kilometres northeast of Chennai the mission has travelled an incredible distance of over 650 million or 65 crore kilometres that too in just about 9 months.

At just Rs. 450 crore, ISRO’S Mars mission is the cheapest so far so far in the world. Interestingly yet paradoxically the fuel costs of this space mission actually is lesser than that required to travel by vehicles in cities these days.

isro_control_room_official_02The mission aims to study the Mars’ surface and mineral composition and scan its atmosphere for methane, a chemical associated with life on Earth. Thus it will help determine past existence of life on Mars. The payload also includes Lyman-Alpha Photometer to measure the relative abundance of deuterium and hydrogen from Lyman-Alpha emission; Mars Colour Camera to capture images and information about the surface of Mars and its composition; Mars Exospheric Neutral Composition Analyser, a spectrometer; and Thermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometer to map surface composition and mineralogy of Mars.

Once again feeling proud to be an Indian!!! And again I would like to congratulate all those personnel or and organizations who have been directly or indirectly part of Mission Mangalyaan.

                             ll Hari Om ll ll Shriram ll ll Ambadnya ll

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  1. We are proud for the Mars Orbiter Mission, being the SCI (The Shipping Corporation of India). As an employee and one of Share Holder of SCI I am very happy and proud for this movement.

    Two our Offshore vessels “SCI-NALANDA” and “SCI-YAMUNA” whicha are Charted by ISRO since 01.08.2013 onwards for a period of Approx 5 months, played significant role in the collection of data and the successful launch of orbiter. The two Offshore vessels had sailed from Visakhapatanam on 15.09.2013 after installation Satellite tracking and communication equipment by ISRO, DRDO and Indian Navy. These tw ships also carried Scientists from ISRO, DRDO and Indian Navy personnel on board for this special Mission. Both these vessels were positioned suitably in the South Pacific Ocean (approximately 17000 KM from India) to track the crucial separation of the 3rd stage and the ignition of 4th stage of the rocket which occurred approximately 20 mins after Lauching at 1438IST on 05.11.2013. The efforts made by our Ship Staff of SCI-NALANDA/SCI-YAMUNA and our SCI Offshore team who worked relentlessly supporting the maiden “Mars Orbiter Mission”….courtesy by SCI Annual Report year 2013-14

  2. It is more commendable as it was done in fraction of cost of the same by NASA.

    One more achievement which went unnoticed is that Mr.Abhas Mitra, a theoretical physicist at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Mumbai has written paper proving that black holes cannot exist as it violated quantum physics. He has been saying since 2000 , but when Stephen Hawkings said the same, the whole world jumped up. The report from Times of India is produced below :

    A new paper released late last month in which famed British physicist Stephen Hawking contradicts his own theory and says that Black Holes – in the real sense – do not actually exist has startled the world science community.

    But Abhas Mitra, a theoretical physicist at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Mumbai, is not at all surprised. “I said more than a decade ago that the Black Hole solutions found in Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity actually correspond to zero mass and are never formed. This implies that the so-called Black Holes candidates must be Grey Holes or quasi-Black Holes,” Mitra told IANS. “Hawking is saying the same thing now.”

    Mitra’s papers, published in peer reviewed journals since 2000 – that still remain unchallenged – maintain that there can be objects in the universe that are quasi-static or “eternally collapsing” but not exactly Black Holes. “This work was largely ignored by mainstream physicists as well as the media while Hawking’s recent two-page online paper saying exactly the same thing has become hot international news,” Mitra noted.

    He said this happened even though several American astrophysicists verified his prediction that such quasi-Black Holes must have strong magnetic fields unlike the real Black Holes, adding that even Harvard University issued a press release to this effect in 2006.

    A Black Hole, according to its proponents, results from gravitational collapse of a massive star after it runs out of fuel for nuclear fusion. A Black Hole is all vacuum except for an infinitely dense central point called “singularity,” Mitra said.

    As the theory goes, a Black Hole is surrounded by an imaginary boundary called “Event Horizon” that shuts everything within, allowing nothing – not even light – to escape. An object crossing the Event Horizon gets forever trapped and crushed at the singularity, destroying all the information about the object as well. This directly conflicts with the laws of quantum physics that say information can never be completely wiped out. This is the Black Hole “information loss paradox”.

    The Black Holes also pose a “Firewall Paradox” which arises from the claim that Event Horizon, under the quantum theory, must actually be transformed into a highly energetic region, or firewall, that would burn any approaching object to a crisp. Although the firewall obeyed quantum rules, it flouted Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, Mitra said.

    Hawking’s latest paper attempts to resolve the Firewall Paradox by proposing that gravitational collapse produces only an Apparent Horizon but not an Event Horizon that is the hallmark of a true Black Hole. He said the absence of Event Horizons means there are no Black Holes in the sense they are usually visualized.

    Mitra said he has shown before that there can be no Event Horizon by using the classical theory without invoking uncertain quantum physics as Hawking has done.

    In fact, in a series of peer reviewed papers, Mitra has shown that no true Black Holes can ever form. The so-called Black Holes observed by astronomers are actually radiation pressure supported Eternally Collapsing Objects (ECOs). These balls of fire are so hot that even neutrons and protons melt there and whose outward radiation pressure balances the inward pull of gravity to arrest a catastrophic collapse before any Black Hole or ‘singularity’ would actually form.

    “Incidentally, our Sun is also a ball of fire hot enough to melt atoms,” Mitra noted.

    “Thus, the realization that there can be no true Black Holes and the so-called Black Holes are actually ECOs resolve both the Information and Firewall paradoxes,” Mitra said.

    “Hawking has now arrived at the same conclusion from tentative arguments while our results are based on exact calculations and were published in a series of peer-reviewed papers over 13 years ago,” Mitra added.

  3. Hari Om. The ISRO is an unique organisation in our country. Full of talent, its skilled workforce works with dedication towards furthering the objects of the organisation. There is tremendous job satisfaction. There is superb management. There is joy and celebrations. There is nil or minimal governmental/political interference. It has earned an envious global reputation for cost-effective delivery. Imagine if the entire country was to benefit from several ‘ISRO’s in the manufacturing and service sector. Our India would certainly become a global power, not that it should be our sole aim but we have the potential for it. I am reminded of Ram Rajya, of which Bapu has spoken so much about and is going to bring about. This is a step in that direction. Ambadnya

  4. Hari Om

    Indeed a sense of pride fills in every Indian’s heart. A major milestone in the space program. Dada, you have mentioned a key point about the ISRO Chief seeking Balaji’s blessings for the mission. Whilst the scientists put in the best of their efforts, success can not be achieved without His blessings. As ultimately everything happens as per His will.

    Time to celebrate as well as time to express gratitude to the Scientists and the Supreme Power.


    Sandeep Mahajan

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