Heart-filling responses from my fellow Shraddhavan – 3


Another set of heart-filling responses from my fellow Shraddhavan as under:

1. Anitaveera and Rajeevsinh Mujumdar
Dubai Upasana Kendra

The mega Satsang Nhau Tujiya Preme… (WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!!) .was the most overwhelming, humbling and awesome experience anyone could have experienced. The repertoire of bhakti songs composed by Adyapipa, Dr. Yogindrasinh Joshi, Meenatai Dabholkar etc… were very melodiously and marvelously presented by the musicologist.  The singers started with an invocation which was very soulfully sung, and that was the beginning of the enriching journey. The programme had the best group aesthetics in the sense that each singer was equal in the group, and all of them were collectively and seamlessly lost in the soulful music while presenting their feelings through the songs they were singing in our P.P. Bapu’s praise.

The enriching journey that Gaurangsinh Wagle took us through that evening letting us peek into the bhaktiganga through the soulful voices of the singers, and the extremely melodious and harmonious music will always remain with each and everyone who experienced this repertoire of nectar.  The programme had an inspiring introduction by Gaurangsinh preceded by soulful devotional songs that set the right tone for spiritual enrichment for everyone present.  Keeping the narrative simple and straightforward, the prologue of every song that Gaurangsinh gave came straight from the heart, and was stirringly simple posing no incomprehensible barriers for anyone.   The memories right from 1997 (that’s from when I bowed to Bapu’s lotus feet for the first time) were made fresh with the songs , and made me re-live all the beautiful memories, reminiscences and instances I experienced.

The satsang was a complete emotional, intellectual and spiritual surrender of the ardent shishyas to our beloved Bapu through their lyrics and the music. This bhakti ganga was undoubtedly one of the most memorable tributes I have witnessed over the web to our benevolent, compassionate and adorable Bapu. 

The close-ups of P.P. Bapu, Aai and Dada throughout the web transmission was a visual treat that made me feel like flying the distance and perching myself instantaneously at the Dr. D Y Patil Stadium. However, I can only consider myself too fortunate, and thank Pujya Samir Dada for spearheading such a flawless and perfect visual treat for all the unfortunate who could not make it for the mega satsang due to commitments of whatever nature.

It was wonderful to see the overflowing crowd that filled the D Y Patil stadium to capacity, bhaktas singing and being in unison in the devotional melody waiting eagerly to experience each and every devotional song with passion, gusto and zest. It was a magnificent and marvelous feeling to see all those present follow in chorus with great devotion and enthusiasm. Divine vibrations pervaded the entire atmosphere and the devotees experienced Bappa’s, Aai’s and Dada’s graceful presence.  It is said that when one sings alone the heart is merged in the song but when many sing together it acquires a divine power.  The emotions and sentiments that reflected on our  Bapu’s and Aai’s faces only oozed their incessant, eternal and infinite love that they shower on each one of us. Bappa, Aayi and Dada: the awesome trinity.  Words fail to express my feelings and love when we all got to witness the love and respect between them for each other.  Dada your sweetest gesture was when you asked Bappa to take off his shades as Bappa never realized when it was dusk as it got dark because he was so immersed in the love of all of those present.  Aai you became one with us when you sang with all of us and was equally excited and drenched in his love.  Your motherly feelings were paramount when you got emotional.  Bappa you cheered, applauded, cried within and enjoyed all those emotions that you were drenching us in your love.  Love you very much is such an understated expression, I wish I could find something more to express myself.

As the programme came to a close everyone returned home carrying the elevated, uplifted and sublime mood created by the atmosphere at the satsang.  The joy and peace that each one derived at the venue still lingers in the heart.  All those present on a hot May day returned home drenched with his bhakti and love.  Bapu had promised to drench all his loved ones and he also ordered the heaven to shower everyone with rain that evening that is the power of his love… Nahu Tujiye Preme… Was a promise he kept…


2. Shruti Bhate (English translation)

“Nahu Tuzhiya Preme” was the happiest and most memorable moment of each Individual’s  life. Just like Sameerdada mentioned we all experienced the same thoughts while hearing the abhang – How did we come to Bapu, When did we come , What was my bhaav then, How much happy was and is this journey with my Bapu Aai Dada, the positive changes taken place in me, how I came closer and closer towards my Bapu Aai Dada.  While hearing “Saanj velechya wareya” and looking at Aai, one really felt that only SHE can love so much and we , HER daughters , can with an open mind share with HER all our joys and sorrows.

While hearing “Tuzha Charanachi Dhool”, I was reminded of the Charan Sparsh I got during the Jaggannath Utsav and eyes filled with tears, rather they were tears of joy… Like this each abhang was bringing sweet memories of beautiful experiences.

But I realized that somewhere I do lack in Bhakti and even then Bapu Aai Dada are always present with me, helping me out of every problem and difficulty and looking at me with eyes full of love and joy.

Each abhang of “Nhau Tuzhiya Preme” brought different unique moments for everyone.

We really felt ourselves very lucky to watch the love of Bapu Aai Dada. Even if we make mistakes, are tired and exhausted THEY are always behind us to shout at us, support us and lovingly caress our back. ..

And the last drizzle  said it all.
Keep me always at your feet and I am Ambadnya.

Hari Om

Published at Mumbai, Maharashtra

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    ” Nhau tujhye Preme “May 26, 2013 a great day to be remembered for a life time by all Bapu devotees.
    Listening to each abhang was a divine experience by itself. Each musician played his instrument to perfection. Be it the harmonium, sitar, violin, flute, tabla, pakhawaj, shehnai and the other instruments. Moreover the music system was just superb. Compering and Music Direction was excellent.
    The singers sang like they had directly descended from heaven to sing the devotional songs.
    While listening to each of the 52 abhangs one could feel the positive vibrations within the body.
    We were taken to a different world by itself. It was not a “lehar” but a “tsunami” of abhangs.
    Please let us have a CD of all the devotional songs as a memory of this great day.
    One day, each one of us will be able to tell our children and grand children that we were there along with Bapuraya, Nandamata and Suchitdada for the devotional programme on May 26, 2013.
    Samir Dada thanks for all your efforts.
    Jaywant Prabhu

  2. Nhau Tujhiya preme Aniruddha premsagara…’.Mega Satsang’ is a never ending programme which will continue in the heart of every shraddhawan who loves Bapu ! By the grace of our beloved Bapuraya we got chance to see and listen the whole programme in the Padamashree D Y Patil Stadium .We were waiting for this mega event since longtime like a chatak bird … and the final day arrived to colour us in the colour of love of our Bapu Aai and Dada ! What an event ! There are no words to express my feelings regarding this awesome show !
    We reached at the venue at 11a.m.Inspite of the heat and the sunlight everyone was seated on his assigned seat to relish the moments.All the shraddhawans were well prepared to face the heat and sunlight ,they were equipped with water bottles ,sun goggles,hats.wet tissues,umbrellas as guided by Sameerdada in advance .More than 45000 shraddhawans were watching the programme live and others on internet online along with india, 34 countries were watching this mega event .As we had entered in the venue as per the maps given to us in advance for our convenience,we easily reached to our seats.What an arrangement ! Many shraddhawan volunteers were helping all of us by giving annapurna prasadam,candies,water,drinks etc.We entered in the stadium seeing Bapu’s huge cutouts welcoming us.Adyapipa,Choubal Ajoba,Meenavaini and Sadhanatai’s huge pictures made our heart filled with exicitement as we were going to listen their abhangs for our beloved Bapu.
    We all enjoyed Bapu’s rasyatras of Pandharpur,Shirdi,Akkalkot,Goa,Avadhoot Chintan ,etc and immersed in the love of Bapu Aai and Dada.We were mesmerised to see the big LED screens on many sides,huge speakers,sound system,cameras etc and were realising the great efforts taken by our organization ,Sameerdada and the whole IT team along with all the other teams who were involved in making of this mega show .As soon as Bapu Aai and Dada came on the stage we all forgot the heat and sun as our wait was over ! Our ocean of love ,our Bapu had come with Nandai and Suchit dada .The programme started with Vijymantra with awesome compereing by Gaurangsinh,who was expressing every shraddhawans emotions through his voice.Bapu greeted all the singers and the musicians and all the shraddhawans.The long awaited mega Satsang started with one after another our favourite abhangs and we started getting immersed in the ocean of our beloved Bapu.’Hasala majha dev…pusshpa umalale je majhe,Nam gheta ura poti bramha,Shyamal sundar,sai mange don nani,Bapula majhya premachi tahan,sadgurudaricha ahe ho mi shwan,Sawala sundara sundar rupdyancha…and many more abhangs,we could see Bapu Aai and Dada’s expressions of love,sadness,happiness on the big screens,which made us feel the same….We also cried to see Guddu (Bapu’s pet dog) in Bapu’s lap in the abhang …sadguru dari cha ahe ho mi shwan…and felt sad to see Aai crying and Bapu consoling her..even Bapu and Suchitdada were sad…for Guddu.We could relate our feelings with our paramatmatryee. Yuge Yuge mi vat chalalo fakta Tujha Bapu…Tula soduni jau kuthe mi ..Tuz vin maj koni nahi…abhang sung by Yogndrasinh made all of us cry .But we all could not stop dancing on our place after hearing the abhang ‘Sawala sundara sundar rupdyancha…bhala dandaga mard maratha koriv lavanyacha…Bapu Aand Dada also shared their happiness along with us by cheering all of us !
    We were feeling this show to keep on going as we all were singing along all the abhangs along with the singers and alongwith Bapu, Aai and Dada ,who were singing all the abhangs. We all were in the paradise ! But time does not wait for anyone and the time of finale of the show came near.We all stood for the emotional prayer..’.sab saunp diya hai jeevan ka sab bhar tumhare hatho me’….and this mega event came to an end. As soon Bapu Aai and Dada cheered all of us and were going inside ,a miracle happened from the heaven above…it started drizzling and we all shraddhawans felt the raindrops on them.Bapu litrerally made all of us wet in his love,’Themb ek ha pura awaghe nhanaya…Bapu made this line true !
    We all came home getting wet all over in Bapu’s love and humming the abhangs of our Bapu…hats off to the whole organising team, Samirdada, Swapnilsinh and all the singers musicians,volunteers and special congratulations to our Bapu Aai and Dada ! We are Ambadnya ! Nhau Tujhiya preme will always be on and on in our hearts !Ambadnya .

    Anjanaveera Sandeepsinh Mahajan
    Muscat,Sultanate of Oman

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