गुरुपौर्णिमा – २ (Gurupournima 2)

रात्र होत आली तरी सद्‌गुरु बापूंच (अनिरुध्दसिंह) दर्शन घेणारी गर्दी काही संपत नव्हती. अनेक भक्त सद्‌गुरुत्त्वाच प्रतिक असणार्‍या त्रिविक्रमाचं पूजन करुन दर्शनाला येत होते. अस सर्व सुरु असताना शेवटी आरतीची वेळ झाली. सर्व प्रथम बापूंनी (अनिरुध्दसिंह) त्यांच्या गुरुंची (करवीता गुरु – श्रीगुरुदत्त) आरती केली. या आरतीच्या वेळेस मात्र माझे सद्‌गुरु पूर्णपणे ’भक्ताच्या’ भूमिकेत शिरतात व आरती करताना तेव्हढेच भावविव्हळ होतात. बापूंच्या (अनिरुध्दसिंह) आरतीतील ’आर्तता’ बापूंच्या (अनिरुध्दसिंह) चेहर्‍यावरील भावांवरुन समजून येते. खरच भक्त म्हणून पण कस असावं हे बापूंकडेच (अनिरुध्दसिंह) बघून शिकता येतं. 
English Version:
It was quite late in the night but the crowds were still pouring into a place already swarmed with people waiting for Sadguru Bapu’s (Aniruddhasinh) darshan. Many arrived for the darshan after offering poojan to the ‘Trivikram’ – the representation of the principle that is the Sadguru. And soon it was time for the aarti. To begin with, Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) offered the aarti to His own Guru (the Master – Shreegurudatta). Every time that my Sadguru does so, He enters into the role of a ‘bhakta’, an ardent bhakta overwhelmed with intense love, His heart full with bhakti for His Guru. The intense love, the longing, the ache in Bapu’s (Aniruddhasinh) heart (the ‘aartata‘ in the ‘aarti’) reflects on His face – it is so evident. Truly, how ought a bhakta to be – that is what we learn from observing Him – even that..

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  1. Indeed Dada!! How ought a bhakta to be? Need I turn to any other source but my Bapu to groom myself? Observing the Sadguru – my Bapu is not just education, it is JOY. Oh yes Bapu guides – not just with words, He guides through deeds – His own deeds.
    I was quite close to the stage and feel so blessed that I could see the love on Bapu's face while He offered the aarti to His guru….just like I saw the love on my Sadguru Bapu's face for thousands of bhaktas taking darshan and of course also the love on these thousand faces for their dearest Bapu. Hari om.

  2. Shreeram dada….we are imagining the missed part of that “Golden Day” from you…truely blissful…….it's a real treat to go through your blog everyday……we can achieve immense knowledge from you…Shreeram

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