The Golden Train’s Tunnel – PART 1

There were still a few days remaining for the World War 2 to end. A train ran through the darkness of the night towards the city of Walbrzych in Poland. The train, unstoppable, ran ahead by leaving a trail of thick plume of smoke behind it. It did not halt at any station as it was expected to stop only at Walbrzych. The Nazi soldiers were ready to shoot those who tried stopping the train. The rifles and cannons carried by the soldiers were enough to retort to the enemies. All the preparations were completed for welcoming the golden train at the Walbrzych station.


A family that resided right next to the station was evacuated so that no soul could get a hint of it. This is why every person who was in the train and the ones who were waiting to receive were assured of the fact that no one gets to know anything, anytime.


Golden Train
Tedeusz Slowikowski

Tedeusz Slowikowski is receiving life-threatening calls since the year 2003. The threats he is getting since the past 12 years aren’t futile. Slowikowski’s dog was poisoned and killed. His phone calls are tapped too. Slowikowski is now 85 years of age. He doesn’t have any enmity towards anyone nor does he have any property disputes. Who can have the intentions to threaten or kill such an aged person? But Tedeusz Slowikowski too is certain about the threat calls and the fact that there are people who want him dead. He can save his own life, but for that he needs to give up on the task he has undertaken midway. This is why he is reluctant. He has sacrificed his entire life for this reason.


Golden TrainBreathing his last, the old man gathered all his energy and spoke. “We were taking the train to Walbrzych 70 years ago. We were being followed by Russia’s ‘Red Army’. But our train made up till Walbrzych. Our train entered the tunnel made in Walbrzych. This tunnel was built specially for this train. Instantaneously, we covered the tunnel and exited Walbrzych. Now, there wasn’t any threat to the tunnel train filled with gold. The train still rests there today.” stating this, the former Nazi soldier breathed his last.

People were astonished after hearing this extraordinary tale.  They were wondering whether such a train still existed in Walbrzych. Indeed, could there be a train filled with gold in Walbrzych? This question came to their mind. This Nazi soldier had confessed before he died that there wasn’t meager, but more than a hundred tonnes of gold in the train.

Does the train containing gold lay buried by the Nazi soldiers in the tunnel still exist? Nobody has received any answer to this question. A historian named Tedeusz Slowikowski is trying to find the answer to this question since many decades. He is not successful yet. But “if investigated more in this matter, then you may lose your life”; he has been receiving such threats from the ‘secret police’. Now, you may wonder, from where did this secret police cropped up in this story; let us find answers to these questions later. Instead initially, we will try to find out as to why was Slowikowski behind the train which was hidden from the history and buried in Walbrzych? and also from where did he get the information about this?

Golden Train

The starting point of this train is Wroclaw city, a trading centre situated to the west of Poland. It was considered to be a significant city by the Nazi soldiers during the Second World War. The Nazi soldiers eventually destroyed this beautiful city. They looted the wealthy Jewish merchants off their gold and antique possessions in large numbers. The Nazi soldiers left Wroclaw with their loot in 1945. This military train containing the loot went under the watchful eyes of the Nazi soldiers towards Walbrzych.

Golden TrainThe tanks and anti-aircraft guns were kept ready in the train where this wasn’t its first journey to Walbrzych. But this could surely be the last one. The tables in the war had now changed. The Soviet Russia’s ‘Red Army’, the Americans, French and the Germans had started surrounding the Nazi soldiers in Poland, all at the same time. The ‘Red Army’ began to enter Poland. The Nazi soldiers immediately started off to Walbrzych so that the ‘Red Army’ wouldn’t put their hands on the gold.

The Nazis could have taken this train to Germany too. But, this longer route could have proven dangerous, as the Allied Powers had thrusted towards the northern part of Germany. This is why it was decided that the train will be halted in a forest at Walbrzych rather than taking it to Germany. There was no risk once the train would reach Walbrzych since all the preparations were made to bury the train. 

To be continued…


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