The emergence of Russia-China power-duo

Relationship between Russia and China at its best, claims CEO of Russia’s ‘Sovereign Fund’

Russia-China powerMoscow: “China has become a very important strategic partner for Russia. Currently, the relationship between Russia and China is at the best level in our history,” said Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the Sovereign Fund of the Russian Government. Six months ago, the Russian Government had clarified that the bilateral relations between Russia and US were in their worst period since the end of the Cold War. On this background, such a statement from a senior official of the Russian Government on their relations with China is noteworthy.

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China’s progress in space is advancing five times faster than the US, claims Air Force general

Washington: In next decade, China would achieve supremacy over space and operationalize with defense capability claims senior officer of the US Air Force. Lieutenant General Steve Kwast, commander of Maxwell Air Force Base warned that China’s progress in space technology is currently advancing five times than that of US. Lt. Gen Kwast has expressed concern that the US is not progressing enough and even the policies are not aggressive enough. 

Russia-China power

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Russia deploying ‘Cyber Plan’ to achieve second Scottish independence referendum, warns senior US senator

Cyber-Plan , Russia-China powerWashington/ London: Senior US Senators have warned that Russia has deployed a ‘cyber plan’ for achieving the second referendum concerning the Scottish independence. Previously, 55% of the Scottish people had voted against Scotland being independent of Britain. However, after Britain’s decision for making an exit from the European Union was made in 2016, the local Scottish leaders have indicated that another Scottish Independence referendum may take place.

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China’s ambitious ‘One Belt One Road’ project hits a roadblock, Claim Analysts

Beijing: Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ‘One Belt One Road’ project a part of his ambition to make China a superpower, seems to have hit roadblocks as claimed by a few analysts. President Xi Jinping had announced this project about four years back and since then many Chinese companies have aggressively invested and initiated projects in many countries. However, many of these projects have faced challenges which have reduced the overall chances of success of the ‘One Belt One Road’ project.

one belt one road - Russia-China power

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