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QUAD cooperation to strengthen in the space sector, ISRO space projects with US, Japan and Australia

Bengaluru: – Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will be increasing cooperation with the QUAD partner countries. India, the United States, Japan and Australia are working on various space projects. These include the Nisar Satellite project of ISRO and NASA and Moon mission of ISRO and Japan.

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Anti-China tactics of QUAD will not succeed against China, warns Chinese foreign ministry

Beijing: China has delivered a discourse to QUAD, ‘Countries should not form groups and factions, falling prey to the Cold War mentality and ideological biases. It will be better to make efforts for regional peace through unity.’ 

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Quad leaders warn China through first meeting

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed confidence by saying, ‘The QUAD association, who is thinking about the vaccine for Coronavirus, climate change and newer technology, is maturing now and emerging as power for global betterment.’ 

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India seeks courtship with QUAD; become a negative asset for BRICS, SCO: China’s mouthpiece Global Times

Beijing: While the first meeting of QUAD leaders is being held, China gave a cautious reaction. The Chinese foreign ministry expressed hope that the cooperation between the countries should not be targeted against a third country.

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Indian Defence Minister and US counterpart hold bilateral talks

New Delhi: US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin has said that India is the mainstay of the United States’ policies for this sector. Secretary of Defence, Austin underlined this during bilateral talks with the Indian Defence Minister. 

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UK to expand cooperation with India over Indo-Pacific

New Delhi: – The QUAD countries have concurred to cooperate in the Indo-Pacific sector to stop the Chinese expansionist activities. Indications of this cooperation becoming more comprehensive are being received after the meeting between the leaders of India, the United States, Japan and Australia.

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US and Japan accuse China of destabilising Indo-Pacific

Tokyo: The United States and Japan have both agreed that ‘China’s actions in the Indo-Pacific violate international law and create instability. With its activities, China is posing a challenge politically, economically and militarily to the countries in the region and the international community.’ 

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