Conflict looms over the Mediterranean Sea

Greece to buy 18 Rafale fighters from France amid rising threat from Turkey, claims a Turkish daily

Athens: Amid growing threat from Turkey, Greece is preparing to buy new fighter jets. The Greek government is already in talks with France and is to procure 18 Rafale jets from them as per local news outlets. Out of them, eight are believed to be deployed to Greece immediately. 

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Turkey threatens UAE and European nations over the Mediterranean Sea

Ankara: Turkish President Recep Erdogan has issued a warning and said, ‘Turkey has certainly attained success in protecting its sovereignty in the Mediterranean Sea, and no one should doubt our firm resolve on that. Anyone violating our sovereignty will have to pay a heavy price.’ 

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France warns Turkey not to cross ‘red line’ in the Mediterranean

Paris: A severe reaction has emerged from France and the European Union (EU) over Turkey’s aggressive activities with respect to the exploration of natural gas in the Mediterranean Sea. French President Emmanuel Macron warned Turkey not to cross the red line in the Mediterranean Sea. 

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After threats from Turkey, UAE warplanes arrive at Greece’s Crete Island

Athens: Tensions between NATO members Turkey and Greece over energy reserves in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea have sharply escalated to military activity in the regions. President Erdogan threatened that ‘Turkey will make no concessions when it comes to protecting our sovereign rights in the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and the Aegean Sea.’

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Amid tensions over gas reserves, Greece and Turkey announce to hold separate naval drills in Mediterranean Sea

Athens/Istanbul: Greece and Turkey have announced holding separate naval drills amid tensions over oil and gas reserves in the Mediterranean Sea. On Monday, Turkey declared extending its maritime research operations by a few days. In reply to the Turkish statement, Greece declared organizing a naval exercise. However, Turkey counter-reacted by warning to hold drills as well. 

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Turkey will increase activities in the Mediterranean Sea for oil deposits, threatens President Erdogan

Istanbul: – While tension prevails over the Turkish ship, sailing near the Greece marine limits, Turkish President Recep Erdogan has issued a new threat. President Erdogan threatened that Turkey will be deploying an additional ship, in the Mediterranean Sea and will increase the scope of the campaigns for oil exploration. 

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France deploys naval frigate La Fayette & Rafale jets to Mediterranean in reply to Turkey’s threat

Paris/Istanbul: French President Emmanuel Macron announced that France had decided to fortify their military deployments in the Mediterranean Sea as Turkish activities have escalated tensions in the region. French frigate La Fayette and Rafale fighter jets have been deployed to the Mediterranean Sea.  

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