Closing the Gender Bias

ll Hari Om ll
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The day before yesterday, I happened to read an article in the Washington Post ePaper on my mobile.  There was one piece of news that grabbed my attention and took me completely by surprise.
In the United States, Augusta National Golf Club is regarded as one of the finest and best golf clubs. However, what I found shocking was that it had a closed membership policy that barred women from becoming members. Considering the fact that American society is one of the most developed and modern societies’ in the world, this was indeed a very hard fact to digest. It was only 2 days ago that this club allowed 2 women as its maiden lady members – former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore a powerful and influential banker in the US. This goes to show that inferior treatment is still being meted out to the average American woman, for whom the club is still out of bounds.
A similar situation was witnessed a few years back, when the world famous Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), where the hallowed Lord’s cricket ground is situated, finally opened its doors to women for membership. It was indeed a historic occasion, as it marked the end of more than 200 years of bias against women.

It is after looking at instances such as these that we begin to realize that differential treatment of women is not a phenomena that is confined to developing and underdeveloped countries alone; it has its presence in developed countries as well, where women continue to struggle for a fair, reasonable and equitable treatment. In the end, the picture of the modern and developed societies that we see from the eyes of a developing world is not all that rosy as it seems. 

Under the guidance of Sadguru Bapu (Aniruddhasinh), we have been fortunate to inculcate in ourselves the culture of equality among the Shraddhavaans, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or gender. Women have equal participation in every event and equal and respectful treatment is meted out to them. Widows perform the “aukshan” of their beloved Sadguru, women participate in all the pujas, yagnyas and even conduct pujas for others. Women also take responsibilities in activities such as photography and video shooting, planning and execution of various projects such as tree plantation drives, blood donation camps, AADM parade, etc.
This is possible only because we Shraddhavaans are ready to follow the path of Bhakti shown by our beloved Bapu (Aniruddhasinh).
ll Hari Om ll

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  1. Hari Om Dada,
    True indeed, Gender bias was never thought to exist in American society. But by and large an average woman has to undergo through the criteria of Gender bias in some way or the other in todays times of science and technology.
    As Bapu has always told us through his discourses that Nature has not discriminated between man and woman in terms of intelligence , abilities and creativity and that she is equally competent to a man. She is a beautiful creation of nature and can switch over to roles as and when demanded by her family and profession.
    It is regretful that in a society she is thought to be timid and weak.
    It is important for society to recollect on the winning and revolutionary works by women in the past times and the positive progressions to date.They have lived their lives for the cause of upgradation of women as well as contributed largely to the progress and development of society. Even after this Gender bias should exist then it is going to cause disharmony in the society . It will further encourage inferior treatment to women , female infanticide, discouragement , slow and restricted development of women, and much more.

    When everything in todays world and times has its cultural and ethical values diminishing, we are fortunate to have Param Pujya Bapu as our Sadguru, our guide to a right path . Under his guidance various projects for the upliftment of women led by Param Pujya Nandaai have emerged with Shraddhavan women at large being confident and capable and carrying out tasks and responsibilities in Sanstha as well. Widows performing the Aukshan of Beloved Sadguru and participating in Pujas is such a major change in the society which shows a strong support of Param Pujya Bapu, Aai and Dada to women. Shree Ram .

  2. Hari om, Dada
    yes we all shraddhavans are blessed with Akarankarunya of our Sadguru P.P.Bapu,It is his love that We womens are given equal oppurtunities in different projects and activities carried out by our sanstha and are always treated equal .
    Dada in today's world where a lady has to face gender bias in ever phase of her life.P.P. Nandai teaches us through Atmabal ,gives us strength to perform outstandingly that even if this people(Outside World) thought of keep us (Womens) out they can't do that .It is her Strength that makes us stand and face this World with more confidence and perform at each and every level.
    Hari om.

  3. Hari Om Dada ,
    Very true………. Our Bapu Aai and Mama have perfectly guided we Shraddhavan Veeras,
    Life has become really sweet .. खरच – अवघाची संसार सुखाचा केलाय माझ्या लाडक्या देवाने माझ्या बाप्पाने किती हे प्रेम किती हि आमच्यासाठी त्याची कळकळ, हे फक्त आणि फक्त तोच करू शकतो !
    Hari Om

  4. Hariom dada ,
    Gender bias is a global issue ,if it is happening in a country like America who is proud about it's cultural melange . It's sad to see the state of a country like this where women are facing discrimination. Being an Indian,I can see that along with progress in the state of women in India ,we still have to struggle in many areas. Recently a television show conducted by Amir Khan opened the eyes of all viewers regarding gender bias in India .Revolution is taking place but our society and people have to change their attitude.
    I am so proud to be a Veera of our Sadguru Bapu's family where women are having equal rights .Our beloved Nandai is working so hard for the upliftment for women through ''Atmabal classes''.She is making all the Veeras capabale of facing any crisis,making them self relient ,self confident ,brave and a winner in all aspect of life; whether she is a daughter,a wife ,a sister ,or any professional or a home maker. Param Pujya
    Nandai is making all the Veeras to learn how to have balance in all aspects of life ''Atmabal mahotsav''is an example of this . Bapu always gives so much respect to all the women. In our Bapu family even a widow is allowed to wear a mangalsutra for her safty and can perform any puja ,yagnas,aarti etc. Nandai through her own conduct teaches the right way of living to her Veeras.Hats off to Nandai for the changes in the condition of women in our Bapu family!Shree Ram .

    Anjanaveera mahajan

  5. The Closed membership policy adopted by the Augusta National Golf Club came as a shocker. At a time when in many countries, eliminating gender bias is the basis of many laws, existence of such discrimination is really disgusting.The Global Gender Gap Index introduced by the World Economic Forum in 2006 is basically a step in the right direction wherein a framework for capturing the magnitude and scope of gender based disparities and tracking their progress is done. The rankings are designed to create greater awareness among a global audience of the challenges posed by gender gaps and the opportunities created by reducing them.

    We are indeed fortunate that under the guidance of Param Pujya Bapu we have been in a position to inculcate in ourselves the culture of equality among the Shraddhavaans, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or gender. The various opportunities extended to and the activities undertaken by the women or Veeras as we proudly call them are really noteworthy and denotes the real meaning of Gender Equality or in other words the equal representation of women and men.

  6. Hari Om!
    Indeed Samirdada, Bapu shows us the way to maintain equality and respect and value every individual irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or gender. Bapu has shown us, how to discard many old beliefs, rituals and rules which only create divide in the society and were created only for a certain section to garner power.

    What I really learn by seeing Aai, Nishthaveera, Shakhambariveera, Dhrutiveera, is that a woman can maintain her feminity and female role, inspite of working, being a professional etc. A lot of women in the urban Indian setting, now give up their feminine roles, like caring for the family, since they work. They believe that they do not have any responsibility towards their home and family since they earn. And Aai shows us,how to balance work and home, beautifully.

    May we all grow, learn and prosper in the care of Aai, Bapu and Dada. Hari Om.

  7. Hari Om Dada

    Indeed very true, a disgraceful face of a developed nation. Even today in many of the MNCs, we experience that the Promotions to higher posts are denied to a Woman; merely on the grounds of being marraied and having childrens

    This is also a kind of discrimination targeting women though capable and eligible for the role

    This is a worth noting that our Sanstha gives equal opportunities to men and wome right from organising and volunteering for any major event, by allowing each of us to participate and give our best

    As far as family responsibilities are concerned I feel both men and women are equally responsible

    And undoubtedly Bapu and Aai has set us an example of, how to balance our family life with work.

    We are truly lucky to learn from the bestest parents in the world, our P.P Bapu and P.P.Aai !!!!!!!!!

    Shree Ram

  8. hari om dada!! Just happened to read this sentence on 'Women for Obama', a page run by Obama for America, President Obama's 2012 campaign. President Obama says, “I want women to control their own health choices just like I want my daughters to have the same opportunities as your sons .”
    A welcome thought indeed!!!!!!

  9. Hari Om ! Dada, It's a real Truth in many countries, that women are struggling for reasonable and equitable treatment & even womens are not having that much respect in society. But only and only in our BAPU's pariwar (& in coming Ramrajya-2025) Men and women have been considered and treated equally. Hari Om !

  10. Hari om Dada!!
    Yes indeed!! The progress and the development of a nation must manifest not only on the economic front but on the cultural front too. Its value system also must reflect its richness. It is really unfortunate that when on the one hand we see the women as part of space missions, we see blatant gender discrimination in a field like sport on the other. To learn that the club makes powerful and influential women exceptions to their rule is further distressing!
    As a woman, I find it especially regrettable.
    We will all agree that practices that stand in the way of progress or respect for other human beings or let's just simply say 'the joy in human life' need to be reconsidered.
    As part of the Bapu family, women participate in projects and activities as much as and in a way that men do too and that includes the 'Bal' skills (Indian martial arts). We are equal and we respect the difference in gender – because it is the inherent difference in the constitution of human beings and we think it is beautiful to respect 'Nature'– what we do not do, is 'discriminate'. That again is part of our 'maryada' – the value that Bapu teaches. Hari om.

  11. Hari Om and Shree Ram for the post!

    Thats the Atmabal provided to our Veeras by the Alhadini and backed by the Parmatma……


    Sandeepsinh Mahajan

  12. Very True Dada,
    Even today when we cry out loud of modernisation, urbanisation we still like to remain locked in the ancient chains of caste, creed, religion… The above example shows well that the “male dominated society thought” still prevails even in developed country like the U.S. In India, we are under a very wrong impression that we have strong social values in the developed cities and the villages lack development even in the basic human values. But this is not the entire truth which we boast of. Even today women inferiority treatment can be seen in the metros more clearly at work-places. And when we are made to face this truth we either run away or simply ignore it. Would like to mention here the efforts taken by the “Satymev Jayate” team – a weekly episode which was aired in India some time ago which made India see the bare facts. Such more efforts are required which will help us eradicate these inhuman values from our society.
    Fortunate are we that we are under the wingspan of our beloved Sadguru Bapu who has taught us equality at all levels, to respect every women. Today our sanstha handles so many functions, programs, drives wherein every Veera works shoulder to shoulder with the Sinhas. A cute example we all witnessed a few months ago – Aatmabal Mahotsav…

  13. Hari Om Dada … very true. Our Bapu Aai and Mama have perfectly guided Lady Shraddhavans (Veeras) , who grapple with everyday difficulties in their lives, still by Bapu's Grace they efficiently multitask many things.
    We cannot (and dont want to!!) imagine a single moment without our Bapu getting invloved with us.

    Also on similar lines … We think developed nations are tech frenzy in comparison to developing nations .. still so the White House operations/ administration is completely manual and outdated, as per one article posted in TOI last year.

    By Bapu's Grace we all are binded by social media, we get to learn many new things through Pratyaksha articles on Technology etc.

    Life has become really sweet .. खरच – अवघाची संसार सुखाचा केलाय माझ्या लाडक्या देवाने !

    Shriram to our dearest-est Bapuraya Aaee and both our Mamas…

    and Shriram to our beautiful Shraddhavan family .. like Paurasdada had once mentioned … “A Family that Prays Together – Stays Together”

    Hari Om

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