The Astonishing & The Peculiar

Shutdown In US - The Special, The Astonishing and The Peculiar - PART 2

Let us now go back 40 years. In the year 1974, some amendments were made to the “Congressional Budget Act” which was closely related to the financial proposal. It was because of these amendments that member of the cabinet got some powers to challenge the Financial proposals made by the President of the United States. These powers have been used extensively in these four decades. And the result of exercising

US Shutdown

Although the US has seen many Shutdowns in the earlier years, the Shutdown in the year 2013 was a different one. Around 8 lakh government employees were retrenched from their jobs due to a tiff between the President and the members of the opposition party. Almost 13 lakh employees were asked to work without pay. US which otherwise would spend millions of dollars for the war, had no money to

Bo Xilai

One cannot deny the fact that Bo Xilai scandal, the silent support he received during that time, and the formation of a new political party were sequence of events that had started a new era in China. Special Things such as filing a suit against the member of a politburo in China, keeping that court proceeding active for a long period of time, and choosing a court that was several

Bo Xilai

A severe reaction to Bo Xilai’s exit was made public by the traditional members and by the followers of Mao who were members of the ruling Communist Party of China. People began to criticize the treatment meted to Bo Xilai through various mediums of the Media. This became a huge cause of concern for the Communist Party which was united for over six decades. The ruling party began to take

Bo Xilai Scandal

In the beginning of November, a new political party was floated in China. The name of this party is “Zhi Xian Party”. In English it means “The Supremacy of Constitution”. The party has been established by a woman named Wan Zheng. She is a supporter of Bo Xilai who was shunned from the Communist Party of China which was in power then. The background for the establishment of this party

The Lost Gold of Germany! - 2

 The issue of German gold has given rise to one basic question and that is whether the Federal Reserve really has any gold left with them?Federal Reserve has claimed that it possess about 8133 tons of gold reserve which is a huge quantity. According to them this gold is stored at the places like Federal Reserve at New York, and Denver, and at US Army base of Fort Knox. However,

Gold in Germany

 Germany holds the second position in the world when it comes to gold reserves. Germany’s gold reserve stands at 3,390 tones. However 70% of it is not in Germany. The Federal Reserve of the United States holds largest stock of German gold with 1536 tones; Britain has about 450 tones while a bank in France has 374 tones. During the World War II, these gold reserves were shipped to the

Hindi Cinema: Special, Enthralling and Weird as Well! – 3

Hindi Cinema: Special, Enthralling and Weird as Well! – 3 WEIRD Hit and Run to Mollywood  Indian cinema is growing as a business.  However, in fact, cinema is an art and the epitome of art, they say.  A question has been raised if the business of film making is harming the production of good quality cinema.  Some young focused directors who concentrate on making content based, good quality cinema have

Hindi Cinema: Special, Enthralling and Weird as Well! - 2

Hindi Cinema: Special, Enthralling and Weird as Well! – 2 ENTHRALLING India’s Soft Power Along with a country’s financial capability, defence power, geographical importance, its soft power is gaining importance. A Political Analyst from Harvard University, Joseph S. Nye first introduced the concept of Soft Power. A country can set up its own image at an international platform through its unique culture, traditions, expertise from the field of sports, literature

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Hindi Cinema: Special, Enthralling and Weird as Well!              No one would know if this is a real incident or a fabricated one. In the eighties, an international competition was held in India. The medals were being given to the winners by a senior accomplished actor. An international player enquired with his Indian counterpart who the chief guest was. The international player was quite surprised