Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu

What could dare touch you if Bapu was your saviour?

– Ashok Koli, Jalgaon In the recent past, our family experienced the promise of our Sadguru – “I will save you from the jaws of death”.   We had planned to travel to Mumbai on 21st May 2010 to attend the chanting of Hanuman Chalisa at Shree Gurukshetram. I got a call from my elder sister at around 1.30 am as we waited for the train at Jalgaon railway station.

Happy New Year 2019

– Anagha Padgaonkar, Aurangabad  ‘Majsave jo Preme Yaeel, Tayache Ashakya Shakya Me Kareen’ – is one of the promises of Bapu. It is well etched on my mind. Even so, I internalized it only when I experienced it in real life. I now know that my Bapu ensures that he gives everyone whatever is apt and appropriate at the opportune time.   A bus was to leave our Kendra at

Udi sailed me through!

– Bhau Padu Kadu  It was Thursday, September 24, 2009. I returned from my morning walk, as usual, around 6 am. As I stepped out of the bathroom after my shower, I felt suffocated. Naturally, it made me feel uncomfortable. I moved under the ceiling fan. After sitting there for about 10-15 minutes, I felt much better. But an hour or so later, I felt uncomfortable again and also a


Hari Om, We are pleased to announce the launch of our website of ‘Shree Aniruddha Aadesh Pathak’. This website will provide information about the various Devotional Services that our organization undertakes, under the divine guidance & directions of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha. This website also has an online donation page which will allow Shraddhavans to make donations towards these Devotional Services. The donation is applicable for tax exemption under Section 80G.

Saraswati Poojan (Dasara/Vijayadashami)

Hari Om, During his Pitruvachan dated 10th October 2019, Sadguru Shree Aniruddha had spoken about “Yaa kundendutusharhaardhawaalaa’ prayer. Also, he had said that the details of the Saraswati Poojan that is performed on the day of Dasara at home would be shared through my blog. Accordingly, given below are the details of the poojan: Poojan Material: 1. Turmeric (haridra), kumkum, akshata 2. Niraanjan (lamp) 3. Coconut – 2 nos. 4.

सरस्वती पूजन (दशहरा/विजयादशमी)

हरि ॐ, दिनांक १० अक्तूबर २०१९ को किये हुए पितृवचन में सद्‌गुरु श्री अनिरुद्धजी ने ‘या कुन्देन्दुतुषारहारधवला’ इस प्रार्थना के बारे में बताते हुए, दशहरे के दिन घर में सरस्वती पूजन कैसे किया जाता है इसकी जानकारी मेरे ब्लॉग में दी जायेगी, ऐसा कहा था। उसके अनुसार इस पूजन की जानकारी दे रहा हूँ। पूजन सामग्री १) हल्दी, कुंकुम, अक्षता २) निरांजन ३) नारियल – २ ४) गुड़-खोपरे का नैवेद्य

सरस्वती पूजन (दसरा/विजयादशमी)

हरि ॐ, दिनांक १० ऑक्टोबर २०१९ रोजी झालेल्या पितृवचनात सद्‌गुरु श्री अनिरुद्धांनी ’या कुन्देन्दुतुषारहारधवला’ या प्रार्थनेबद्दल सांगताना दसर्‍याच्या दिवशी घरी सरस्वती पूजन कसे केले जाते याची माहिती माझ्या ब्लॉगवरून देण्यात येईल असे सांगितले होते. त्याप्रमाणे या पूजनाची माहिती खाली देत आहे.    पूजन साहित्य  १) हळद, कुंकू, अक्षता २) निरांजन ३) नारळ – २ ४) गुळ-खोबर्‍याचा नैवेद्य ५) फूले, सोने (आपट्याची पाने) ६) सरस्वती – पुस्तके आणि चित्र ७) सुपारी

Chanting of Hanuman Chalisa

A very joyful news for all Shraddhavans. Every year, the weeklong chanting (pathan) of Shree Hanuman Chalisa is held at Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram. This year, Online pathan will be held from Monday, 21st September 2020 to Sunday, 27th September 2020. Keeping in mind the multiple constraints being faced this year due to the pandemic situation, it is not possible to have the pathan at Aniruddha Gurukshetram, therefore, it has been

"The Bapu that I have known" book now available on e-Aanjaneya website in Marathi, Hindi and English

Hari Om, The book “The Bapu that I have known” which was published in 2017 is available in Marathi, Hindi and English. We shraddhavans take immense pleasure in reading this book over and over again by getting to know various facets of the personality of Sadguru Bapu. I am happy to let you know that this book is now available on e-Aanjaneya website in the form of an e-book. Accordingly,

अनिरुद्धजी की ‘ईशा माँ’

॥ हरि ॐ ॥ कुन्दनिका कापडिया अर्थात् अनिरुद्धजी की ‘ईशा माँ’ का देह आज मूलतत्त्व में विलीन हो गया। आज दिनांक ३०/०४/२०२० को भोर के दो बजे उन्होंने देह त्याग दिया और सुबह ग्यारह बजकर चालीस मिनट पर उनका अन्तिम संस्कार नंदिग्राम में हुआ। अनिरुद्धजी के दुख में हम सभी श्रद्धावान सम्मिलित हैं। । हरि ॐ । श्रीराम । अंबज्ञ । । नाथसंविध्‌ ।      समीरसिंह दत्तोपाध्ये गुरुवार, दि.