Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu


– Annasaheb Patil, Shirol We, ordinary people, believe in what we can see. However, we are unaware that the principles of Sadguru operate beyond the boundaries of this materialistic world. Due to our ignorance, we then try to test the Principles of Sadguru. We demand that he proves himself. However, he pardons such mistakes. He gives us a testimony, and then we suddenly realize that we were testing ourselves. After

gas leak

– Aruna Alai, Amalner One often reads about accidents caused at homes due gas leak or mishap with the gas cylinder. One obviously knows about the severity of such accidents and the effect. However, the shraddhavan who is narrating this incident to us was saved by Sadguru Aniruddha’s (Bapu) grace in spite of a gas leak in her kitchen. Not just that, she also prepared her breakfast, tea, her lunch

Wherever I go, you are my companion

– Anandi Ansingkar, Aurangabad Shraddhavans who are under the tutelage of one’s Sadguru would always invoke one’s Sadguru before beginning any endeavour. One requests Bapu to accompany while they step out each single time. Even if one were not to request Bapu to accompany one, he does go with his shraddhavans every single time and one experiences his presence every step up the way. My name is Anandi Ansingkar. I


– Vinaysinh Bhingarde, Mumbai The Sadguru; who creates happiness in the lives of Shraddhavan, also takes care of them during their difficult times. Shraddhavans would always vouch for the fact that he is always there with each and every one of them no matter if one is on a highway or on a road in a village. The Sadguru; who creates happiness in the lives of Shraddhavan, also takes care


– Anjali Arekar, Karjat A lady suffering from Polio with her aged parents to take care of at home, handling their ailments and those of hers as well, she is standing firm today. Where does that strength come from? Of course, one’s devotion towards one Sadguru comes in handy. It would not be possible without a solid support and help from someone. In this narration of her personal experience, one

श्री पञ्चमुखहनुमत्कवच

।। हरि: ॐ ।। ॥ अथ श्रीपञ्चमुखहनुमत्कवचम् ॥ श्रीगणेशाय नम: । ॐ अस्य श्रीपञ्चमुखहनुमत्कवचमन्त्रस्य ब्रह्मा ऋषि: । गायत्री छंद: । पञ्चमुख-विराट् हनुमान् देवता । ह्रीम् बीजम् । श्रीम् शक्ति: । क्रौम् कीलकम् । क्रूम् कवचम् । क्रैम् अस्त्राय फट् । इति दिग्बन्ध: । ॥ श्री गरुड उवाच ॥ अथ ध्यानं प्रवक्ष्यामि शृणु सर्वांगसुंदर । यत्कृतं देवदेवेन ध्यानं हनुमत: प्रियम् ॥१॥ पञ्चवक्त्रं महाभीमं त्रिपञ्चनयनैर्युतम् । बाहुभिर्दशभिर्युक्तं सर्वकामार्थसिद्धिदम् ॥​२​॥ पूर्वं तु वानरं

Happy Diwali to All

On the auspicious occasion of Deepavali, I send my best wishes to all dear Shraddhavan friends of Sadguru Aniruddha. May the festival of light bring happiness and prosperity into your lives. I pray at the Lotus Feet of Jagadamba Mahishasurmardini and Sadguru Bapu to shower Their grace and blessings on each one of you and your families at all times. ——————————– दीपावली के पावन अवसर पर, सद्गुरु अनिरुद्ध के सभी

protective shield

– Aruna Dangle A sensitive body part such as an eye; a child unknowingly plays with it and it proves costly. His parents get immensely disturbed and feel their child might lose his eyesight. However, the ever-loving grace of one’s Sadguru cures the ailment. My family and I began following Bapu in the year 1999. We used to go to the Upasana Kendra near our home. We have experienced our