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China engineered mice with 'humanized lungs' to test infectiousness viruses

Vanity Fair magazine has released an investigative report which states that Chinese military researchers engineered mice with ‘humanized lungs’ to test the infectiousness of various viruses in 2019. Gene-editing technology was used for it. The report also mentions that the investigators at the US National Security Council, researching the origins of the pandemic, have determined that the mice were created in the summer of 2019, just a few months prior

G7 nations agree on Global Corporate Tax at 15%

The rich G7 countries have agreed on imposing a global corporate tax. With it, multinational companies will face 15% taxation. The G7 group has termed it a “historic agreement”. Interestingly, UK has welcomed the deal despite many British Overseas Territories being tax havens. The UK said it is happy with the global tax reform that requires large multinational technology giants to pay their fair share of tax. Among other G7

Ahmadinejad blames Iran’s intelligence agencies for Natanz attack; UK signs trade deal with Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein

Ahmadinejad blames Iran’s intelligence agencies for Natanz attack   Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has held Iran’s intelligence agencies responsible for the attack on Natanz nuclear plant. He has also revealed that the attack cost Iran a loss of $10 billion. In his accusations, Ahmadinejad has blamed the intel agencies for using their resources to spy on people and intervene in domestic affairs rather than protecting the country’s vital installations.

'Fauci emails leak' opens a can worms; China's pandemic created a world polarised by inequality

‘Fauci emails leak’ opens a can worms    ‘Fauci emails leak’ has revealed Dr. Anthony Fauci suspected that Covid possibly leaked from Wuhan lab but preferred to cover up. Consequently, former US President Trump has pointed that he was right about the ‘Wuhan lab leak’. He has demanded China pay a $10 trillion penalty to the world for all life losses and the economy. At the same time, the email

आफ्रिका में बढ़ती हिंसा और अस्थिरता

‘डीआर काँगो’ में आतंकवादियों ने करवाये भयंकर हत्याकांड में ६० लोगों की मौत किन्शासा – अफ्रीका के ‘डीआर काँगो’ में आतंकवादियों ने करवाई भीषण हत्याकांड में ६० लोगों की मौत हुई है। युगांडा की सीमा के पास होने वाले इतुरी प्रांत के दो गांव में हत्याकांड होने की जानकारी स्थानिक सूत्रों ने दी। ‘आयएस’ से जुड़े ‘एडीएफ’ आतंकवादी संगठन में पिछले 10 दिनों में करवाया यह दूसरा हत्याकांड है। इससे पहले बेनी

China violates Malaysian airspace; Share of USD reserves with central banks globally falls to 59%

China violates Malaysian airspace   China has violated Malaysian airspace. The Malaysian air force detected 16 Chinese fighter jets flying within 60 nautical miles off their Sarawak state. This is the region where China is trying to lay its claim as per the ‘Nine-dash line’. Not only Malaysia and other countries in the region, but also the international tribunal have rejected this ‘Chinese line’. As usual, China has denied wrongdoing

Spain seeing rise of the Right-wing as economic and social problems grow; CCP insists on next Dalai Lama to be chosen in China

Spain seeing rise of the Right-wing as economic and social problems grow   Pablo Casado, the leader of the People’s Party (PP) has unveiled the ‘Vision of Centre-Right Future for Spain’. The conservative PP has promised fiscal reforms, labour market changes and simplification of governance in its vision document. PP’s popularity is rising fast. The recent win of Isabel Diaz Ayuso in the Madrid election is a pointer to the

US under Obama Spied on German Chancellor Merkel; Turkey's 'Killer Drone' attacks and kills a soldier on it own

US under Obama Spied on German Chancellor Merkel   US NSA, the technical intelligence branch of the United States, has reportedly spied on German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The NSA was assisted in the same by Denmark’s secret service, the Danish Defense Intelligence Agency. Merkel and many EU leaders, including those from France, Norway, Sweden, etc., are believed to have been tracked. Danish Broadcasting Corporation recently revealed the scandal. It dates

भगवान हमें वही देते हैं जो हमारे लिए सर्वोत्तम होता है

सद्‍गुरु श्री अनिरुद्धजी ने २० अक्तूबर २००५ के पितृवचनम् में ‘भगवान हमें वही देते हैं जो हमारे लिए सर्वोत्तम होता है’ इस बारे में बताया। जब हम, आप कोई काम करने निकलते हैं, हम क्या करते हैं? आज कोई इन्सान को जाकर मिलना है, भगवान काम कर दे अच्छा होगा। भगवान की याद की, भगवान को प्रणाम किया। काम करके आए, भगवान से, दिल से प्रार्थना की, भगवान, आपने बात

Hydrogen is emerging as preferred choice globally to cut emissions; Sri Lanka is turning into a Chinese colony

Hydrogen is emerging as preferred choice globally to cut emissions. Several countries and companies are allocating budgets for it.   – Recently, India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy said the country will spend $200 million over the next five to seven years to promote hydrogen use. Also, India has asked its PSU oil and gas companies to set up seven hydrogen pilot plants by the end of this financial