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Taliban 2-0 is moving closer to global recognition

Videos and photographs of chaos in Kabul are going viral on social media. A painful video of a couple of locals remaining clung to a flying airplane but falling off from it mid-air is enough to underline the desperation in the common Afghans to escape the Taliban rule. Contrary to it, several nations are taking positions that are at variance with respect to ‘Taliban 1.0’. European Union Even while terming

Russia-China establish High-level Cooperation amid reported Chinese Cyberattacks

Russia and China are currently undertaking a week-long joint military exercise in northwestern China. During this drill, the armies of the two countries have, for the first time, joined their command and control systems. Military experts believe that such an integration paves the way for potential Russia-China joint military campaigns against their ‘common enemies’. Moreover, there are lot many additions to bilateral relations between these two countries. Space Cooperation China

Seva Ghadli

– Madhavi Tilve The efforts I put in were as insignificant as standing up from rest Sleep is one such thing which, if one gives in, can make them lose track of time. Therefore, one needs someone who can rouse one from it and who else can do it, but one’s Sadguru? Our Sadguru lovingly accepts the responsibility of getting his children to do the right thing at the appropriate time. However, one

US ask Taliban to spare its embassy in Kabul

“The US asks Taliban to spare its embassy in the coming fight for Kabul”, read a headline in the New York Times. It appears quite clear that the superpower is urging terrorist Taliban to spare them. These words, their tone and timing speak volumes about the result of the 20-year-old US campaign in Afghanistan, especially the plan to withdraw troops from here. Surrender by Afghan troops Just yesterday, the critically

चीन के खिलाफ अंतर्राष्ट्रीय समुदाय आक्रामक

चीन की ‘बीआरआय’ योजना में मानव अधिकारों का उल्लंघन – अंतरराष्ट्रीय अभ्यासगुट का आरोप लंदन/बीजिंग – चीन के राष्ट्राध्यक्ष शी जिनपिंग की महत्वाकांक्षी योजना ‘बेल्ट ऐण्ड रोड इनिशिएटिव’ (बीआरआय) में मानव अधिकारों का बड़ी मात्रा में उल्लंघन होने का आरोप अंतरराष्ट्रीय अभ्यासगुट ने लगाया है। बीते सात वर्षों के दौरान चीन की हुकूमत ने विश्‍वभर में शुरू किए प्रकल्पों से मानव अधिकारों का उल्लंघन करने के ६७९ मामले सामने आने

Rise of Taliban is a global risk that will trouble nations and societies

US intelligence reports predict the imminent fall of the Afghan capital of Kabul to Taliban. Amid the ensuing chaos, Afghans are asking the world to #SanctionPakistan for openly aiding Taliban. But the world watches on. However, the rise of Taliban is a global risk that will trouble nations and societies badly. Taliban offensive Ever since the United States has begun withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan, Taliban has been on the

माझा विठू सावळा

सद्गुरु श्री श्रीअनिरुद्धांनी त्यांच्या १३ नोव्हेंबर २००३ च्या मराठी प्रवचनात ‘देव माझा विठू सावळा’ याबाबत सांगितले. ही चंद्रभागा म्हणजे संतांची ‘माऊली’. प्रत्येक भक्त काय म्हणतो की मला वाळू व्हायचयं, मला वाळवंट व्हायचंय. मला देवा तुझ्या पायीची वहाण व्हायचंय किंवा नामदेवांसारखा श्रेष्ठ भक्त म्हणतो की, परमेश्वरा, पांडुरंगा तुझा पाय माझ्या डोक्यावर नाही पडला तरी चालेल, पण तुझ्याकडे येणारा प्रत्येक भक्त आणि तुझ्याकडून परत जाणारा प्रत्येक भक्त हा माझ्यापेक्षा खूप श्रेष्ठ आहे

Significant geopolitical shift in Latin America

Hinting at the United States, the President of Mexico, Lopez Obrador, has demanded the ‘Organization of American States’ (OAS) to be replaced by a body that is autonomous and not subordinate to anybody. OAS is an international organization of 35 countries from the two continents of North and South America. It aims to achieve cooperation among them. The statement has highlighted a significant geopolitical shift that has taken place in

India's SAGAR Policy makes China nervous

Recently, a Qatar-based media outlet known for its anti-India propaganda raised the alarm about India allegedly building a naval base on Algalega island of Mauritius. Reports about this initiative by India have been floating in the media for quite some time. However, the clamour this time coincides with the Indian Navy beginning sea trials of its first Indigenous Aircraft Carrier, ‘INS Vikrant’. India’s entry into the elite club of nations