We are aware that every one of you is eagerly awaiting relaunch of www.manasamarthyadata.com the flagship website publishing discourses of Parampoojya Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu and the latest updates related to our Sanstha. I am happy to inform you that we have now relaunched Manasamarthyadata website. But this time it’s with a different identity and with much-awaited change and enhancements. We are relaunching the website as www.aniruddhabapu.in. Yet the older website

Indian Army Kills Terrorists Across the Border, Sends a Tough Message to Neighbours

It has been just over a year since the ‘Look East’ policy of Government of India has actually transformed into ‘Act East’. And the last five days have been an epitome in it. The Prime Minister of India went on his maiden tour of Bangladesh and sealed the much-awaited border treaty. The event was totally historic and rather awaited for last 41 years. And following this groundbreaking treaty since the

IMPERSONATING Dr. Aniruddha Joshi

Hari Om This is to inform all Shraddhavaans, that we have come across many profiles on Twitter and Facebook which are claiming to be official Profiles of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu (Dr. Aniruddha D. Joshi – MD. Medicine, Rheumatology). I would like to state categorically that, at this current moment, PP Bapu has not joined either Twitter or Facebook; hence all accounts claiming to be the official account of PP

Let us Relive the Joy - 2

It was heartening to receive wonderful responses from the readers to the special photographs of Sadguru Bapu that we have uploaded last time. Continuing ahead today we are publishing some more photographs which will create those ‘Wow!!!’ moments for all the Shraddhavans.  ll  Hari Om  ll    ll  Shriram  ll    ll  Ambadnya  ll

Let us relive the joy

Watching Bapu is as much a blessed moment as it is a joy. We receive as much joy and blessing from Bapu’s pictures and photographs as from the actual ‘darshan’. It is as much a moment of connectedness as is the ‘darshan’. In response to the wish and request of Shraddhavaans, we begin today, to post here Bapu’s photographs taken around the year 1997- 1998 and thereafter. Those who were

Live Streaming of English Translations of Parampoojya Bapu's pravachans

There are many Shraddhavaans who find it difficult to follow their beloved Parampoojya Bapu’s pravachans in Marathi and/or Hindi. Consequently, they are unable to derive as much delight and satisfaction as they would have derived, had they fully understood them. For such Shraddhavans there is good news! On every Sunday morning, the English Upasana is conducted. Now there will be live streaming of the English Upasana, followed by the narration

Shreeshwasam Utsav Memories forever...

Shreeshwasam, which all we Shraddhavaans had so eagerly looked forward to, was held between 4th & 10th of May 2015. After Parampoojya Bapu had emphasized its unimaginable importance, Shreeshwasam had become the most awaited thing for all of us. Every one of the Shraddhavaan who could participate in the festivities will, I am sure, be carrying with them a treasure trove of memories that will last far beyond this lifetime.

Launch of Website on Self Health

We all are aware that Dr. Aniruddha D. Joshi i.e. our beloved Aniruddha Bapu had delivered a lecture on 13th December 2014 on Self Health. During this lecture Bapu had spoken in-details about various foods, exercises, thoughts, etc. necessary to maintain good health. This lecture was also an eye-opener as it made us aware of the various unhealthy practises that we were following in our lifestyles. As Bapu had promised during his lecture,

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Hari om. Shreeram. Ambadnya. Let us begin by listening to the Shreesukta. The Shreesukta! A unique and wonderful gift that is part of the Vedas – a gift that as the Upanishad and the Matruvatsalya say, came to us because of Lopamudra. The Shreesuktam is the poojan (worship), it is the archan (adoration), it is a stotra (a hymn singing praises) and it is a stavan (praises), it is just