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India on a spree of Military Exercises worldwide

“The more you sweat during practice, the less you bleed in war”, is a famous military saying. Keeping with it, the militaries of the world have been conducting war drills for centuries. Over the last two months, particularly, the Indian Armed Forces have been on a spree of military exercises worldwide. These exercises are helping to augment interoperability with allies. Moreover, they are a part of Indian military diplomacy that

Largest Vaccine Drive

World’s ‘Largest Vaccine Drive’ is breaking several records and strengthening India’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic! Today, India’s daily vaccine count crossed 22 million. I have informed Dr. Aniruddha D. Joshi (Sadguru Aniruddha) about it. He lauds this achievement, saying it is ‘commendable, praiseworthy and does us proud’. His blessings are with all Healthcare workers, Government machinery, Frontline workers and all the concerned personnel. Interestingly, with this remarkable feat, India

चीन को

 ताइवान के मसले पर युरोपीय महासंघ का चीन को नया झटका वॉर्सा/तैपेई/बीजिंग – यूरोप के साथ संबंध मजबूत बनाने के लिए ताइवान ‘थ्री सीज् इनिशिएटिव्ह’ में सहभागी हो सकता है, ऐसा दावा पोलैंड के ताइवान में नियुक्त अधिकारी बार्तोस्झ रिस ने किया है। ‘ताइवान यह लोकतंत्रवादी देश होकर, उसकी अर्थव्यवस्था की भी तरक्की हो रही है। यह पृष्ठभूमि ताइवान को युरोपीय देशों का साझेदार बनाने के लिए उचित है’, इन

India-Australia hold first '2+2 Dialogue'

‘2+2 Dialogue’ or the joint bilateral meetings with the defence and foreign ministers of a highly close ally country has become a signature of Indian diplomacy. Today, India holds these dialogues only with the United States, Japan, Russia, and the recent entrant to it is Australia. First India-Australia 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue The first India-Australia 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue was held a couple of days back in New Delhi. Indian Defence Minister


Way back in 2016, futurist Thomas Frey had predicted that at least 1 billion drones would be in the world by 2030 and would affect lives in countless ways we can’t even imagine. Today, several sectors are using drones for unimaginable applications and have proven Frey’s words true. It is clear that no corporation or country can say no to drones. Consequently, in keeping with the time, India has recently

नई चुनौतियों

देश में विकसित हुआ अतिप्रगत तंत्रज्ञान दुश्मन को चौंका देगा – वायुसेनाप्रमुख भदौरिया की चीन को चेतावनी नई दिल्ली – आनेवाले समय के युद्ध में, देश में ही विकसित हुए अतिप्रगत तंत्रज्ञान का इस्तेमाल उत्तरी सीमा पर होनेवाले दुश्मनों को चौंका देगा, ऐसी चेतावनी भारत के वायुसेनाप्रमुख आरकेएस भदौरिया ने दी। ‘आत्मनिर्भर भारत’ मुहिम के संदर्भ में आयोजित एक परिसंवाद को संबोधित करते समय वायुसेनाप्रमुख ने, चीन का नामोल्लेख टालकर,

Success of Indian diplomacy and intelligence agencies across the Indian Subcontinent

The continent of Asia, especially the Indian Subcontinent, is seeing subliminal diplomatic battles between India and China. The media is full of news from Afghanistan about how China and Pakistan have indirectly come to power in this highly strategic and mineral-rich country. Many are expressing worries about threats to Indian influence and investments here. However, Afghanistan is not the only diplomatic battlefield. Maldives A week back, India and Maldives inked

Baghdad conference for cooperation and partnership - 28 Aug 2021

Iraq hosted Baghdad Summit 2021, bringing together senior leadership from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Egypt and France together under one roof. All these nations have some or other contentious issues among them. However, the summit was the crucial first step towards regional reconciliation and has set the winds of change in the region. Iraq as a regional mediator Summit’s venue, the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, clearly highlighted the


लेबनान से लाखों लोग अन्य देशों में प्रवेश करेंगे – लेबनीज अध्ययन मंडल का इशारा दुबई – लेबनान में राजनीतिक और आर्थिक संकट भयंकर हो गया है। इस वजह से लाखों लेबनीज नागरिक भागकर पश्‍चिमी या अरब देशों में जाने की तैयारी में होने का इशारा लेबनान के अध्ययन मंडल ने दिया है। इसी बीच, देश को बचाना है तो एक हफ्ते में सरकार का गठन करें, यह आवाहन लेबनान के

Pakistani nukes, if accessible to Taliban, pose a grave global risk

Finally, the last American soldier has left Afghanistan. The strategic blunder unfolding before the entire world leaves even a naive person wondering why US President Biden did not stop Taliban when he had all the military and diplomatic resources at his disposal. Maybe the $85 billion worth of weapons he has ‘knowingly’ left behind for Taliban answers it. What has the US left behind? The US weapons cache includes over