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भारत रक्षा क्षेत्र

चीन को चेतावनी देने के लिए लद्दाख की एलएसी पर भारतीय सेना का युद्धाभ्यास लडाख – पूर्वी लद्दाख में १४ हज़ार फीट की ऊंचाई पर युद्धाभ्यास करके भारतीय सेना ने चीन को अपनी क्षमता का एहसास करा दिया। लद्दाख की एलएसी पर भारतीय सेना को चुनौती देने की तैयारी कर रहे चीन ने, अपने जवानों के लिए ‘मोबाईल ऑक्सिजन गिअर्स’ यानी प्राणवायु का सप्लाई करनेवाली यंत्रणा तैयार की है। पिछले साल लद्दाख

G-20, COP26 and India

Last week, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi embarked on crucial visits to attend the G-20 (Group of 20) meeting in Italy, a bilateral visit to the Vatican City followed by the COP26 (Conference of Parties) Summit in the United Kingdom. Group of 20 The Group of 20 nations are the top twenty economies of the world. The importance of the G-20 is underlined by the facts which say

Lebanon Crisis

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain have withdrawn their envoys from Lebanon while also sending back or summoning the Lebanese Ambassador. The sudden diplomatic row erupted after Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi criticised the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen, disturbing the nations participating in the Yemen conflict. The diplomatic crisis could not have come at a worse time as Lebanon teeters towards being a failed state. Sick Economy Lebanon’s public debt


इराक और सिरिया में लष्करी कार्रवाई तीव्र करने का तुर्की का फ़ैसला – तुर्की की संसद की मंजुरी अंकारा – जल्द ही सिरिया और इराक में सेना की घुसपैंठ करवाकर लष्करी कार्रवाई तीव्र करने की घोषणा तुर्की के राष्ट्राध्यक्ष रेसेप तय्यीप एर्दोगन ने की थी। मंगलवार को तुर्की की संसद ने एर्दोगन के इस फैसले को मंजुरी दी। इससे अगले दो साल एर्दोगन सिरिया और इराक में हमले करवा सकते

President Biden confrontational approach is pushing Russia closer to China

The rivalry between the United States and Russia has been age-old and infamous across the world since the times of the Cold War. However, the previous US President Donald Trump had taken a pragmatic approach to Russia, which had resulted in reducing US-Russia tensions. Then came President Biden. In the first month of his presidency, Biden, in an undiplomatic manner, called Russian President Vladimir Putin a ‘killer’. Consequently, President Biden’s


Iran and Israel have been at loggerheads, and the confrontation between the two is only increasing. Last month, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported that Iran had augmented stocks of enriched uranium above the percentage permitted under the 2015 nuclear deal. Adding to it, Iran has announced that it has more than 120 kilograms of 20% enriched uranium. Israeli airstrikes in Syria  Israel has conducted a spree of airstrikes against

अमरीका रशिया तनाव बढ़ा (US Russia tensions escalate)

नाटो में युक्रैन का समावेश कोई भी देश रोक नहीं पाएगा – अमरिकी रक्षामंत्री का दावा किव्ह/वॉशिंग्टन – युक्रैन को नाटो में शामिल होने से कोई भी देश रोक नही सकता, यह वादा अमरीका के रक्षामंत्री लॉईड ऑस्टिन ने किया है। इस दौरान ऑस्टिन ने पूर्व युक्रैन का संघर्ष रशिया ने ही शुरू किया था, यह दावा करके इसकी शांति प्रक्रिया में रशिया ही बड़ा अड़ंगा होने का आरोप भी लगाया। युक्रैन का नाटो में

India administers over 1 billion Covid vaccines

On 17th September 2021, India had achieved an unbelievable milestone in the war against the Coronavirus. We had administered 2.5 crore or 25 million vaccines in one single day. Then, Dr. Aniruddha D. Joshi (Sadguru Aniruddha) had lauded this achievement, calling it ‘commendable, praiseworthy & one that does us proud’. Today, we as a nation achieved another significant milestone – India completed giving 100 crore vaccines overall. All this has

Second Quad: Foreign ministers of the US, Israel, UAE and India held a virtual joint meeting.

Indian External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar completed his tour of Israel and the UAE. The visit was considered crucial as it was the first high-level engagement between the two countries since new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett took office. The tour, considering its outcomes, has turned out to be successful and brought before the world new geopolitical alignments. Free Trade Agreement India and Israel have agreed to resume talks

UAE Invites India for 12th Sir Bani Yas forum to discuss connectivity from India to Mediterranean

The Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), also known as One Belt One Road (OBOR), is the global infrastructure brainchild of Chinese President Xi Jinping and is the centrepiece of his foreign policy. Under it, Beijing has invested about $843 billion in nearly 163 countries. However, as China faces increasing economic challenges at home and abroad, this initiative is declining significantly. Not only is China reducing pouring money into it, but