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The Golden Train’s Tunnel - PART 2

The Nazi soldiers were all set in a tunnel on the rail track in a forest in Walbrzych. Arrangements were done to accommodate the entire train in the tunnel. Hence, nobody would have had the faintest idea where the train actually was hidden. But, a family that lived at a stone’s throw from this spot witnessed the preparations. This family consisted of a father and his two children. Their home

Golden Train

There were still a few days remaining for the World War 2 to end. A train ran through the darkness of the night towards the city of Walbrzych in Poland. The train, unstoppable, ran ahead by leaving a trail of thick plume of smoke behind it. It did not halt at any station as it was expected to stop only at Walbrzych. The Nazi soldiers were ready to shoot those who


One of the few points of satisfaction for Tony Blair in the Chilcot Report was that it lays the blame on UK intelligence agency – MI6, for keeping secrets concealed from Blair. The MI6 spies had realised that one of its key sources was a fabricated even before the invasion. However there are evidences that senior members of the staff of Tony Blair had then warned about the intelligence report

Chilcot Report: Iraq Invasion was ‘unnecessary’! - Part 1

The much talked about ‘Chilcot Report’ published by Sir John Chilcot on 6th July 2016 found that invading Iraq was ‘unnecessary’ and was based on ‘flawed intelligence’ decided hastily before all the peaceful options were exhausted. Chilcot report is essentially a report of British public enquiry into their nation’s role in the invasion of Iraq. The enquiry was ordered in 2009 by the then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The

One of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis – Darfur, Sudan - PART 2

In 2004, the United States government evidently referred the killings of the Darfur civilians at the hands of Janjaweed as ‘Genocide’. As said earlier the United Nations termed it as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. These repeated attacks have emptied hundreds of Darfur villages and left millions stranded in the camps where their life has come to a standstill. Even for the supply of their daily essentialities of food, water,

One of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis – Darfur, Sudan - PART 1

Darfur is a region stretched at the western periphery of Sudan in Africa and is approximately the size of France. Prior to 2003, Darfur was a shelter to around 6 million people. Sudan being the third largest country in Africa was once recognized by its ethnic diversity, more heterogeneous than any other region in Africa. This statement is proved from the fact that Darfur is populated by more than a

Brexit results, Breakdown of EU – the Strength of the Masses

The news have just began to pour in about the victory of ‘Brexit Campaign’ in the United Kingdom which means UK will now no longer be part of the European Union. UK becomes sort of trendsetter in the EU as it becomes the first member nation to part ways from the powerful European Union after 43 years of being its member. In the neck to neck held national referendum, 52%

Chenab Bridge – World’s Highest Railway Bridge

Touted as the man-made wonder, the world’s highest rail Bridge is being built across Chenab River in Rasai district of Jammu and Kashmir, India. The bridge costing INR 512 crores is a part of Jammu-Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Rail Line (JUSBRL) project being undertaken by Ministry of Indian Railways. Located in a high seismic zone and a terror-prone area, barely 50 kms from LOC, the project was scrapped in 2008 because 6 years

US Drone attack on Taliban & Pakistan’s claim of breach of national sovereignty  - Part 2

Pakistani media has started to report the news of Mullah Akhtar Mansour being found on its own soil. Some concerned journalists and intellectuals fear that the incident would be used internationally to defame Pakistan and term it as state harbouring terrorists which would substantiate India’s claim. First it was Osama Bin Laden who was found and killed by Americans in Pakistan and now it’s Mullah Akhtar Mansour. Pakistani journalists are

US Drone attack on Taliban & Pakistan’s claim of breach of national sovereignty  - Part 1

The region of Afghanistan-Pakistan has been in the midst of violence for well over a decade. Lately the region has seen heated activity in which US has strongly been targeting the extremist elements on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. More than 50 Afghan police killed in two days of fighting with Taliban — FRANCE 24 (@FRANCE24) May 30, 2016 Pakistan has been complaining that the recent US drone