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China will replace US in Afghanistan after US troop withdrawal

Last week, the US troops left the Bagram Airbase, the largest US military base in Afghanistan. However, the Afghan Commander of Bagram base, Gen. Mir Asadullah Kohistani, said that the Americans left overnight without informing them. The step could be security caution exercised by the United States. However, overall, it shows the US is in a hurry to leave Afghanistan. With the US so much pressed to withdraw troops even

SIPRI reports Pakistan expanding its Nuclear Weapons program

SIPRI or Stockholm International Peace Research Institute recently released some reports about the state of nuclear weapons across the globe. One of the reports says that Pakistan is increasing its capacity to produce plutonium for use in nuclear weapons. Another SIPRI report also states that the number of nuclear weapons in Pakistan has crossed the figure that India possesses. Although India is not worried about the growing atomic arsenal of

France to continue military operations in Mali

West Africa and the Sahel region have been natural spheres of influence for France since the colonial days. However, over the last few years, France is increasingly facing threats here. Some of the recent incidents highlight this challenge. Last month, France suspended military ties and $12 million in aid to the Central African Republic (CAR). France is reportedly upset at the anti-French disinformation campaign in CAR. Moreover, it has objected

Indian Navy expands to global Blue Water Navy force

Recently, navies of India and Greece held joint naval exercises near Crete islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean is turning into a hotly contested region after Turkey has laid its illegal claims to it. The apparent reason for Turkish claims is the rich energy deposits that this water body has. Thus, organising such an exercise when Turkey is openly and tacitly helping Pakistan against India sends a strong signal

El Salvador plan of Bitcoin as legal tender in trouble

El Salvador is a Latin American nation. Famous for volcanos, the small yet thickly populated country recently became known for being the first nation to legalise Bitcoin. El Salvador uses the US Dollar as a legal tender as it is one of the few nations that doesn’t have its own currency. Before taking the Bitcoin legalisation proposal to the national assembly for approval, President Nayib Bukele wrote, “It will bring

रक्षा क्षेत्र से जुडी गतिविधियां

देेश की पहली स्वदेश ड्रोन डिफेन्स डोम सिस्टिम ‘इंद्रजाल’ विकसित नई दिल्ली – हाल ही में जम्मू के वायुसेना के अड्डे पर ड्रोन द्वारा दो आतंकवादी हमले किए गए थे। देश में पहली बार इस प्रकार ड्रोन द्वारा हमले हुए हैं। इससे सुरक्षा यंत्रणा के सामने नईं चुनौतियाँ खड़ी हुईं हैं। इस पृष्ठभूमि पर एक गौरतलब खबर सामने आई है। रोबोटिक्स क्षेत्र में काम करनेवाली ‘ग्रेन रोबोटिक्स’ इस प्राइवेट कंपनी

IMF approves usd 650 billion plan to help nations fight economic fallout of pandemic

The International Monetary Fund board has unanimously backed a proposal to create a $650 billion reserve for its member nations to help them fight the economic fallout of the pandemic. With no opposition to the plan, the final approval due next in line from the Board of Governors is more or less a formality. Once passed, it will be the biggest boost in history given by IMF to its member

India ranked tenth at the Global Cybersecurity Index

The International Telecom Union, a specialised United Nations agency responsible for matters related to information and communication technologies, has ranked India at Number 10 in the Global Cybersecurity Index. Interestingly, Pakistan and even China are behind India in the same ranking, with they placed at number 79 and 33 respectively. India’s rank comes as it took a big leap from rank 47 in 2018. Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) is a

India’s ‘offensive defence’ and China’s anxieties

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) successfully tested a new-generation nuclear-capable ‘Agni Prime or Agni P’ missile on Monday. It was a perfect test launch as the new Agni met all the mission objectives with high accuracy. DRDO has said that Agni P has a range of 1,000 to 2,000 km. Besides, it can be launched from any mobile platform like a rail or road vehicle. With it, Agni

North Korean cyberattacks breach South Korea's atomic energy institute

North Korean hackers managed to breach cybersecurity of ‘Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)’ in South Korea, reported the South Korean Ministry of Science & Information Technology. However, the ministry also said the institute had contained the attacks by halting its Virtual Private Network and blocking the attacker’s IP addresses. While investigating the matter, the attack was traced to a North Korean cyberespionage group ‘Kimsuky’, reported ZDNet, a technology news