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IMF approves usd 650 billion plan to help nations fight economic fallout of pandemic

The International Monetary Fund board has unanimously backed a proposal to create a $650 billion reserve for its member nations to help them fight the economic fallout of the pandemic. With no opposition to the plan, the final approval due next in line from the Board of Governors is more or less a formality. Once passed, it will be the biggest boost in history given by IMF to its member

India ranked tenth at the Global Cybersecurity Index

The International Telecom Union, a specialised United Nations agency responsible for matters related to information and communication technologies, has ranked India at Number 10 in the Global Cybersecurity Index. Interestingly, Pakistan and even China are behind India in the same ranking, with they placed at number 79 and 33 respectively. India’s rank comes as it took a big leap from rank 47 in 2018. Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) is a

India’s ‘offensive defence’ and China’s anxieties

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) successfully tested a new-generation nuclear-capable ‘Agni Prime or Agni P’ missile on Monday. It was a perfect test launch as the new Agni met all the mission objectives with high accuracy. DRDO has said that Agni P has a range of 1,000 to 2,000 km. Besides, it can be launched from any mobile platform like a rail or road vehicle. With it, Agni

North Korean cyberattacks breach South Korea's atomic energy institute

North Korean hackers managed to breach cybersecurity of ‘Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)’ in South Korea, reported the South Korean Ministry of Science & Information Technology. However, the ministry also said the institute had contained the attacks by halting its Virtual Private Network and blocking the attacker’s IP addresses. While investigating the matter, the attack was traced to a North Korean cyberespionage group ‘Kimsuky’, reported ZDNet, a technology news

Is the Jammu drone attack the next step in Pakistani terror strategy aided by Turkey?

The Indian Air Force base at Jammu Airport came under a drones attack on Sunday, injuring two IAF personnel. However, considering the available inputs, intelligence agencies doubt the two terror drones came from Pakistan. In addition to it, the Jammu Police arrested a Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist with a 5 kg IED on the same day and foiled another terror attack. Although the two attack drones led to low-intensity blasts at the

China furthers its vaccines to profit from the pandemic

The world is in a race for vaccines to fight the Coronavirus pandemic engineered by China. Till April this year, India launched its ‘Vaccine Maitri’ drive, under which New Delhi provided 64.5 million doses of vaccines to 85 countries. However, with the advent of the second wave of the pandemic, India had to halt the deliveries from April onwards. Taking advantage of this situation, China furthered its ‘vaccine diplomacy’. China

NSAs of India-Russia holds crucial meet on the sidelines of SCO summit

On 23-24 June, a 16th meeting of the National Security Advisors of the member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) was held in the capital of Tajikistan, Dushanbe. SCO is a Eurasian political, economic and security platform created in the year 2001. China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, India and Pakistan are its members. NSA Ajit Doval represented India at the meet. Like so many others, it was another

अफगानिस्तान से जुडी गतिविधियां

अफ़गानिस्तान में तालिबान के साथ लड़ रहा पाकिस्तानी सेना अधिकारी गिरफ्तार काबुल – पाकिस्तान का तालिबान के साथ संबंध ना जोड़ें, ऐसा बयान पाकिस्तान के विदेशमंत्री ने कुछ दिन पहले ही किया था। लेकिन, तालिबान के पक्ष में लड़ रहे पाकिस्तानी लष्करी अधिकारी को हिरासत में लेकर अफ़गानिस्तान ने पाकिस्तान की पोल खोली है। अफ़गानिस्तान में दाखिल होने से पहले इस पाकिस्तानी अधिकारी ने यह बात भी कबूली है कि, वह

The success of Indian foreign policy and diplomacy in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is in a transitionary phase. The ongoing withdrawal of US troops from the country has come as an opportunity for the Taliban. The US-Afghan coalition forces had badly hit them. However, as US forces withdraw, it has come to light that the Taliban is fast recapturing parts of Afghanistan from the government in Kabul. As per many estimates, the Taliban now controls more than 40% of the Afghan territory.

Victory of Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan and Azerbaijan's alliance with Turkey and Pakistan

Last year, the Azerbaijan-Armenia war turned out a disaster for Armenia. About 4,000 of its troops got killed, and it lost the region of Nagorno-Karabakh to Azeri forces. The defeat brewed a political storm for Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. The opposition called for a referendum on his government, and Armenia went for national polls. However, despite the defeat, Armenians once again posed their faith in PM Pashinyan. Defeat at