Bapu – The affectionate ‘AABA’ of the Bachcha company

Bapu – The affectionate ‘AABA’ of the Bachcha company

It is no secret that Bapu ( Aaba ) adores kids and loves playing with them. One has to see him play to believe how wholeheartedly he participates and becomes one amongst them.  For that matter, Bapu gets along well with just about anyone, irrespective of age, profession, language, etc. His down to earth, unassuming nature adds to his already phenomenal charisma.

Whenever Bapu participates in a function, be it a family get together, a birthday party or a picnic, he is the one who is most sought after by the kids. Such is his love for the kids that he makes it a point to give quality time to play with them. Bapu is an avid sports lover and enjoys playing different games; be it badminton, cricket, pool, football or table tennis. On a few occasions, I have seen Bapu teach the tiny tots the art of climbing ladders and thereby completely removing their fear of climbing. On another occasion, I was fortunate enough to watch him teaching the kids the technique of spinning the top (bhavra). No wonder then that he is loved by this Bachcha company of his who fondly address him as “AABA”.

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  1. It’s realy nice to see Bapu with bachcha party…Samir dada said in Adhiveshan that Bapu played BHOVARA with dada can’t captured that moment..Bt this post is fulfill for that moment..Ambadnya dada…

  2. Hari Om! I think this post is one of the most interesting ones I have seen in the recent past. I am not surprised to see Bapu present among children. Any one would be drawn towards him. His affectionate smile and those ever loving eyes makes one feel like being around him. Obviously children would get attracted towards him naturally. Bapu seems at ease with children, playing differently with ever child. Such is his love, versatility and charisma. After watching the video, I wish I was one among those children playing with that Ball (was it a balloon?). I am Ambadnya for sharing this.

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