Bapu Is My Sole Support…

– Shraddha Bait, Mumbai

Any woman would be excited to know that she would be a mother. However if the pregnancy brings with it a set of complications, the same woman would feel helpless and distressed. She would fear the health of her baby rather than her own health. However, more than the biological mother, one’s Sadguru is more concerned about the baby that would take birth soon.

My words would fall short of expression on how I feel about “Bapu.” It is the blessing of Bapu that has given me several experiences in my life till date. I would like to narrate one such experience which changed my entire life.

After about nine months post my marriage, I conceived. However, since my health condition was not that great, doctors had told me to be very vigilant right from the beginning of my pregnancy. I was taking care of my. I was taking medication as prescribed by the doctor. Once, I had massive indigestion. In the midst of all of this, since I had to attend office every day, my weakness aggravated. After my third month’s Sonography, my doctor asked me to get admitted. I felt better after few days of treatment and thus, he sent me home. My Doctor had asked me to take complete bed rest.

I took complete bed rest as suggested by the Doctor. My family members took real good care of me. However, no one can escape one’s destiny but with Sadguru’s backing, you get the courage to face it and come out of it. After completing the seventh month, one night, my body began to itch severely. The next day, we went to the doctor and got he gave some medicines but in vain. In fact, I got a reaction after taking those medicines and I also began to experience diarrhoea. I somehow managed to pass the night but we ran to the Doctor the next day in the morning. He saw my condition and asked me to get admitted. Since I had diarrhoea the whole night, I felt that my labour pains had begun. I was severely dehydrated. It was beyond my threshold. I cried out to Bapu and asked him to relieve me of this ordeal.

Bapu came running for my rescue and with his blessings, I had a normal delivery on June 3, 2012. I had a baby girl. I was unable to enjoy her birth because it was a premature baby and she weighed just about 1 Kilo and 400 grams. Since the baby had not developed fully, she was having difficulty breathing.

The doctor asked us to admit her in NICU. I was choked with emotions since I had seen her only once after her birth. After seven days post my discharge from the hospital, I went to see her, albeit from a distance through a glass panel! I pleaded to my doctor to allow me to take a look at her from a close distance. Since her condition was delicate, he did not allow me to see her from close quarters.

I came home that day and cried incessantly. However, I had gathered enough courage. My Bapu was with me. My trust in him was not baseless, thought I. Finally after 15 days, the doctor allowed me to visit with my baby. She had gained some weight by then. Her health condition was improving on a regular basis.

The doctor asked us to take her home after 21 days. After all this struggle, my heart was filled with emotions as I held her in my hands. Of course, the struggle was not entirely over. The doctor had asked us to take immense care of her. We followed his guidance to the T. However, since she dehydrated in between, we had to admit her to the hospital once again. I once again pleaded to Bapu, “Bapu, give me the courage to fight these adverse situation. Bless me.” Bapu listened to my request. Her condition improved rapidly and then we brought her home. Now she is 9 months old and her health condition is normal.

My Bapu is such. Not just for me but for anyone who calls out to him earnestly, he rushes to help.

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