Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) – The True Friend

It has been sixteen years since Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) formally commenced his mission. The seeds sown at that time have blossomed into a huge huge banyan tree that provides shade, shelter and support to millions of Shraddhavaans.At that time there were just a handful of Shraddhavaans who chose the path shown by Bapu (Aniruddhasinh). One such family that joined Bapu was of Shri. Padmakar Chitre and his wife Smt. Sunita Chitre, along with his younger brother, Shri. Arvind Chitre and his family. Today, Shri. Padmakar Chitre is around 83 years of age and his wife is 81. Both of them are quite old and are unable to attend all the functions and Utsavs celebrated by the Sanstha, as also the regular pravachans of Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) at Shree Harigurugram. But back in those days, i.e. 1996 both husband and wife have taken real pains in doing Gunasankirtan of Bapu. They utilized every single opportunity that came their way for doing Gunasankirtan of their Sadguru. They have the distinction of being one of the very few who have attended all the Rasa yatras and the Bhavyatra at Shree Kshetra Pandharpur along with Bapu (Aniruddhasinh), Nandai and Suchitdada.

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The reason for writing about them is that today Bapu had gone personally to their residence to meet them as they are not in a position to move out of their house. Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) has always emphasized that he is more of a friend than any other frame that you might want him to be put into. Today he visited them as a true friend would and spent nearly an hour chatting with them and inquiring about their health and well-being. This is how my Bapu is;  who always cares for his friends and never forgets them at all.

Today, I happened to attend along with Nandai the engagement ceremony of Saakshiveera, daughter of Sumedhaveera and Ashoksinh Kumar with Gaurav, son of Birajsinh and Shubhaveera Tracy of Hong Kong. Shraddhavaans friends from Hong Kong had come over for the function and they had an opportunity to talk to Nandai personally. Nandai blessed the couple and specifically mentioned “this is my family function.”  Both the families were overjoyed upon seeing Nandai in their midst. I am sure this must be one of the most memorable days for both the families.

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  1. हरि ओम दादा,

    माझ्या सदगुरुंचा अनोखा पैलू उलगडून दाखवणारी ही सुंदर पोस्ट शेअर केल्याबद्दल श्रीराम!

    खरंच….अनिरुद्ध – जो कशानेही बांधला जाऊ शकत नाही तो अनिरुद्ध. आम्ही एका विशिष्ट चौकटीत बापूंना बांधायला जातो आणि फसतो. हा असाच आहे आणि हा तसाच आहे – हो, हा असाही असतोच आणि हा तसाही असतोच, पण तो तेवढाच नसतो.

    मग असा हा बापू आमच्या आवाक्यात कसा येणार, आम्ही त्याला कसे बांधू शकणार, ह्याचं उत्तर ह्या पोस्टमधून मिळतं. हा केवळ अकृत्रिम प्रेमानेच बांधला जाऊ शकतो आणि जे ह्या बापूवर प्रेम करतात, त्यांना हा आपले मित्र मानतो आणि ती मैत्री पुरेपूर निभावतोही….

    खरंच, आमचं कुठ्ल्या जन्मीचं भाग्य म्हणून आम्हाला ’असा’ मित्र लाभलाय ’देव’ जाणे….

    आणि दादा, तुम्ही पोस्टमध्ये म्हटल्याप्रमाणे आज आपल्या बापुकार्याचा वटवृक्ष झालाय, पण ते अगदी बीजस्वरूपात असतानाही त्याला आपलं ’मिशन’ (जीवनकार्य) समजून झपाटून केलेल्या कार्याचं खतपाणी घातलं, ते चित्रेकाका-काकूंसारख्यांनीच! त्यांच्यासारख्यांकडूनच आम्हाला प्रथम बापूंबद्दल कळलं आणि बघता बघता बापू आमचा ’मित्र’ होऊन बसला! ….हॅट्स ऑफ टू देम!

  2. Chitre Kaka is very loving and affectionate human being. I met him in 1999 for the very first when we both were assigned seva at Sai Niwas during Shree Sai Navaratra. He is a very jolly person. His wife too is similar in nature. Myself and my wife used to have long chats with the elderly couple very often when they used to attend Shree Harigurugram. We miss them these days.

  3. Hari Om Dada,it is by this way that Bapu has shown us what is meant by caring and bonding.We are so fortunate when he says he is our Friend and He never ever forgets us a single moment. He is by our side always and wherever we are.

  4. Hari Aum Dada, when I read your post I was totally speachless with immense love of PP Bapu & Nandai. Man thabakale, dole bharuni aale. I found myself the richest, luckiest person that I'm with my PP Bapu, Aai & Dada sinc 1996 and my entire family is drenched with their akaran karunya & ultimate love. I recollected all the olden golden memories, sessions, rasyatras, bhavyatras & of course the great bonding what we all have with all shraddhavans. My Bapu always says Me tula kadhich taknar nahi but at the same time my prayer to his lotus feet ' Hechi Daan Dega Deva, Tuza Visar na vhava, visar na vhava tuza visar na vhava. Majha deh ya charanashich visava. Shree Ram & Hari Aum. Also Shree Ram for Chitre family , Kumar & Trasi family.

  5. Shreeram Dada for sharing such a beautiful incident …it made me go back to the year of 1996…which was a start to the path of “Sadguru Bapu's Bhakti and Seva”for many Shraddhavans….of which one are Padmakarsinh Chitre and Sunitaveera Chitre…fondly still called and remembered as Chitre Mama and Mami…..They are Ardent and verry strong Bapu Bhaktas and i personally have seen them from the year 1996 till off late when they had started doing P.P.Bapu's Gunasankirtan…Shreeram and Hatss off to our Dearest P.P.Bapu for having kept them in mind and to visit their house……only a “TrueFriend”can do this…in our Path of life we meet many friends,some we remember,some we forget ,some who still stay in touch ,some who are long forgotten…but there is one such “FRIEND”,who had never forgotten us ,who never has and never will forget…no matter what…Our Bapu =our True And Bestesst Friend will always be there for us and not only help us in our problems ,but is always ready to be a pillar of strength behind his friends…always and forever..Shreeram Dada…and i on a very personal note want to thank you for sharing such beautiful memories in your blog once more…it is truly very motivating…

  6. Shree Ram Dada for sharing such a great incidence about our beloved BAPU.

    BAPU has prooved his own VACHAN that “ME TULA KADHICH TAKNAR NAHI”. I feel very very glad knowing that BAPU had gone to meet Chitre Kaka and Kaku at their residence.

    Yes, our BAPU is great. Shree Ram

  7. Hariom dada. I felt very great to hear that our beloved Bapu visited the residence of our Padmakarsinh Chitre Kaka and Sunitaveera Chitre Kaku. Of what I recall both of them are in Bapu bhakti since 1996. Very ardent devotees of Bapu and very regular in attending Pravachan, Utsavs, Bapu's home Ganpati utsav and very helpful to others. I have seen them doing seva on Pravachan days and even at Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram very sincerely and with utmost devotion. As you mentioned in this post that they are now above 80 years; our BAPU has visited their residence to know their wellbeing and to just chat with them.Dada I feel that, this is how our Bapu is , a TRUE Friend who NEVER forgets his friends however old they are or in whatever state they are. He takes it to be his prime responsibility to see the wellbeing of his friends. Shreeram to this greatest friend of ours and lots of shreeram to you as well for sharing this information with us.

  8. Bapu is the bestest friend of everyone who accepted him as a friend. I just can't imagine what could be the feeling of the old couple. P. P. Bapu himself visited their house just to meet them is such fascinating thing. They must have felt like that abhang “Vithal to aala, aala, mala bhetanyaala”.

    Nandai also took time out of her busy shcedule to wish newly engaged couple.

    This is the best example that how we should use our spare time. We should also visit to our relatives, and such relatives who can not move out of their residence. Great Learning! Shree Ram Dada for sharing.

  9. Hari Om Dada. If anyone raises a question as to who is the busiest person known to us; we all Shraddhavans would give the same answer – it is Bapu. While spending endless nights and days in work related to our Sanstha, His Tapashcharya, His Upasana, to list a few; our Bapu still finds time for such visits and spends his precious time with such old people who are the ones who really built up the solid foundation of our Sansthas' work when it was just at its initial developing stage. Here I recollect the lines of our Sadguru Bapu's Hindi Aarti which rightly says, “Janam janam ka naata Hai Tera Mera, Yaad raha Prabhu tumko, Main Bhula Bisra”. Bapu is the only and only friend who remembers all his friends at every stage of life. Shreeram.

  10. Shreeram dada for sharing such a wonderful experience about My Lord. Dont know about the monsoons in India, but the blessed couples must have experienced torrential rains, the rains of My Sadguru….LOVE.From the day I have been fortunate enough for Bapu to take me under his wing, I have heard him say,”I am not any avatar of anybody, I am, I was and I will be only Aniruddha, your True friend”. And yes indeed for me, he has been more than a friend, a mentor, a father. Bapu and Aai have nothing else to give to their friends but only Love, True Love. It is upon us how much we can take from them. A practical in Panchsheel also talks about the same, that our Sadguru constantly us sending signals, we need to make our receptors strong enough.
    By reading the above experience, the belief just gets stronger…
    Hari Om.

  11. Hari Om Dada. This post brings back warm memories of those early days. I remember the ever-smiling, warm and pleasant Chitre kaka-kaku since the time I was in school, when I first met them during a Thursday’s discourse. They would affectionately talk to me and my younger brother about school and studies and had personally called up to congratulate me when I scored well during my 10th board exams. Their bhakti-seva is truly an inspiration – Chitre kaka had offered 77 hanks (ladis) on his 77th birthday as part of Charkha seva. Param Pujya Bapu’s visit to their residence again highlights – that P.P.Bapu is and will always remain every Sharaddhavan’s true friend.

  12. Shree Ram Dada for sharing these beautiful moments with us. Indeed there can be no better definition of friendship, than the relationship any shraddhavan shares with Bapu. Congratulations to teh newly engaged couple, how lovingly Aai, is with her children on this special occasion. Hari Om!

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