Armenia-Azerbaijan War

Armenia accuses Azerbaijan Army of using cluster bombs prohibited by UN

Yerevan/Baku: The war raging between Armenia and Azerbaijan since the past nine days only appears to be intensifying with each passing day. Armenia has accused Azerbaijan of using prohibited cluster bombs in the conflict. On the other hand, Azerbaijan government has alleged that Armenia had fired missiles and rockets into civilian areas. 

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Turkey has clear objective of reinstating the Ottoman Empire with genocide of Armenians – Armenian PM’s sensational allegation

Yerevan/Ankara: Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan made the startling claim that ‘Armenia is the last obstacle in the way of Turkey and their expansion towards the north, and the east. Turkey’s prime objective is to remove the obstruction, for which it wants to bring about the genocide of Armenians and reinstate the Turkish Empire.’ 

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3000 troops claimed dead in Armenia-Azerbaijan war as heavy fighting continues

Yerevan/Baku: Armenian Spokesperson has made a sensational claim stating 3000 Azerbaijani soldiers had been killed in the war raging between the two countries since the past six days. At the same time, the US, Russia and France have called on both nations to exercise a ceasefire. 

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Russia, France warn Turkey, ask for immediate removal of foreign mercenaries sent to fight for Azerbaijan in war

Moscow/Paris/Istanbul: New information has suggested that foreign fighters from Syria and Libya, as well as mercenaries, have been sent to participate in the Armenia-Azerbaijan war. Therefore, the Russian Foreign Ministry has demanded they be removed immediately from the warzone. 

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Pakistan soldiers claimed to be fighting for Azerbaijan in the Azerbaijan-Armenia war

Islamabad/Baku: Information has been received that Pakistan has entered the war, which has flared up between Armenia and Azerbaijan, since the last few days. It has been reported that it is learnt from conversations of the locals that Pakistani soldiers have been deployed in the Agdam city, in the autonomous Nagorno-Karabakh region.

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Armenia-Azerbaijan war may spark a battle between Russia and Turkey; over 3000 believed dead

Yerevan/Baku: The Armenia-Azerbaijan war is intensifying by the day, and its repercussions are now beginning to surface in other nations as well. Russia is upset with Turkey’s open support for Azerbaijan in the war. Analysts believe the resentment may further escalate tensions between the two countries.

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More than 100 killed in Armenia-Azerbaijan war; Armenia accuses Turkey of downing its fighter jet

Yerevan/Baku: Over 100 people have died and more than 300 wounded in the Armenia-Azerbaijan clashes that erupted on Sunday. Both nations claim their opponents have seized control of vulnerable areas and have vowed to continue the fight till the very last drop of blood. Also, Armenia has accused Turkey of downing its fighter jet.

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Over 50 soldiers killed in Armenia-Azerbaijan clashes

Yerevan/Baku: More than 50 soldiers were killed in the recent fighting that broke out between Central Asian nations of Armenia and Azerbaijan while thousands are claimed wounded. Armenian Prime Minister Nikola Pashiyan has alleged the conflict was an attack on the country’s freedom and sovereignty, and warned that his people were ready for war. 

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Fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan over disputed Nagorno-Karabakh may escalate into war

Baku/Yerevan: A fierce conflict has sparked between Armenia and Azerbaijan, two Central Asian nations since Sunday and may escalate into war. Both countries have declared martial law in the state and blamed one another for initiating the conflict. Further, both sides are said to have suffered casualties in the Sunday conflict.

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