About Me


Early Days

I was indeed fortunate to have been born in a family that had strong spiritual leanings, with both my parents steeped in the bhakti of Shri Sainath of Shirdi. In the year 1915, my paternal grandfather, Pandurang Vaidya, had the good fortune of having the darshan of Shri Sainath in person in Shirdi.

Born to Suresh and Shubhada Vaidya, I share my birthday with my elder brother, Dr. Suchit S. Dattopadhye, who is elder to me by three years.

I was initiated into the bhakti of Shirdi Sai Baba at a very early age by my father, who used to recite (paaraayan) Shri Sai Satcharita at least four times a year. My father took us to Shirdi at least twice in a year, where we used to stay for at least three to four days. Prior to the year 1980, when Shirdi was not so crowded, my father used to do Saptaaha (reciting over seven days) of Shri Sai Satcharita, sitting in Dwarkamai. As a child, the stories of Sai Satcharita had a great influence on me.

I started reading Shri Sai Satcharita when I was fourteen and completed my first Saptaaha at the age of sixteen.


I did my schooling up to Standard X from Saraswati Secondary School, Thane, and thereafter secured a degree in Engineering (B.E. Civil) from Pune University and also completed my Bachelor of General Law (BGL) from Mumbai University.

Career Profile

In the initial phase of my career, I was associated with the techno-legal field, particularly building and engineering contracts, with specialization in claims, arbitration, joint ventures, etc.. I had the opportunity to work in a Government organization, as well as in private sector organizations, viz. Afcons and Essar Group. I also worked in an engineering consultancy firm – Chemtex, before dedicating myself to the cause and mission charted out by my Mentor and Sadguru, Shree Aniruddha Bapu (Dr. Aniruddha, M.D. Medicine – Rheumatologist).

I now oversee the overall functioning of almost all the institutions and organizations, which directly work on the principles and teachings of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu and whose activities are directed towards the implementation of his revolutionary concepts and innovative ideas. In the capacity of Dean, I am associated with ‘Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management‘, ‘Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation‘, and other sister organisations. Also, I function as the Managing Director of Lotus Publications Pvt. Ltd.


  1. Hari Om Dada.
    Samuhikrtya Shree Mahadugeshwar Prapatti Karatana Pratyek Shraddhavanache Shrephal, Panacha Vida, Deep, Agarbatti Pahije ki ek common Naral, Veeda, Deep pahije ?

  2. Hari Om,

    Wish you and Suchitdada a very Happy Birthday. Pray Bapu gives both of you a very long and healthy life full of bliss.


  3. Dada Hariom,
    In-spite of clear instructions by Parampujya Bapu about Jal bottles, some devotees including some pramukh sevak also are of the opnion that only one bottle is to be charged per family and some are of the opinion that one Jal bottle per person should be charged. If one bottle per person is to be charged then what about eldest grand grand mother/father who neither can hear the Mantra nor can utter the mantra? Kindly inform the correct number of bottles to be charged by a family to all shraddhavan before giving a CD to all centers …Ambadnya.

  4. हरि ओम!
    बापुराया, देवा केवढं अनंत प्रेम तुझे! हे कृपासिंधु! खरोखरच, तू सकल-जनांचा कैवारी आहेस. बापुराया तुस्सी ग्रेट हो ! लव्ह यु ! थ्यांक यु ! त्याचा हस्त शिरावरी, कैसी उरेल आता भीती! माझा अनिरुद्ध प्रेमळा, त्याला माझिया कळवळा !

    समीरदादा आपणांस ही खूप खूप धन्यवाद! बापूंचं हे ३ जानेवारीचं आश्वासक प्रवचन आपल्या ब्लॉग वर शेयर केल्या बद्दल! श्रीराम!

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