Aatmabal Programme 2013

Hari Om Dear Friends,

Last night the Aatmabal Programme 2013 came to an end. Words fail me in trying to describe how it was. At the moment, it is beyond any adjectives. All that I can say for myself and on behalf of all those who were present at Shri Harigurugram yesterday is Ambadnya.

No praise would be too high for our dear Nandai, who planned things to the last detail. Bringing together a group of Shraddhavan ladies, many of them elderly, and most of them shy and introverted, and transforming them into achievers and winners, in a matter of just six months, is in itself a great achievement. Every single item that was presented left an indelible mark on the mind. I can say with absolute certainty that there wasn’t a single eye that did not shed tears while watching the heart-rending performances put up.

There were three items that appealed to most:
(a) “Swagat” 
(b) The drama Savadhaan; and
(c) The grand finale

This Aatmabal programme also saw some unique styles of presentation, probably never seen before on stage before. In the drama Pagada, there was this scene in which the character appears on the screen, representing a television and therefore moves out of the screen and turns up live on stage.

The grand finale was indeed grand and truly beyond words. One has to see it to understand it.

I shall give more details of the Aatmabal programme very soon.

A Dance Performance during the Aatmabal Programme
A Dance Performance during the Aatmabal Programme
A Drama "SAVADHAAN" during the Aatmabal Programme
A Drama “SAVADHAAN” during the Aatmabal Programme


The Grand Finale of the Aatmabal Programme
The Grand Finale of the Aatmabal Programme

ll Hari Om ll

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  1. आत्मबल २०१३ हा भव्य दिव्य सोहळा आम्ही रविवारी याची देही याची डोळा पहिला…त्या भव्यदिव्य सोहळ्याचे कौतुक करण्यास माझ्यापाशी शब्द नाहीत. नंदाई आणि तिच्या लेकींनी आमच्या डोळ्यात पाणी आणि मनात कायम स्वरूपी समाधान भरविले. पुज्य नन्दाइचि मेहनत, अफाट कष्ट आणि कार्यक्रमास जराही अपयशाचे गालबोट न लागू देता १०८% यशस्वी सोहळा केल्याबद्धल नंदाईचे मन;पूर्वक हार्दिक अभिनंदन. इतक्या मोठ्या प्रमाणावर आणि भव्यदिव्य असा सोहळा, इतक्या उत्कृष्ठ पद्धतीने साजरा झालेला हा एकमेव सोहळा असावा असे माझे मत आहे. कार्यक्रमाचे संयोजन, शिस्त, दर्जा, वेळेचे काटेकोर पालन आणि नियोजन, उत्कृष्ठ दर्जाचे नृत्याविष्कार आणि नाट्य यांचा अनोखा मिलाप रविवारच्या कार्यक्रमात पाहायला मिळाला. ३ चिअर्स फॉर नंदाई..हिप हिप हुर्र्ये..!

  2. Really Ambadnya…. Words fall short to describe our NANDAI’s and HER Veeras PRAYAS…..We have till now read about DEVISINH in MATRUVASTALYAVINDANAM, heard about SINHAVALOKAN from BAPU in His discourse, but yesterday we met DEVISINH in SAKSHAT SWAROOPA only because of our beloved NANDAI. Really great grand finale beyond words…eagerly awaiting for CD/DVD at the earliest . Hats off to all our beloved NANDAI , all veeras and full AATMBAL team, Video team and whoever participated …
    Ambadnya , Ambadnya , Ambadnya…

  3. Indeed Ambadnya, we all are. Not only the thousands of people who had gathered at SHGG to witness the extravaganza but also people like us were glued to our Whatsapp, BBMs and FB screens to lap up the bits and pieces which came our way. We had to coerce, cajole as well as threaten our friends at Ground Zero to post us live action. And it was really worth it. Not that we got to see ur beloved Aai, Bapu n Dada but the show itself.

    Our online show started with a very wonderful picture posted by Swapnilsinh and aptly titled Picture of the Millenium. Am sure that cute picture of Bapu and Aai must have broken some records the way it got transmitted all over the world amongst the Bapu Parivar. Then came the awsome picture of Veeras dancing under the Manibhadra Kankan. The video effect was superb and it seemed that a huge Kankan is hovering in 3D over the Veeras. The peacock and the awesome pic of Bapu with His fists pose left a striking mark. The last song Bapu Raya also sounded great on the mobile recording.

    Our Parampujya Aai dons the Producer/Director ‘s hat and no wonder the program has to be super duper hit. All applause to the Veeras as well as the video team for putting up such a high standard show.

    Dada, trust as usual we are sure your team will be able to let us have the full program on CD/DVD at the earliest (read month end). Pls pls pls…..

    Ambadnya aho

    Sandeepsinh Mahajan

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