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  1. Shree ram 4 sharing dada Priyankaveera Sawant

  2. Maneeshaveera sukthankar

    हरि ओम दादा
    नजर खिळवून ठेवणारे हे रक्षाबंधनाचे क्षण. खरच बघत रहावेसे वाटतात !ShreeRam.

  3. Wow .. lovely moments .. Shreeram Dada for sharing such Beautiful lovely moments .. Hari om

  4. shri ram dada for this photos….

    very traditional and emotional rakshabandhan.

  5. Hari Om Dada.

    It's a Very heart touching moments ..

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful snaps of traditional rakshabandhan.

    shree ram dada.

  6. Hari om Dada………. its a Very precious and heart touching moments . shreeram for share this precious moments for us

  7. Hari Om Dada
    Very special moments wherein Aai is seen tying the thread of love. Indeed, the bond of love is evident in each of the photographs. Shreeram Dada for sharing these wonderful moments with us.

  8. हरी ॐ दादा,
    Really very difficult to say ! समझ में नहीं आता के क्या कहे? भाई हो तो ऐसे ..या ..बहन हो तो ऐसी.?
    I think the right way to say is 'भाई-बहन हो तो ऐसे'!!! बिलकुल ऐसेही!!!
    By sharing these photos, you have shared this celebration with us. श्रीराम!

  9. Hari Om Dada,

    Thanks for sharing these happy moments celebrated in happy home. I really liked the concept of using Udi in Rakshabandhan. I never thought of this beautiful idea. Udi is the only medium which can protect both brother & sister.

    Shree Ram

    Hari Om

  10. हरि ॐ दादा,
    खूपच छान फोटो आहेत. रक्षाबंधनासाठी यापेक्षा आर्दश फोटो कुठले असणार? असे हे touching फोटो तुम्ही share केल्याबद्दल खूप खूप श्रीराम……

  11. Very precious and heart touching moments ..
    shree ram dada for sharing such a wonderful snaps of traditional rakshabandhan.

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