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The Invocation of Shree Rudra: Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) Reads a Poem

The Invocation of Shree Rudra: Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) Reads a Poem

On the day of the Shivaratri poojan in the month of Shravan, Bapu said, “The great poet Shri. B.R. Tambe has written a poem on 
Shree Rudra .It would be really nice if we get hold of it today.” Suchitdada promptly downloaded the poem for Bapu from internet and then Bapu read us the poem. I happened to get the opportunity to record it on the cell phone. We really enjoyed it. It is truly special for every one of us.

To this post, I am attaching for all, the audio clip of the poem that Bapu read to us. I am very sure all my friends will love it. 
(To download the audio clips kindly click above)

2) Text

रुद्रास आवाहन
डमडमत डमरु ये, खण्‌खणत शूल ये,
शंख फुंकत ये, येइ रुद्रा ।
प्रलयघनभैरवा, करित कर्कश रवा
क्रूर विक्राळ घे क्रुद्ध मुद्रा ।। ध्रु०।।
कडकडा फोड नभ, उडव उडुमक्षिका,
खडबडवि दिग्गजां, तुडव रविमालिका,
मांड वादळ, उधळ गिरि जशी मृत्तिका
खवळवीं चहुंकडे या समुद्रां ।। १ ।।
पाड सिंहासनें दुष्ट हीं पालथीं,
ओढ हत्तीवरुनि मत्त नृप खालती,
मुकुट रंकास दे करटि भूपाप्रती,
झाड खट्‌खट् तुझें खड्‌ग क्षुद्रां ।। २ ।।

जळ तडागं सडे, बुडबुडे, तडतडे
‘शांति ही !’ बापुडे बडबडति जन-किडे !
धडधडा फोड तट ! रुद्र, ये चहुंकडे,
धगधगित अग्निमंधि उजळ भद्रा ।। ३ ।।

पूर्विं नरसिंह तूं प्रगटुनी फाडिले
दुष्ट जयिं अन्य गृहिं दरवडे पाडिले,
बनुनि नृप, तापुनी चंड, जन नाडिले
दे जयांचें तयां वीरभद्रा ।। ४ ।।
– कविश्रेष्ठ, श्री भा. रा. तांबे


  1. Hari Om Dada,

    Thanks for this wonderful poem sung by ParamPujya Sadguru. We are indeed blessed!

    Shree Ram



  2. Hariom Dada

    Listening the poem in Bapu's voice is such an great experience. When Bapu recites any poem or slok it is full of immense vibrations which brings about positive changes inside us which we don't even realize.

    Shree Ram Dada for sharing this audio clip

  3. Hariom dada,

    Its really a great pleasure to have Baba's voice for this Aavahan..really its beautiful and mind blowing..when Baba recites anything..it creates such an impact that it makes you feel that you are in Heaven and only you and Baba is together and it gives us an immense pleasure to hear Baba's unique voice which is tremendous. shree ram Dada for sharing this very personal moment..

    Shree ram Baba…it is a biggest gift for all of us.. and you are always ready with some unique thing and make open and available for all of us forever…


  4. Shree Aniruddha Ram mhanjech HARI ne keleli HAR stuti aikavalyabaddal khup khup shree ram dada…….

  5. सौ. मंदाकिनी क्षेत्रमाडे

    हरी ओम दादा, ही कविता आम्ही लहानपणीं खूप वेळां म्हणत असूं त्याची आठवण झाली. प.पू. बापूंच्या आवाजांत ती ऐकतानां एक वेगळंच चैतन्य जाणवलं.Very thrilling experience !
    आमचं खरंच भाग्य. खूप खूप आनंद झाला. मनापासून धन्यवाद !

  6. hari om dada: This is an absolute treat! Is it possible to have this translated into either english or hindi?
    hari om
    sunilsinh bahl

  7. Hariom Dada, thank you so much for sharing such a valuable clip in P. P. Bapu's voice to shraddhavans like us…Shreeram…

  8. Waaahhhh..!!! Mastach..
    Heard this poem for first time & it feels really gr8 to hear that in Bapu's voice..
    Thanks for sharing dada.

  9. Shreeram Samirdada ! I could not understand the meaning of this Poem, but more important was that I could feel the positively strong vibes after listening the poem recited by BAPU. I request all my Shraddhavan friends , do listen to this Rudra Poem recited by P.P. BAPU. May be you will or will not understand the meaning but the BHAV in the poem that came from BAPU's heart is all that made me feel heavenly. Shreeram Dada for recording this wonderful poem and sharing the it with us.

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