Third World War

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तृतीय महायुद्ध 

चीन को ‘कोरोना’ की क़ीमत चुकानी ही होगी – अमरिकी विदेशमंत्री की चेतावनी अधिक वाचा :     कोरोना के लिए चीन के वुहान की लॅब ज़िम्मेदार – रशियन प्राध्यापक का दावा   अधिक वाचा :   जर्मन अख़बार की चीन के पास १६२ अरब डॉलर्स के मुआवज़े की माँग   अधिक वाचा :   WION Edit: Coronavirus pandemic – is this a world war in disguise?

The Third World War

China will have to pay the price for Coronavirus, warns US Secretary of State   Click here to read more :-   Chinese laboratory responsible for Corona, claims Russian Professor   Click here to read more :-     German newspaper demands USD 162 billion as compensation from China     Click here to read more :-   WION Edit: Coronavirus pandemic – is this a world

तिसरे महायुद्ध 

चीनला कोरोनाव्हायरसची किंमत चुकती करावीच लागेल – अमेरिकेच्या परराष्ट्रमंत्र्यांचा इशारा अधिक वाचा :   कोरोनाला चीनच्या वुहानमधील प्रयोगशाळा जबाबदार – रशियन प्राध्यापकाचा दावा   अधिक वाचा :   जर्मन वर्तमानपत्राची चीनकडे १६२ अब्ज डॉलर्सच्या नुकसानभरपाईची मागणी   अधिक वाचा :   WION Edit: Coronavirus pandemic – is this a world war in disguise?   Read More:   Dramatic changing relationship between #Turkey and #Russia… (Read more

The US-Iran Crisis

Killing Soleimani intended to avert a war, claims US President Washington: Iran claims that the killing of Major General Soleimani amounts to a declaration of war against Iran by the United States. Some other countries too echo the opinion. But as per US President Donald Trump, Soleimani was killed not to start, but to avert a war. President Trump justified his actions saying that Soleimani was responsible for bloodshed right

Chinese espionage

Chinese spy movements rise in Belgium, China attempts to grow influence in Europe   Brussels: Following the reports of interference in the internal matters of the United States and Australia, Chinese espionage is being exposed now, even in Europe. The Belgian intelligence agency has confirmed the report, saying that the number of spies in Europe currently is more than during the Cold War and also that their numbers are far more than those

सीरिया पर होनेवाले हमलें बढे

सीरिया-इराक सीमा पर ईरान ने किए हथियारों के भंडारों पर जोरदार हवाई हमलें – ईरान से जुडे हथियारी गुटों के सैनिक ढेर दमास्कस – सीरिया के पूर्वीय हिस्से के ‘अल बुकमल’ क्षेत्र में हुए भीषण हवाई हमलों में हथियारों के तीन भंडार राख हुए है| इस हमले में सीरिया के ईरान से जुडे हथियारी गुट के पांच सैनिक मारे जाने का दावा हो रहा है| पर, हमलें की तीव्रता देखे

रशिया आक्रामक मोड़ पर

रोमानिया में अमरिका ने ‘थाड’ तैनात करने पर रशिया ने जताई कडी आपत्ति मास्को/वॉशिंटन – ‘अस्थायी इस शब्द के अलावा लंबे समय तक चलेगा, ऐसा इस दुनिया में कुछ भी नही, इस मायने की एक रशियन पहेली है| इस वजह से अमरिका रोमानिया में कर रही थाड मिसाइल डिफेन्स की अस्थायी तैनाती यानी असल में क्या और किस लिए है, यह सवाल उपस्थित होते है| रोमानिया की मिसाइल यंत्रणाओं का

Mind games, pressure tactics and Iran

US warns EU along with Iran in the UN Security Council meeting New York: US President, Donald Trump had appealed to the UN General Assembly to corner Iran, who is supporting the terrorists and creating instability in the Gulf. Trump has announced to adopt a more aggressive stance In the next 24 hours and announced to tighten the noose with harsher sanctions against Iran over the next few weeks. President

Middle East on the boil as crises in many countries turning acute

The deadline issued by US to the European nations regarding the Iran sanctions has expired, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Washington: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has reminded that the 90-day deadline issued by President Trump to the European nations to impose sanctions against Iran will be expiring within a few hours on Monday. The United States will impose fresh harsher sanctions against Iran after this deadline and

Hybrid warfare - a blend of conventional, irregular and cyber warfare clutching the world

Cyber-attacks can cause crashes of airliners and fighter jets, warns Israeli Prime Minister Tel Aviv: ‘A fighter jet or a passenger airliner can be crashed through a cyber attack from computer or even a mobile device. Cyber attacks are becoming a major threat to global security and all countries need to unite against them,’ appealed Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Prime Minister Netanyahu also made an indirect accusation that a