South China Sea

Hanoi : The Vietnam President Tran Dai Kuang has warned that if a war breaks out in the South China Sea in near future, no country or group of countries will win in the war. At the same time, the Vietnamese President made it clear that Vietnam will not abandon its rights over the South China Sea. The ‘South China Sea’ region is experiencing growing military activities of China, the US and the Philippines in the past few weeks and China has warned its opponents of severe consequences.

Trai-dai-quangVietnam has taken a firm stand in the territorial rights’ disputes over the ‘South China Sea’ instead. Vietnam is claiming its rights on the ‘Paracel’ group of islands.

China has However, ruled out the claims made by Vietnam and announced its complete ownership on the entire ‘South China sea’. At the same time, China is increasing its military activities on ‘Paracel’ group of islands. It had come to notice that China has built hangers to facilitate landing of warplanes, land on one of the islands.


चीन की शिकारी राजनीतिक नीति के खिलाफ़ अमरीका और युरोप एकजूट करें – युरोपिय महासंघ के राजदूत निकोलस शापूई बीजिंग/वॉशिंग्टन – ‘साऊथ चायना सी में चीन अपना रहे ‘वूल्फ वॉरियर डिप्लोमसी’ अर्थात् शिकारी राजनीतिक बीति के खिलाफ़ अमरीका और युरोपिय महासंघ ने एकसाथ आना आवश्यक है। साथ ही, ‘साऊथ चायना सी’ के इस क्षेत्र के देशों के साथ समन्वय बढ़ाकर चीन की ज़बरदस्ती रोकने के लिए प्रयास करने चाहिए’ ऐसा

China ignites global arms race

Saudi implementing a secret nuclear program with assistance from China, informs US media Washington: It is being revealed that Saudi, the closest ally of the United States in the Gulf, is running a secret nuclear program with assistance from China. The US newspaper The Wall Street Journal carried this report. Another newspaper claimed that the US intelligence agencies have started investigating the Saudi nuclear program, following this report. Read More:

Australia resists China's tyrannical hegemony

US, Australia to expand military partnership with focus on hypersonic, missile defence, cyber, space warfare Washington: After rejecting all claims of China on the South China Sea, the US and Australia have agreed on bolstering military ties to foil Beijing’s plans. The armed forces of both nations are to work jointly towards peace in the Indo-Pacific region and have inked a secret deal as per a joint statement released by


तैवान के बाद चीन अन्य एशियाई देशों पर कब्जा करेगा – तैवानी राष्ट्राध्यक्षा की चेतावनी तैपेई: ‘राष्ट्राध्यक्ष शी जिनपिंग इनके नेतृत्व में चीन से तैवान के लिए बना लष्करी खतरा हर दिन बढ रहा है| आज चीन अपने लष्करी सामर्थ्य के बल पर तैवान पर कब्जा करने की कोशिश कर रहा है| इसके बाद एशिया के अन्य देशों पर भी इसी खतरे का सामना करने की नौबत आ सकती है|

चीन का आक्रामक रुख

चीन के लडाकू विमानों की दक्षिण कोरिया की सीमा में घुसपैठ – दक्षिण कोरिया से कडी आलोचना सेऊल – ‘ईस्ट और साऊथ चाइना सी’ पर हक जताकर जापान और आग्नेय एशियाई देशों के साथ बने संबंधों में तनाव निर्माण कर रहे चीन ने अब दक्षिण कोरिया को भी उकसाया है| चीन के लडाकू और लष्करी गश्ती विमानों ने दक्षिण कोरिया के हवाई क्षेत्र में घुसपैठ करने की तादाद दुगनी की

‘साउथ चाइना सी’ क्षेत्र में  चीन फिर से आक्रामक मोड पर

अमेरीका पर हमला करने के लिए चीन द्वारा वैमानिकों को प्रशिक्षण – अमेरीकी रक्षा मुख्यालय ‘पेंटॅगॉन’ का आरोप   वॉशिंग्टन/बीजिंग – ‘विवादास्पद सागरी क्षेत्र का कब्जा लेने के लिए चीन अपनी सेना को तैयार कर रहा है| साथही अमेरीका पर हमले करने के लिए चीन अपने वैमानिकों को प्रशिक्षित कर रहा है’, ऐसा आरोप अमेरीका का रक्षा मुख्यालय पेंटॅगॉन ने अपने रिपोर्ट में किया| लेकिन पेंटॅगॉन का ये रिपोर्ट तुर्क


France challenges the Chinese bullying in South China Sea Paris/Beijing: At the end of last month, two French warships apparently sailed near the disputed Spratly islands in the South China Sea. Even after being threatened by the Chinese warships, they continued with the campaign, stating firmly that they were sailing in international waters. In the beginning of May, French President, Emmanuel Macron, during his visit to Australia, had reprimanded China,


War against India will destroy Pakistan and cripple China If China and Pakistan go to war at the same time against India, Pakistan will be destroyed and China will be crippled, claimed retired Lieutenant General Jaswal of the Indian Army. Pakistan has been challenging the Indian army on the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu-Kashmir. Whereas, China has increased its military activity near the Indian border and there are reports


China dissident claims thousands of China spies swarm United States New York : The billionaire Chinese entrepreneurs have stated that in the United States, more than twenty thousand Chinese spies are active and the intelligence network is ‘ready to destroy’ US. This entrepreneur named Guo Wengui has claimed that he is aware of the modus-operandi and networks of the intelligence operations of China. The current claims made by the Chinese entrepreneurs,

China aggressive

China warns over the Taiwanese delegation‘s visit to India Beijing : China has registered protest over a 3 member parliamentary delegation from Taiwan which has visited India. Taiwan is a part of China and India must  not challenge the ‘One-China’ policy, said the Foreign Ministry of China. Chinese Government newspaper ‘Global Times’ has censured  India and said she is playing with fire. India, however, denied these accusations and made it clear