Pratyaksha anniversary issue

ll Hari Om ll Today is the 15th of December and 7 years since the ‘Pratyaksha’ was launched. As is our tradition, this year too the Anniversary Special Issue of the ‘Pratyaksha’ will be released on the day of Shree Datta Jayanti i.e. the 27th December 2012 to be followed by its second part on the 28th. Pratyaksha’s journey over the last 7 years has been very innovative and truly

Pratyaksha anniversary issue

॥ हरि ॐ ॥ आज१५डिसेंबर. प्रत्यक्ष चालू होऊन आज सात वर्षझाली. आपल्या परंपरेनुसार दरवर्षीप्रमाणे ह्या ही वर्षी श्रीदत्‍तजयंतीला“दैनिक प्रत्यक्षचा” वर्धापनदिन विशेषांक, दिनांक २७ व २८ डिसेंबर २०१२ला प्रकाशित होणार आहे. ’प्रत्यक्ष’ त्याच्या स्थापनेपासून आता ७वे वर्ष पूर्ण करत आहे व हा प्रवास अत्यंत अभिनव व असामान्य ठरला आहे व पुढे देखील तो तसाच ठरेल ह्याचा मला विश्‍वास आहे. प्रत्यक्ष हे फक्त वर्तमानपत्र नसून ते एक “खबरदार पत्र” आहे जे प्रत्येक श्रध्दावानाला सावध ठेवते; येणार्‍या पुढील काळासाठी. आणि म्हणूनच मला विश्‍वास

The World Today

ll Hari Om ll    UN Peace Envoy, Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi Yes indeed Syria paints a distressing picture on the canvas of the world. Is the Syrian conflict merely one that pitches the Syrian ruling powers against the Syrian commoners? Peculiarly, both sides have support and aid from outside the country. The allies of the Syrian government are obviously then opposed to those on the side of the rebels. And

The World Today..

ll Hari Om ll   Early in the year 2006, Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi (Aniruddhasinh) wrote a series of editorials titled‘The Third World War’ in the daily ‘Pratyaksha’. This series was then compiled and published in the form of a work by the same name.   Aniruddhasinh primarily wishes to acquaint His friends with at least 2% of what the third world war means. ‘Only because…’, the preface to the