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Dr. Nikola Tesla's Journey to Europe!

In the last article we have seen how Dr. Nikola Tesla developed his famous Tesla Coil and took great pains in improving his research to make it beneficial for mankind. Dr. Nikola Tesla believed that it was ‘Impulses‘ which achieved the transfer of electricity into the air. He also observed that, electrical energy was projected from the coil in form ‘Rays’ and not in form of waves due to these

Update on Institute of Geriatrics & Research Centre at Juinagar

I take pleasure to inform all the Shraddhavan friends that the building for the Institute of Geriatrics & Research Centre at Juinagar, a very unique project initiated by Dr. Aniruddha (Param Poojya Bapu) is now almost completed and now only few finishing items are pending for the facility to be operational. I am also happy to attach the latest photograph from the actual site of construction. Do await all the updates

I love you My Dad

Today was the day for which every Shraddhavan had once again waited extremely eagerly for over a year. Yes !!! It was ‘The occasion’ of celebration of Aniruddha Pournima.  In the morning we all were ready and very eagerly waiting for Bapu to come. The scene was packed with Shraddhavans filling every corner of Shri Harigurugram and the roads and the grounds outside it. And then the moment arrived. Bapu

Launch of YouTube Video Channel - ANIRUDDHA PREMSAGARA

I am very happy to inform you that today, we have launched an exclusive YouTube video channel named ANIRUDDHA PREMSAGARA (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWnOGGfHRRQ). You may also simply search the name of channel in YouTube to find it. The below given video is the first video to be published from this channel.  This channel of Aniruddha Premsagara will be for the Shraddhavaans by the Shraddhavaans. To begin with, in a span of 2 to 3

Digital Fortress

Just a couple of weeks back, I finished reading an extremely interesting book titled Digital Fortress;a techno-thriller novel written by the renowned American author Dan Brown who has authored the international bestseller novel, The Da Vinci Code. I read the Marathi translation of the book which was wonderfully done by Ashok Padhye. Its great to see Mehta Publishing House making these quality novels available to Marathi readers.  Digital Fortress transports

The Wrath of the Dhari-devi! (Dhara-mata)

Just recently Uttarakhand has seen ravaging floods and the resulting human-loss. We have been watching all these news through newspaper and news channels. Bapu mentioned this catastrophe during his yesterday’s discourse. An article has been published in today’s Pratyaksha related to this; the English translation of which is been furnished as under.  Popular belief has it that the Dhari-devi (the Goddess Dhari) protects the bhaktas who are on the pilgrimage

धारी देवीचा (धारी माता) प्रकोप! Dhari Devi

नुकतीच उत्तराखंडमध्ये पूरपरिस्थिती उद्‌भवली त्यात प्रचंड जिवितहानी झाली. आपण ह्याबाबत सार्‍या बातम्या वर्तमानपत्र व वृत्तवाहिन्यांवर बघतच आहोत. कालच्या प्रवचनमध्ये बापूंनी ह्या प्रसंगाचा उल्लेख केला. ह्या गोष्टीशी निगडीत लेख आजच्या दैनिक प्रत्यक्षमध्ये प्रकाशित झाला आहे. तो येथे देत आहोत. चारधाम यात्रा करणार्‍या भाविकांचं संरक्षण धारी देवी करते, असं मानलं जातं. म्हणूनच उत्तराखंडतल्या श्रीनगरमधील अलकनंदा नदीच्या तीरावर असलेल्या धारी देवीचे मंदिर सरकारने पाडू नये, अशी मागणी गेल्या दोन वर्षांपासून केली जात होती.

कार्यकर्त्यांसाठी झालेल्या ’प्रेमयात्रा - न्हाऊ तुझिया प्रेमे’च्या स्क्रीनिंगवर प्रशांतसिंह तळपदे( Prashant Talpade on NTP) यांचा अभिप्राय

२६ मे २०१३ – न्हाऊ तुझिया प्रेमे या कार्यक्रमाच्या दिवशी पद्म्श्री डॉ. डी. वाय पाटील स्टेडियममध्ये प्रसादालयात सेवा असल्याने कार्यक्रम पूर्णपणे पाहता आला नाही. मात्र ९ जून रोजी श्रीहरीगुरुग्रामच्या प्रांगणात हा कार्यक्रम चुकलेल्या सर्व कार्यकर्त्यांसाठी हा कार्यक्रम पुन्हा दाखविण्यात आला. बापू ज्याठिकाणी प्रवचन करतात त्या स्टेजवर त्या स्टेजच्याच आकाराएवढ्या भल्या मोठ्या LED Screen वर कार्यक्रम दाखविण्याची व्यवस्था केली गेली. पाऊस मोठ्या प्रमाणावर पडत होता यासाठी प्रांगणात छप्पर बांधण्यात आले. चहा-कॉफी, नाश्‍ता व जेवणाची व्यवस्था

European Economy

Just last week, the Secretary General of Red Cross, Bekele Geleta, warned that the ever increasing unemployment and poverty in some of the European countries is fuelling unrest and that these issues may result in a sudden uprising of the masses if proper measures are not taken to resolve them. Wolfgang Schaeuble, Finance Minister of Germany, while talking about the same issues, warned of disintegration of Europe if unemployment was

Nahu Tujhiya Preme, Aniruddha Premsagara... Majhya Bhaktanayaka!!!

“अवघा रंग एक झाला, रंगी रंगला श्रीरंग…” These immortal lines of Soyrabai actually came to life on Sunday, 26th of May 2013 at the Padmashri Dr. D.Y. Patil Stadium. It was the occasion of the ‘never before never again’ Premyatra (journey of love), titled Nahu Tuzhiya Preme (bathing in the shower of your love), a bouquet of chosen abhangas to be offered at the lotus feet of our beloved Sadguru, Aniruddha