South Korea's mega defense plan  

‘Thanks to China’, the entire world is gripped by Coronavirus pandemic. In a very sly manner, China has used the crisis to lay claims or perform acts of aggression against most of its neighbours be it Tajikistan, the Philippines, India, Bhutan, Taiwan, etc. They call it ‘Salami Slicing Strategy’. Moreover, China has even taken to hostility in the disputed South China Sea.   When it comes to South Korea, along with China,

Indian Economy

वैश्‍विक अंतरिक्ष अर्थव्यवस्था में भारत अहम स्थान हासिल करेगा – इस्रो प्रमुख के. सिवन ने जताया विश्‍वास नई दिल्ली – भारतीय अंतरिक्ष क्षेत्र के दरवाज़ें निजी क्षेत्र के लिए खोलने के निर्णय का भारतीय अंतरिक्ष अनुसंधान संस्था (इस्रो) के प्रमुख के.सिवन ने स्वागत किया है। इस निर्णय की वज़ह से भारतीय अंतरिक्ष क्षेत्र में बड़ी प्रगति होगी। इससे निजी कंपनियों को राकेट और उपग्रह का निर्माण करने की अनुमति प्राप्त

Pakistan Terrorism

Angry Baloch protestors chase away Pakistani soldiers Islamabad/Mumbai: – Pakistani soldiers trying to build a post in one of the provinces of Balochistan had to face the wrath of the Baloch people. Seeing the vehemence of the Baloch people, the Pakistan soldiers had to run away from the place. Video of the incidence has been published. The Pakistan military had crossed its limits, in terms of atrocities against the Baloch


In 2013, the European Union and China began negotiations for a bilateral investment pact. Numerous rounds of talks have been held since then yet because of some sane voices both the sides have not signed the deal for failing to reach a common ground concerning reciprocal market access and a level playing field. As usual, China is trying to go overboard and is trying to pressure the EU for a

The Success Story of PPE kits in India

The unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic that originated in Wuhan, China and spread globally has caught almost all nations of the world unprepared and quite understandably so. India is one of the few countries which has so far kept the curve somewhat flattened. It is mainly due to the opting for a national lockdown and the hard work of government and medical personnel. However, apart from it, Indian innovation also is playing

CAIT to launch BharatEMarket – Indian businesses will have to #InnovateToSurvive in the #PostCOVIDworld!

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced shut down across the nation, in fact, across most of the countries of the globe. The lockdown, though a unavoidable necessity as a preventive measure, has severely dented the Indian retail sector so much so that the retailers have lost ₹5.5 lakh crore in the last 40 days. With the third phase of lockdown having started from 4th May, the situation is not expected to

पंतप्रधानांनी केलेल्या आवाहनाला प्रतिसाद देताना

पंतप्रधानांनी केलेल्या आवाहनाला प्रतिसाद देऊन कोरोना-व्हायरस वरील युद्धामध्ये अत्यावश्यक सेवा देत असलेल्यांना धन्यवाद व्यक्त करताना ‘हॅपी होम’ येथील दृश्य.        

कोरोना वायरस, "कोविद - १९" की पार्श्वभूमि पर प्रशासन द्वारा दी जानेवालीं सूचनाओं का पालन करके सहायता करना आवश्यक

हरि ॐ, फिलहाल दुनियाभर में तेज़ी से फैल रहे कोरोना वायरस, “कोविद – १९” की पार्श्वभूमि पर, सद्‍गुरु अनिरुद्ध बापुजी के मार्गदर्शन के अनुसार, संस्था के सभी ऑफिसेस हमने २ दिन पहले से ही बंद किये हैं, ताकि सरकार द्वारा किये गये आवाहन का अनुसरण कर सभी श्रद्धावान आने-जाने के प्रवास को टाल सकें और घर से बाहर निकलने की ज़रूरत कम से कम रहें। उसीके साथ हॅपी होम, खार

Italy lockdown coronavirus

WHO declares the global outbreak of Novel Coronavirus a ‘pandemic’ Geneva: ‘Different countries across the world did not take proper measures to control the epidemic. The Coronavirus crisis has, therefore intensified and has become a pandemic,’ the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared. While making the announcement at a conference in Geneva, the WHO expressed concerns about the spread and growing intensity of the Novel Coronavirus. The Coronavirus outbreak, which originated

Even amid Coronavirus epidemic,

The first global cyber warfare will flareup this year, warns economist Nouriel Roubini Washington: ‘The United States has imposed sanctions against Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea and these countries cannot retaliate against the United States in conventional warfare. Therefore, the countries will use unconventional war techniques to stop the United States. That will cause the first flareup of a global cyberwar’, Economist Nouriel Roubini warned. Also, Roubini cautioned that