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Chilcot Report: Iraq Invasion was ‘unnecessary’! – Part 2


One of the few points of satisfaction for Tony Blair in the Chilcot Report was that it lays the blame on UK intelligence agency – MI6, for keeping secrets concealed from Blair. The MI6 spies had realised that one of its key sources was a fabricated even before the invasion. However there are evidences that senior members of the staff ... Read More »

Chilcot Report: Iraq Invasion was ‘unnecessary’! – Part 1

The much talked about ‘Chilcot Report’ published by Sir John Chilcot on 6th July 2016 found that invading Iraq was ‘unnecessary’ and was based on ‘flawed intelligence’ decided hastily before all the peaceful options were exhausted. Chilcot report is essentially a report of British public enquiry into their nation’s role in the invasion of Iraq. The enquiry was ordered in ... Read More »