Artificial Intelligence

अंतरिक्ष और विज्ञान से जुडी रोचक खबरें

लर्कर्स परग्रहवासी पृथ्वी पर नजर रखकर है – शोधकर्ता बेनफोर्ड का दावा वॉशिंगटन – ‘‘लर्कर्स’ परग्रहवासी अंतरिक्ष से पृथ्वीपर नजर रखकर है’, यह इशारा नामांकित शोधकर्ता जेम्स बेनफोर्ड ने दिया है| ‘द एस्ट्रॉनॉमिकल जर्नल’ में प्रसिद्ध हुए अपने प्रबंध के जरिए बेनफोर्ड ने यह सनसनीखेज दावा किया| ‘पृथ्वी से करीब होनेवाले उल्का एवं लघुग्रहों का इस्तेमाल अपने ठिकाने के तौर पर करके यह ‘लर्कर्स’ पृथ्वी पर काफी बारीकी से नजर

Technology shaping and sharpening conflicts and looming war

NATO warns of ‘ Hyper War ’ due to cyber attacks, artificial intelligence and China-Russia’s power Brussels: A new report published by NATO warns of growing possibility of a war breaking out between two countries on a global scale which could transform into hyper war. The report further warned that cyber attacks, artificial intelligence, the growing military power of China and Russia and North Korea’s nukes could prove potential triggers

Third World War

World’s first ‘Robot Citizen’ ‘Sophia’ wants family, child, friends, career, and fame Dubai: Sophia, the first robot to receive a citizenship has recently expressed her desires of starting a family, giving birth to a girl, career and of achieving fame. This is an attempt by the latest advanced technology of inducing human feelings in a robot ‘Sophia’. This can be witnessed from the human feelings expressed by Sophia in an

World Happenings

Hypersonic missiles could trigger World War 3, warns renowned US think tank Washington : If hypersonic missiles, capable of travelling 25 times faster than passenger plane, are obtained by rival nations or terrorist organizations could possibly trigger the third world war, warns a US based study group. The study group has recommended that to avoid the third world war, US, Russia and China, which produces such hypersonic missiles should agree to not sell these