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  1. Sanjaysinh Nesarikar


    We are not supposed to say thank you but this time it is an exception.

    Thank You very very…..much for all the singers and instrument players and other support team members for an out of this world experience. Each of our functions are so unique that it is difficult to compare or repeat . We were taken to a different level and it was difficult to come back to normal life.

  2. Hari Om !
    Congratulations to P.P. Samirdada & All Team Member’s for a GRAND SUCCESS, May Bapu, Aai, Dada & Mothi Aai shower with all the blessings on you. It was a very happy moment being a part of this show by participating.
    Live concert with spiritual atmosphere, divine voices, world class sound system & presence of Bapu, Aai Dada. At the end Rain Drops made Nahu Tuziya Preme Event of all the Time.

    Ambadnya ! Bapudnya !

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