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ll Hari Om ll


On the occasion of New Year, I am migrating my blog from www.samirsinh-dattopadhye.blogspot.com to www.aniruddhafriend-samirsinh.com. The old blog will be available for a week for old references and thereafter it will be redirected to new blog. All the previous content will be available on new blog. If anyone experiences any difficulty whatsoever during navigation of my new blog then please let me know so as to take necessary corrective action. 

The URL is www.aniruddhafriend-samirsinh.com


  1. Hari om Dada,
    Seen your new blog. Here, it is very convenient to surf and post comments. Shreeram for making your blog, the awareness platform and knowledge bank, very user friendly. It looks very interactive now. Shreeram.

  2. Hari Om Dada
    Thanks for the information as i was blindly trying to post on that earlier blog post without reading the above message.

    Shreeram Happy New Year DADA

  3. Happy New Year Dada.
    Shree Ram for the new blog !!

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