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The JNU row and what lies behind it

The JNU row has tarnished the country’s image. ‘It has even had an adverse effect on tourism’ said Shri. Mahesh Sharma, the Minister of State for Tourism expressing his regret. Also, the events in the past few days have scurried on at whirlwind speed threatening in the process, to blur the memory of the exact how and when of this JNU row that tainted the country’s image.

(To read and know more about the JNU Controversy please click on the images given below).

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What is JNU Controversy?


Smriti Irani’s Speech Turned The Tables




Mahishasur Martyrdom Day


Celebrations in JNU on Dantewada Massacre of CRPF personnel






Reactions of Tribal (Adivasi) students of JNU




JNU, जेएनयू

Pakistan supports anti-India activities at JNU








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