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Good News for All Shraddhavans…

ShraddhavansOn the holy occasion of Navratri which is commencing tomorrow i.e. from  the first day (Pratipadaa) of this Ashwin Navratri, Shraddhavaans can rejoice with even more fervor. There are gifts which are ready to be showered on them. 

Firstly we are releasing the much, much awaited Audio CDs Pipasa (पिपासा) , Pipasa 2 (पिपासा २) and Pipasa Pasarli (पिपासा पसरली).

Secondly, we would also be launching our very first e-commerce website, actually an online book portal from tomorrow which would enable the Shraddhavaans to order ebooks viz., Krupasindhu (English and Gujarati), The Third World War by Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi (Aniruddha Bapu), Textbook of Disaster Management (the reference book for certificate course of Disaster Management which is conducted by Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management). 

I would be announcing the name and web address of this site tomorrow after the aarti from my Blog and Facebook account.

It is our endeavor to make available the physical delivery of the books too and every effort is on in this direction. We hope to start this service  by Datta Jayanti. The present payment gateway offers books to be ordered by Net Banking as well as Debit Cards, The Credit Card payment option is expected to start by the end of next month.


  1. Hari om…Thats the great news DADA…!! We can hear n cherish the beautiful Pipasa, Pipasa 2 & Pipasa Pasarli again…..secondly, the E-commerce website news is too amezing…nw anybody can get the beautiful stuff anytime and anywhere…Thank you Bapu, Aai n DADA…:))))))))

  2. Hari om Dada, Shreeram for these most awaited gifts.

  3. Shree Ram Dada… ! Thanks a ton for thus great news…! Rhanks Bappa, Dau and Aai…!

  4. Hari Om Mama,

    I was eagerly waiting for Pipasa….
    Now my waiting is come to an end…
    Shree Ram…..

  5. Eagerly awaiting for these CD's..my favorite abhanga in Pipasa Pasarli – Anirddha Mazha Vithu Pandharicha…all abhangas are very good in all the three CD's. Hope we get it online in coming time..



  6. Shreeram Dada, I have been eagerly awaiting Pipasa1 , 2 and Pipasa Pasarli they have some really nice abhangas , songs. Hope we start getting these online too… for oversea's bhakta the website is going to be big big boon…as we can get an opportunity to read Krupasindhu every month.

    Would like to congratulate the entire team for putting this up.



  7. हरी ओम दादा ! दादा! आज जेंव्हा site वर वाचले कि पिपासा १ आणि २ आणि पिपासा पसरली ,या सीडीज परत release झाल्या आणि ते सुद्धा नवरात्रीच्या अशा शुभ दिवशी ,खरच आमचा आनंद गगनात मावेनासा झाला .खरच किती वर्ष हीच आशा मनी असायची कि कधी तरी परत ते वेड लावणारे शब्द आणि मनाला बापुप्रेमात चिंब चिंब भीजवणारे ते सूर कानी पडावेत .बापुरायांचे आम्ही खूप खूप ऋणी आहोत , आमचा बाप्पा आपल्या लेकरांचे असे लाड पुरवतो .बाप्पा आपल्या बाळांना नेहमीच असा भरजरी शेला देतो ह्याचा पुन्हा एकदा प्रत्यय आला
    हरी ओम आणि खूप खूप श्रीराम !

  8. No words to express the feelings about the CDs

  9. HARI OM, DADA. You have given us abundant treasure of happiness . There are no bounds of joy to know that PIPASA AUDIO CDs are available now again. We were eagerly awaiting for these CDs. PIPASA PASARALI will be bonus for us.
    Launching our very first e-commerce website is another remarkable feathercap in Our Bapu's Sanstha's crown. Heartiest congrats to our IT team members…

  10. Finally , a wish completed to hear PIPASA again
    Thank you Dada

  11. Hari Om Dada,

    Both are really great news ! We are eagerly waiting for the legendary Pipasa and finally the wait end today. Also online book store is amazing and very futuristic idea. Hats Off !!

    Shree Ram

  12. आज नवरात्रीचा पहिला दिवस, श्रवण भक्तिचा दिवस! आणि आजच आम्हा सर्वान्ना ही अनोखी भेट दिली. आद्य पिपा दादांचे श्रवणीय अभंग आज पुन्हा एकदा आपल्याला ऐकायला मिळणार! श्रीराम!!!

  13. Dada its really great news.Now because of e-commerce website we can order the book from remote location.

  14. Hari Om Dada

    Thanks for This Good News


  15. shri raam.

  16. extremest happy dada! Extremest! I have no words to thank you.literaly i am speechless..the most awaited PIPASA..OH MY GOD! I am so happy. Thank u so much dada.thank u..shreeram.

  17. This is awesome news Dada!! Hari Om!

  18. Dada, Its a great GOOD NEWS indeed.

  19. Hari OM.
    With the everyday technology upgrade, the e-commerce is taking over almost all the physical offices and stored. I am glad to see this portal up and running. Awaiting for the further details.. Bappa blesses.

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