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    Shrinivas Gadkari

    Hari Om.


    Reading the current agraleka series in Prataksha, one is reminded
    of the Geroge Lucas’ movies – Star Wars. One of the most striking
    features of the story line of the Star Wars, was: In a highly
    technologically advanced society, where interstellar travel
    is common place, the most powerful and influential people are
    the ones who SIMULTANEOUSLY excel in handling modern technology,
    and are experts in Prana Vidya. In this story, instead of
    directly using the term Prana, they call it “Force”.
    In the Star Wars story we have two categories of powerful
    people: Jedi and Sith. Jedi are the ones who harness the
    bright side of Force, while Sith are ones who use the dark
    side of the Force. These Jedi and Sith are in continual war
    with one another.

    In the Annunaki history too we have a technologically advanced
    civilization, wherein the most influential/ powerful people
    are the ones who have AT ONCE mastered advanced technology, and
    have a good handle on bright Vidya-s or dark Vidya-s. And here
    too, the followers of bright path are continually involved in
    war with the followers of the dark path. The Anunnaki history
    however is much much richer in the spiritual lessons embedded in it.

    Best regards,
    Shrinivas Gadkari

    Hari Om.


    Salil Tembe

    Hari om,
    I have also felt the same thing.

    I also think that many of the hollywood movies that become super popular have the “illuminati” hand behind them so that they can feed our minds with what they want us to think.

    I feel that by labeling Star Wars as “science fiction”, everyone will think that it is just imagination and hence, they have tried to hide the true history of human race.

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